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  1. Asmo

    RIP Chen Sing

    Fair point, I hadn't seen the date of the magazine. Is it confirmed that the child he's holding is indeed his son?
  2. The Japanese release of the Japanese release (in HD but most likely not restored from 2k or 4k) still looks quite good.
  3. Asmo

    RIP Chen Sing

    Evidence suggests that he just had the one son, but that does look like an older photo. Unless he had children from an earlier marriage.
  4. Asmo

    RIP Chen Sing

    Yep. Unfortunately, George Edward Chan was diagnosed with testicular cancer with severe metastasis (as late as 2013), and he understandably had to put his music career on hold. He moved back to Canada from Indonesia for treatment, and he passed away in 2015. If I remember correctly, prior to 2013 there was quite a lot of information linking him to Chan Sing (George had a website, too), and I remember wondering why information about his activities/career had suddenly gone dry. May both father and son rest in peace.
  5. Asmo

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    Very nice art there, Bob! Glad to have confirmation about English subs too.
  6. Asmo

    RIP Chen Sing

    Very sorry to hear. He was always great in his roles.
  7. I definitely recommend 3 (and the spinoff film that spawned from it). Yen vs Adkins should be immense.
  8. Their limited proficiency in Cantonese (at least in the 1990s/early 2000s, not sure about now) might have hindered them in HK.
  9. Asmo

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    The lengthily titled but stellar '不透明度 -You Laughed like a Water Mark- Live at Shelter 20070204' by Boris with Michio Kurihara. Really enjoy this live LP, but I wish we'd gotten the complete show rather than selections from it (which is a trend of Boris' that's rather annoying IMO).
  10. No doubt. A PS4 is a good investment given the amount of good titles on it. Never actually saw the Miike film, but heard that it deviated a bit from the game's storyline?
  11. I certainly can, thanks for that! Didn't know they were selling it.
  12. Japan is getting a deluxe blu-ray (similar to their DMII). Hopefully this means a HK blu-ray will follow, which if it does will be good news for those of us who can't order from Warner Archive. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07YTZZD3G/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=ジャッキー・チェン&qid=1571973852&s=dvd&sr=1-1 Thanks to @tman418 for the heads up!
  13. Got mine on Friday. Haven't had an opportunity to watch any of it yet, but I've glanced at Eastern Condors and it looks phenomenal.
  14. Asmo

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    Lots of Angel Witch