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  1. lightning hopkins

    Naked fight scenes

    Reiko Ike has an impressive bath-time sword fight with yakuza in the pinky period epic Sex and Fury that probably served as..."inspiration"...for the scene in Ninja: The Final Duel. Not that I'd know anything about those sorts of things, of course. Cough cough. Read all about it in Dr. Reid's comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Martial Arts Movies of the 1970s. (Free plug)
  2. lightning hopkins


    Got my copy today, and man is it impressive! Pretty text-heavy, so it'll be a while before I can offer up anything substantive viz. reader response, but still (as they say in the genre) -- very very nice. And any book that manages to cram in one of my all-time guilty favorites, "Brave Girl Boxer in Shanghai," is already sporting four-star potential...
  3. lightning hopkins

    Fictional Martial Artists in novels

    Some of the covers are better than the books themselves...too bad that the unidentified artist(s) will likely never be recognized for the painterly genius at work here. Dion: Has Ric Meyers ever definitively stated which of the Ninja Master books in the original series he did write? If you read the entire Warner run straight through, it's clear from the diverging writing styles that a number of different people contributed -- but beyond that, figuring out who did which is anyone's guess. And making matters more confusing, some of the volumes you mention that Meyers didn't author have a lot of scenes and descriptions that certain fit the Meyers '70s/S&M/Asian-exploitation vibe. Mystery upon mystery....
  4. lightning hopkins

    Fictional Martial Artists in novels

    Ahem... One volume in a stunningly pulpy series written by a certain persona non grata in this forum. And did I mention BEST COVER ART EVER?
  5. lightning hopkins

    7 Blows of the Dragon "real title"

    From Corman's How I Made A Hundred Movies In Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime: "...Just as the Bruce Lee/kung fu craze started, for example, I acquired a Chinese dynasty period film with martial arts action sequences from the Shaw brothers for very little money. It was called The Water Warriors (sic) or something like that. A Chinese actress friend of mine, Lisa Lu, who had worked with the Shaws in Hong Kong, helped with the English translation and looping. We recut it and tightened it way down to emphasize the action because it was very long and talky. Then we turned it into Seven Blows of the Dragon. It was a nicely profitable little film." If memory serves me correctly, though he neglects to mention it here, Roger also spliced in a bit of gratuitous nudity too (included among the extras on the Image Water Margin release), which surely didn't hurt the movie's popularity among the chop socky crowd in America. Too bad he didn't take a crack at recutting a bunch of others -- imagine what he could have done with one of the already over-the-top epics like Master of the Flying Guillotine!
  6. lightning hopkins

    A dear " John" letter to KFC & BIG THANK YOU !!!!

    I seriously feel like I need subtitles here.....
  7. lightning hopkins

    Tony Jaa is now a monk...

    By "thai DVD," you mean a legitimate release, right? 'Cause I'm sure there are plenty of shady versions available right now at places like Pantip Plaza in BKK. Yep, a copy is just a plane-ride away...if you don't mind some shaky hand-held camerawork and dubious quality...
  8. lightning hopkins

    Tony Jaa is now a monk...

    Rumors + literary license + blatant cultural disregard = great grist for the comment mill. "Snapped"..."wacko"..."troubled"... Funny how joining the monkhood, something that LITERALLY MILLIONS of Thai guys do, suddenly becomes irrefutable evidence of mental instability to some folks. Heaven help us if they find out that the guy likes spicy rice-based food too...who knows what they'll make of that cultural nugget! Tony Jaa...what a nutjob!
  9. lightning hopkins

    Tony Jaa is now a monk...

    Since, as both links note, it's pretty common for Thai males to become monks (albeit briefly in most cases), dunno that I'd attribute too much to this news yet. Likewise, with the 3-month summer rainy season approaching, this is a traditional time for guys to join up, so the timing doesn't seem too unusual either. Besides, everyone looks better in saffron robes, right?
  10. lightning hopkins

    Shapes and Aesthetics

    One of the best posts I've seen here in years. You, mysterious sir, rock. More please!
  11. lightning hopkins

    New York Asian Film Festival 2010

    Keep in mind, this is the same group who promised a big Angela Mao tribute two years ago and totally failed to follow through. Short of hearing it from Sammo himself, dunno how willing I'd be to believe these guys again!
  12. lightning hopkins

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

    The Powers book is pretty entertaining, and any pirate adventure that has a puppeteer for a hero can't be all bad. Which of course means the movie will ruin everything. At least Tim P. will make a nice chunk of change, though. He deserves it.
  13. lightning hopkins

    Burning Paradise for $250,000 !

    Sorry, I'm holding out 'til the VCD version is released. Some of us have standards. Just wondering...does this mean that, if we in the fu film community DON'T "save" these movies, they'll really be lost forever? 'Cause there are more than a few movies that I wouldn't mind disappearing. Perhaps we could get a list going and start up some more un-fund-drives to make our least favorites go away for good?
  14. Might be interesting for the fu community here to discuss this issue at some point. Seems like there both positives and negatives to these deals -- liberating movies from the vaults and distributing them to the world, but at what cost? Far be it from me to denigrate anyone trying to make a buck, but let's not forget that people are profiting here, and some arguably dubious motivations and behaviors are being rewarded in the process. Just some rainy day reflections. Anyone?