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  1. GwaiLoMoFo

    Kung Fu DVD's for sale...OOP

    Also depends on which titles and how many you want..
  2. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling My Collection: Remastered Shaw's

    Depends on which titles and how many you want.
  3. Selling the rest of my KF movie collection. Post them here for a few days before I throw them up on ebay. Most of these are all OOP....and in like new condition. Come in their original case and cover art. PM if you are interested...Im in the US King Of The Kickboxers - R2 Imperial Arhats In Fury - Tai Seng Carry On Pickpocket - Deltamac Heroes Among Heroes - World Video Iceman Cometh - Universe Kick Boxer (Yuen Biao) Dragon Lord - Universe One Arm Hero - Tai Seng Sam The Iron Bridge - Tai Seng Seventh Curse - Universe On The Run - Deltamac vcd Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon - Mei Ah Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog - Mei Ah The Warlords (Jet Li) - Sp Ed w/booklet Megastar R3 Royal Tramp Collection - Dragon Dynasty Running On Karma - Tai Seng Scorpion King - HKL Born Invincible -Xenon Mr. Vampire - Fortune Star 7 Grandmasters - Tokyo Shock Rebellious Reign - VA Invincible Armour - VA Two Toothless Tigers - Red Sun Shaolin Drunkard - GZ Taoism Drunkard - Crash Kung Fu Zombie - GZ Hot, Cool & The Vicious -World Video Drunken Tai Chi/Dynamo - GZ Drunken Dragon - Rarescope Buddhist Fist - Tai Seng Swordsman - Megastar Swordsman 2 - Mei Ah Bride With White Hair - Universe A Touch Of Zen - Tai Seng Red Cliff 1 & 2 - Mei Ah Butterfly Sword (Comet, Butterfly & Sword) - Tai Seng Chinese Ghost Story - Megastar Chinese Ghost Story 2 & 3 - Megastar VCD The Sword - Deltamac Blu Ray: Wind Blast City Under Siege
  4. Getting rid of the rest of my collection of MA films...starting with my Shaw Brother's dvd's. Figured I'd give my old friends a shot at them before I dump them on ebay. These are all original Celestial remastered versions of the films. From my personal collection and in perfect condition. Most have been watched only once and some not at all. Not really looking to trade....maybe for blu rays. PM me if interested in titles and I'll reply with pricing. Btw Im located in the US. Here's the list: 8 Diagram Pole Fighter - IVL 36th Chamber Of Shaolin - IVL Avenging Eagle - IVL Bells Of Death - Image Boxer's Omen - Image Clan Of The White Lotus - IVL Deadly Breaking Sword - IVL Death Duel - IVL Disciples Of The 36th Chamber - IVL (vcd) Dirty Ho - IVL Human Lanterns - Image Invincible Shaolin - Siren Heroes Of The East - IVL King Boxer - Dragon Dynasty Kung Fu Instructor - IVL Legendary Weapons Of China - IVL Mad Monkey Kung Fu - IVL Magic Blade - Image Martial Club - IVL Martial Arts OF Shaolin - IVL My Young Auntie - IVL One Armed Swordsman Trilogy - IVL Boxset Return To The 36th Chamber - IVL Shaolin Prince - IVL Sword Of Swords - IVL I have 3 Celestial IVL titles I bought that turned out to be boots. Decent quality, case and cover art, with all the features found on early IVL releases. Will give these free to anybody who purchases titles and asks for them: Blood Brothers Magic Blade Drunken Monkey
  5. Like new watched once Wind Blast (Wu Jing) Well Go Blu Ray for sale/trade. $12 shipped in US...or best offer
  6. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling my collection

    List updated 4/30. Sold titles removed
  7. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling my collection

    Updated....titles sold and removed
  8. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling my collection

    Decided to try and sell these individually first to let get to fans and collectors. PM me with any titles you are interested in and ill quote you a price. Or make me an offer. Thx
  9. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling my collection

    As do you.
  10. GwaiLoMoFo

    Selling my collection

    * I HAVE DECIDED TO TRY AND SELL AS MANY OF THESE INDIVIDUALLY AS I HAVE RECEIVED MANY REQUESTS TO DO SO.I am getting rid of about 3/4 of my Asian..mostly kung fu/MA movie collection. Taking up too much space and I just don't watch like I used to. Just keeping my absolute favs that I w ill watch again. All titles are in like new condition unless otherwise noted. Arhats In Fury- Tai Seng B13 Black Mask- Artisan Bodyguard From Beijing- world video Drunken Monkey- mei ah Last Hero In China- world video Kung Fu Cult Master- world video Bloodmoon (Gary Daniels)- genius Cary on Pickpocket- delta mac Enforcer (Jet Li)- dimension Heroes Among Heroes- world video High Risk- universe Hitman- hkl Iceman Cometh- universe Fatal Contact- bonzai King Of The Kickboxers- Imperial r2 Kickboxer (yuen biao) Legend Of The Wolf- jumbo' New Legend Of Shaolin- tai seng On The Run (yuen biao)- mei ah (vcd) One Arm Hero- tai seng Kung Fu Hustle- hk special edition Royal Tramp Collection (1&2)- dragon dynasty Running On Karma- tai seng Scorpion King- hkl Sam The Iron Bridge- tai seng Skinny Tiger Fatty Dragon- mei ah Tiger On Beat- universe True Legend Undisputed 2- new line Unleashed- universal Vampire Hunters (tsui hark)- columbia Warrior's Tragedy- winson Classic: Beach Of The War Gods- hk video Born Invincible- xenon Broken Oath- fortune star legendary Drunken Dragon- rarescope Drunken Master- columbia Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog- mei ah Drunken Tai Chi/Dynamo- gz Holy Robe Of Shaolin Temple- crash Incredible Kung Fu Mission- crash Kung Fu Zombie- gz Invincible Armour- video asia Mystery Of Chess Boxing- tai seng Ninja vs Shaolin Guards- tai seng Rebellious Reign- va 7 Grand Masters- tokyo shock Shaolin Drunkards- gz Shaolin vs Lama- lion Snake In Eagle's Shadow- columbia Taoism Drunkard- crash Two Toothless Tigers- red sun The Victim- Eastern Heroes Young Master- universe Fighting Of The Shaolin Monk- rbf r2 Bride With White Hair- universe Butterfly & Sword- tai seng Chinese Ghost Story- media asia Chinese Ghost Story 2- media asia vcd Chinese Ghost Story 3- media asia vcd Divine Weapon (korean)- bonzai Swordsman- media asia Swordsman 2- mei ah A Touch Of Zen- tai seng Red Cliff 1 & 2 The Sword- delta mac The Warlords- mega star 2 disc se w/booklet Shaw Brothers: Bells Of Death- image Boxer's Omen- image Boxer From Shantung- ivl Challenge Of The Masters- tokyo shock Blood Brothers Come And Drink With Me- dragon dynasty Deadly Breaking Sword- ivl Death Duel- ivl Disciples Of The 36th Chamber- ivl vcd The Duel- ivl Invincible Shaolin- australian r4 celestial Magic Blade Winner Takes All- ivl vcd Misc: Death Trance- tokyo shock Dragon Princess/Karate Warriors Kibakichi 1 & 2 K-20 Legend Of The Mask Like A Dragon- bonzai Izo- red sun President's Last Bang- Kino Old Boy- Starmax 2 disc spec edition korean Crying Fist- universe VHS: Buddhist Fist- tai seng Duel At Ganryu Island- former rental Akira- pioneer Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung- tai seng 13 Cold Blooded Eagles- tai seng DVR's 8 Masters Bandits, Prostitutes & Silver Big Boss Of Shanghai Bloody Fists Butterfly Murders The Challenger Challenge Of Death Choy Lay Fut Daggers 8 The Tournament Fearless Dragons Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists Green Jade Statuette Himalayan Kung Fu Beyond The Grave Leg Fighters Mask Of Death My Blade, My Life Fistfull Of Talons Fate Of Lee Khan Descendant Of Wing Chung Heroes Of The Wild Demon Strike 18 Fatal Strikes Knights Of Cathay Method Man Ninja Hunter Mystery Of Chessboxing He Has Nothing But Kung Fu Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha One Armed Swordsman vs 9 Killers One Armed Boxer Pride's Deadly Fury Big Rascal Lady Constables Raging Tiger Return Of The Chinese Boxer Shaolin Invincible Sticks Shaolin Temple vs Lama Shaolin: The Blood Mission Sleeping Fist Shaolin Plot 2 Wondrous Tigers Trouble Maker Coming Unbeaten 28 Two Fists Against The Law Shaolin King Fu Mystagogue World Of Drunken Master Shaw Brother's DVR's (ivl) The Assassin Cat Vs Rat The Bastard All Men Are Brothers Clans Of Intrigue Duel of Fists Flying Guillotine 2 My Rebellious Son Lady Is Boss Lady Hermit Hong Kong Godfather Ode To Gallantry Crippled Avengers 5 Deadly Venoms Executioners From Shaolin Sword Stained With Royal Blood Duel Of The Century Killers Five Clan Of Amazons Shanghai 13 Legend Of The Fox Spirit Of The Sword Heroes Shed No Tears A Deadly Secret Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre Heroic Ones 2 Champions Of Shaolin Jade Tiger Finger Of Doom Opium And The Kung Fu Master Angry Guest Rendezvous With Death Black Lizard Legend Of The Bat Shaolin Mantis Shaolin Temple The Water Margin Vengeance! Decided I would sell titles idividually.. preferably more than one at a time. PM me if you are interested in titles and Ill quote you a price. Or send me a reasonable offer. Thx
  11. Been off the forum for a few years. Is there even a blu ray version worth purchasing available yet? Haven't looked for one in a long time.
  12. GwaiLoMoFo

    Merantau (2009)

    Good film. Nice story and good performances by the actors. Action does progressively get better and the end fight in the film is great.
  13. GwaiLoMoFo

    Gallants (2010)

    Thought it was pretty enjoyable. But was honestly a little disappointed after reading all the high praise for it. Not as funny as I was expecting. Action was good, but thought it needed more. Give it a solid 3.5/5
  14. GwaiLoMoFo

    Miike's Crows Zero 2

    Anybody checked this out yet? Big fan of the first and Im hoping Tokyo Shock has plans of releasing this soon. Seemed like it took em forever to get the first Crows Zero out. Dont wanna get impatient and have to order an import or boot