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  1. Got mine on Friday. Haven't had an opportunity to watch any of it yet, but I've glanced at Eastern Condors and it looks phenomenal.
  2. Asmo

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    Lots of Angel Witch
  3. Here's where you might appreciate the blu-ray's presentation. If you've seen the HK version, it was dubbed into Cantonese. The extended Japanese version (which will most likely be present on the blu-ray) actually has the original English sync-sound audio. It carries the film a lot better than the HK dub, IMO.
  4. Depends on whether or not you mean the HK version or the Japanese version. The HK version is longer, and a little bit more serious in tone. The Japanese version is the HK version but with an extra scene (that is partly present in the international edit). Judging from the run time of this one, it should be the Japanese version.
  5. It does indeed. It's one I've always wanted to see in better quality.
  6. Asmo

    China Destroys Buddhist Statues

    I'm not certain, but if it's a UNESCO site, this protocol might protect it from being altered: (a) To commit any acts of hostility directed against the historic monuments, works of art or places of worship which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples It could be likely that China defacing it might be perceived as an act of hostility.
  7. Maybe that's what I was thinking of, thanks.
  8. Wasn't there also a further scandal (or at least some uproar) about the print getting remastered and sold again? I might be confusing that with something else.
  9. It's region free. Switched my multi-region player to Region A (I'm in Australia, which uses Region and it worked.
  10. Asmo

    Shanghai Lil & the Sun Luck Kid (Shaws?)

    You're welcome.
  11. Asmo

    The Wife of Run Run

    Can't comment on the first question, but polygamy was legal until 1971. No idea when Run Run became involved with Mona Fong though.
  12. If I remember correctly, he is fictional (though based on one of Huo Yuan Jia's disciples). Ni Kuang was credited as having created him, but I don't know how that would have factored into rights back then.
  13. Asmo

    Shanghai Lil & the Sun Luck Kid (Shaws?)

    Box Office Int. Video. http://www.pre-cert.co.uk/display.php?vId=AUS00461 http://www.pre-cert.co.uk/search.php?t=Distributor&c=AUS&id=51
  14. Asmo

    The Hong Kong Bluray/UHD Thread

    Will grab Woo Viet and Eight Taels. Was especially hoping for a HD release of the latter, since Painted Faces got one.
  15. I've heard that it was. Also heard a rumour that Eastern Heroes actually cropped a Japanese VHS (to remove the hardcoded subs) for their release.