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  1. Righteous Master

    Fist of Legend or Drunken Master II?

    It is not even close for me. FOL all the way!
  2. Righteous Master

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I am a bit late, but happy birthday Bruce.
  3. Righteous Master

    Charlton Heston dies at 84

    Are you kidding me? Why does someone being a NRA activist bother you? Why do liberals always blame guns and not those who do evil things with them? If evil people did not have guns to kill people with, they would use swords. Should we ban all things that could hurt someone? Perhaps you forgot that the founding fathers of this country came from a place that did not allow them the freedom to oppose the government in any sort of way and because of this, wanted to create a new country that was free from the shackels of Great Britian. The founding fathers knew that government was at best a necessary evil and if freedom to bear arms was not guaranteed to citizens, those in control would have all of the say on everything and ordinary people like you and me would have no voice. Heston was a great man. We need more people like him in this world to stand up for our rights as citizens. I hope that if the government ever does take away our right to bear arms, your home is never broken into by someone that does have a gun. The bad guys will always have guns no matter what. No law will ever change that fact. If a man broke into my home and was a potential threat to my family, I would not waste 2 seconds thinking about shooting him. Please stop placing the blame on a weapon. Do something constructive like changing the hearts and minds of people who use guns to commit crimes.
  4. Righteous Master

    Most over-rated kung fu actor

    That is the problem grave, NOBODY had or has the real world MA skills that Bruce had. Besides thats what movies are... each scene set up to happen a certain way. Of course they were all waiting to get kicked or punched.
  5. Righteous Master

    Most over-rated kung fu actor

    HJL KILLED a man when he was in the military with ONE kick. JHJL is NOT overated (at least his MA skills are not). Like thundered mantis said, "this guy is for real." jstn, you should read the article on HJL on the home page of KFC. It was new about a week or two ago.
  6. Righteous Master

    Jackie and Jet Want to Work Together Again

    I only wish that they would have done this when they both were in their prime. I can only hope that they don't do a modern "cop" good guy against a bad guy movie.
  7. Righteous Master

    What are your top five.......

    #5 Back to the Future #4 Braveheart #3 Batman Begins #2 Lord of the Rings Trilogy #1 Star Wars Trilogy
  8. Righteous Master

    Dumb movies, dumb people

    I would NEVER waste my time to even read a review of this film.
  9. Righteous Master

    Shaolin Intruders

    TWC, I like your pic of HJL.
  10. Righteous Master

    Five Venoms Remake

    I could not agree more. I dread to see what this will end up like in the end.
  11. Righteous Master

    Drunken Master 1 or 2?

    Wow, I guess I was proven wrong so far when I said that LOTDM was going to get more votes than DM. I am glad to be proven wrong in this case.
  12. Righteous Master

    AlbertV joins the KFC team

    Congrats AlbertV! I am happy that that were picked for this position. I hope the very best for you and wish you success.
  13. Righteous Master

    Fist of Fury (Donnie Yen)

    Had an opportunity to pick this one up last weekend, but I passed it up. Perhaps I made a good choice.
  14. Righteous Master

    Drunken Master 1 or 2?

    Sifu, I am really sorry that I had to make to make you come in here and and act like a complete JERK. Sorry, that I did do not post quotes the way that you think I should. Did you even stop to think for a second that I replied to a post, thinking that was going to be my only reply? I replied to one post and then decided AFTER the first post, that I FELT like repling to one and then another. Perhaps you should spend some time being MR. CRITICAL on yourself and stop focusing on what YOU PERCIEVE to be faults of others. I know that you CAN multiple quote IF YOU WANT TO. And if you COULD, please show me where it is NOT PERMITTED to double post.
  15. Righteous Master

    Drunken Master 1 or 2?

    Have to disagree once again. The finale in LOTDM was good, but not that good. Yuen Woo Ping IMO is by far the better MA choreographer.