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  1. northern b

    Recent pic of Wilson Tong.

    The Foot Doctor!! If he (and others of course) knew how influential they were to the the UK Jazz Funk \Jazz Dance scenes...
  2. Are a good shout- Why pay the ridiculous prices for a Region 2 disc when you can pay a fraction for the Aussie discs with the same content!!! There was a time when the HKLs were cheap as chips but then HKL went out of business and the prices have steadily gone up since... I'd be surprised if anyone reissued these
  3. that contain very high level Choreography..... The Victim Buddhist Fist Also check this thread as it contains a lot of the top grade films http://kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?t=506
  4. Forgot about Hells Wind staff and Buddha Assassinator- Agree with both of those!
  5. These............. Shaolin Plot Showdown At the Cotton Mill Heroes of the wild aka Heroes of Shaolin Master Killers Ring of Death
  6. northern b

    Knockabout > Prodigal Son.

    Didn't think much of knockabout tbh Maybe I'll watch it again... Prodigal son and warriors 2 are good but waaaay over hyped - so I was a little underwhelmed when I did see them (years back) I enjoyed Magnificent Butcher some extreme level Choreography in that one but I'd still choose the Victim above all of them!
  7. northern b

    Best Angela Mao Movie?

    If DDDhouse have order from there- I've never had any problems with DDDhouse.
  8. northern b

    RIP Run Run Shaw

    My brother told me the news. 106! What an innings! R.I.P. Sir Run Run Shaw..
  9. Solka How good to see your appreciation for having the film ID'd! Glad you have found the movie. I don't think its that obscure it defo had a VHS release some years back.
  10. Could someone please compile these on a DVD? I would pay costs for a copy of the series as I don't have sky!
  11. northern b

    Eastern Heroes relaunch?

    ha ha Classic what is that all about!?
  12. northern b

    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    R.I.P. Jim
  13. northern b

    Wanted: HKL Ultrabit & Others.

    Whilst you can still find these for reasonable prices its getting harder and harder- When I got mine the market was just sliding and hence I got all the ones I was after very cheap I am surprised Cine Asia haven't released these would certainly dent the silly prices some of these are going for! Have you tried he Australian Region 4s I know Snake and Crane is available from there try Amazon UK
  14. northern b

    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    R.I.P. Sifu Lau your legend will live on.......
  15. northern b

    Best year of Kung Fu?

    For me the peak years were between 1975 and 1982 as the majority of films with tight choreography were made in this period Tibetan I think you may be right in terms of quantity of titles from 1979 Well… 1979 was certainly a prolific in terms of the number of films maybe a peak year? There are some great titles from 1979 in my list as well but going by number of titles on my list of the greatest films (in the stuck thread on here) the peak year for me is 1980! There are some killer titles in there as well The Victim and Buddhist Fist will always be in my top 10 maybe even top 5 of all time The list was posted in this stuck thread http://kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?t=506&page=5 And breaking the list down by year gives this: 1977 Executioners From Shaolin 1978 Showdown at the cotton mills Snake in the Eagles Shadow Drunken Master Snake Crane Secret 1979 Hellz Windstaff Last Hurrah For Chivalry The Challenger Fearless Hyena 5 Superfighters Seven Steps of kung Fu Avenging Boxer (aka Fearless Young Boxer aka Method Man) 1980 The Victim Buddhist Fist The Loot Buddha Assassinator Master Killers Ring of Death Woman Avenger Magnificent Butcher Encounter of the spooky Kind Rebellious Reign 3 Evil Masters 1982 Legend of a Fighter Shaolin Temple 1 Crazy Horse Intelligent Monkey 1983 Shaolin vs Tai Chi 1984 South Shaolin Master 8- Diagram Pole Fighter 1986 Shaolin Temple 3 1994 Drunken Master 2 And others that were not on the initial list Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists (1978) Writing Kung Fu (1979) Snake Deadly Act (1980)