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  1. Asmo

    Supercop - HKR Version 2.0

    @jrodefeld your recolour looks a lot like mine. I guess that's bound to happen when we're working with similar resources. Great job so far! And yep, DrDre's tool does excellent work.
  2. Asmo

    Supercop - HKR Version 2.0

    The yellow tint on Supercop is very troublesome. I've done some work on it myself in the past (just to see what I could bring out of it). Using the same tools as you I was able to achieve a good result.
  3. That looks like a Japanese release.
  4. Asmo

    Neil Peart 1952-2020

    The Professor.. An incredible drummer and lyricist who never stopped trying to improve himself. My heart goes out to his family, bandmates, and friends.
  5. Lots of Haikyu!! in anticipation of the new season.
  6. Asmo

    The Criterion Bruce Lee Movie Collection (2020)?

    Criterion will deliver.
  7. I'll hopefully get to see this while on holiday.
  8. Asmo

    Happy 2020

    Happy new year to all!
  9. Asmo

    Our friend @DragonClaws

    Whether or not you want to bring it up on the forums is totally up to you of course, but you've always got us if you need anything!
  10. Asmo

    Our friend @DragonClaws

    Best wishes for you, your family, and your dog.
  11. Asmo

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    It's more Forest Law going all Bruce Lee. But you raise a good point.
  12. Could be interesting!
  13. Saw this last night, really enjoyed it. Would rank it above Ip Man 3 and maybe 2, easily. I feel like this is the role that helped Donnie become a legitimate dramatic actor, he carried his performance as an aged Ip Man so well.
  14. Agreed. Going into this one with an open mind (on Friday!), but I'll be hoping for some characterisation beyond 'gwailo = bad' this time. At least Ip Man 3 showed a human side to it all.
  15. Asmo

    RIP Chen Sing

    Fair point, I hadn't seen the date of the magazine. Is it confirmed that the child he's holding is indeed his son?