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    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    "We gratefully thank George Lee and David Tadman for authenticating these" Prolly not
  2. Coliseum1972

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    Did Lee have an argument or fight with the hairdresser , thats what i heard ? 2019 : 45 anniversary FoF japanese and spanish premieres
  3. Coliseum1972

    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    The turk poster with BB art is called "Dev Karate" , no idea about english title though
  4. Coliseum1972


    https://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/120/lot/51286/BRUCE-LEE-TWICE-SIGNED-INSCRIBED-DRAWING This is the same item as seen on the BL pawn clip on youtube.....why sell it for just 4k , doesnt add up considering a check fetches 2-3k alone. Talked with Linda , she seems brain washed by Tadmans bs.
  5. Coliseum1972


    I call Tadman's mother , here s the reply : "OK , I don't know him like that , he borrowed my phone 1 time" "He ripped of swiss Daniel too" "Well I'm sorry for your loss but idk what ur talking about" Nice try , David.......how f stupid do you think I am , your mom knows you deal with BL items so dont give me this bs !
  6. Coliseum1972


    AAU is not a company I would trust re : CoA I would not buy if item has CoA from GA or GAI either , lots of fakes with that authenticity company JSA , PSA/DNA , Beckett can also do mistakes , its sadly buyers responsibility to do research prior to purchase...of these Beckett is prolly the best
  7. Coliseum1972

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    They also had funny version of Monroes name : Merlin Munro.......or something like that , lol Reminds me of Leone being called Bob Robertson early on as they thought Sergio Leone sounded too ethnic
  8. Coliseum1972

    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    That poster is not for BB even though it uses the same art as Italy , the actors mentioned on it (Wong Ping , Hui Tin) were never in BB
  9. 35 yrs ago , january 1985 : filming completes on AVTAK , Moore would never return as 007
  10. Coliseum1972


    Hwood collector = Tadman ? Also Tadman makes jewellery , he couldve made that jade pendant himself
  11. 50 yrs ago , xmas 1969 : OHMSS 45 yrs ago , xmas 1974 : Golden Gun
  12. Coliseum1972

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    SK defends Tadmans evil ways scamming people "Bottom line: I have nothing to hide" GTFOOH with that bs , you defend Tadman the scammer
  13. Coliseum1972

    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    To SK : dont defend Tadmans evil ways , justice will come for Tadman - very soon
  14. Coliseum1972

    Rumble in Rome: Way of The Dragon Appreciation Thread

    45 yrs ago , xmas '74 : Dec 2 : danish premiere , Dragen slår til igen (means "Dragon strikes again" , similar to US title) Dec 18 : french premiere , La Fureur du Dragon ("Fury of Dragon")
  15. Coliseum1972

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    Who knows , there might be a full copy in perhaps Lebanon or Egypt , most people there cant speak english and might not know about any missing scenes (then again they prolly censored 2nd prostitute , arabic countries might not allow such scenes).......Its weird but i couldve sworn i saw BB with the key hole scene on vhs in the 80s , it sounds so familiar somehow ?
  16. Coliseum1972

    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    If you ordered autographs thru Saxons site within last 2 yrs or so its prolly fake , he has Alzheimers but recently his autograph is not shaky like last few yrs , doesnt add up and his site has told me he no longer signs , full stop (thru mail or at cons) In fact the letter i sent last yr came RTS , no longer lives in CA
  17. Black Panther 3.5/6 Chen Sing plays an ex con whos framed and wants revenge against the boss , played by Kurata......I guess Sing did something to piss off the boss prior to the opening scene but the movie never explains what
  18. Coliseum1972

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    They did that a lot in Italy too......"Bruce Lee vs bla bla bla" Bruce the Super Hero with Le , where does the theme song come from.....I cant get it out of my head , lol
  19. Coliseum1972

    King Conan - Milius & Schwarzenegger to Collaborate

    I've heard Milius' health has not been good last few yrs
  20. I was partly kidding (but not about Cesar though)
  21. Coliseum1972

    What are some of your favorite horror films?

    The mummy '59 Curse of Frankenstein Dracula PoD , Scars of Dracula Horror Express Chainsaw '74 Jaws & J2 Hween '78 NOES
  22. Dont insult Cesar , he is the original and deserves respect.....Its also false that he couldnt be evil on the show : when Susie died he was like "oh well , just have to get new moll, no biggie" or when he was gonna behead B & R on live TV
  23. Coliseum1972

    Toy films i want

    Defenders of Earth (had it been made in 60s they couldve had Woody Strode as Lothar) MASK (Mobile Armed Strike Kommand) Bravestarr (guest starring Chuck Norris , lol.......Bstarr is similar to Walker except in space) Lego Pirates (based on the '89 toyline......they actually made a single comic issue as well as books about it)
  24. Coliseum1972

    Toy films i want

    Why not base them in the 80s , no cell phones and Internet but still computers , thats what Id do Except Lego pirates which would be in 17-1800s
  25. I forgot about Spartacus , Lee wasnt in the US in 56-57 , also Lolita and Dr S doesnt seem like his cup of tea Cant imagine de Niro in MA film , now Burt Ward perhaps , he had MA bground