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  1. bruceleeclones

    Miss, Please Be Patient (1985) - Remastered Print Unearthed

    Looks good, I wouldn't mind working on this
  2. bruceleeclones

    Ho Chung Tao

    The Hong Kong DVD from celestial has a few extra scenes compared to the cut international release.
  3. bruceleeclones

    Ho Chung Tao

    I got in touch via social media. It's a difficult task tracking these people down. These films were made such a long time ago now, so a lot of the time they are a distant or forgettable memory for a lot of people. I've been in touch with a lot of people over the years, some are happy to talk, others not so.
  4. bruceleeclones

    Ho Chung Tao

    He's credited as Ernest Curtis. I recently did an interview with the lady who plays Linda Lee in this movie; http://www.clonesofbrucelee.info/caryn-white-stedman/
  5. bruceleeclones

    Ho Chung Tao

    Lol, nope, it's my picture of the same magazine.
  6. bruceleeclones

    Bruce Lee the Man the Myth Cast

    Yeah, I've tried looking at various cast listing for Way of the Dragon but he seems to go uncredited. I think the guy at the end of the first row was from The Big Boss.
  7. Just wondering if anyone can identify any of these unknown cast members from Bruce Lee True Story (aka Bruce Lee the Man the Myth)? Also, as a side note, my site has now moved to a new url; www.clonesofbrucelee.info
  8. bruceleeclones

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    Always great to hear stories from when these movies were released. Very interesting (and sad) bit of trivia about the guy's tragic story. I actually have the book you mentioned on your post.
  9. Thought this might interest you


  10. bruceleeclones

    L&T Films Corporation Ltd.

    It's always good to know who was behind these companies. A load of indie companies (especially in the US) released Kung Fu movies in the 70's and 80's. It's difficult to find any information about any of these distributors now. I wonder what happened to all the posters and stills these companies had for the releases, the nearest dumpster I'm guessing.
  11. Anyone know anything about the L&T Films corporation Ltd/Ark Films. They released a bunch of Kung fu movies in the US, often with some crazy re-titles. I'm trying to find out who owned the company and what year they went out of business.
  12. bruceleeclones

    Tower of Death cast

    Yeah, the credits on the old dubbed version (as the clip from youtube you posted), it says Miranda Austin as Angel. Angel is the name of the blonde lady in the film, not Hwang jang Lee's daughter. She is called May in the movie. I can only assume that whoever edited that credit sequence together used the wrong footage/name for that person.
  13. aka "The Dragon's Snake Fist " starring Dragon Lee as far as I know.
  14. bruceleeclones

    Tower of Death cast

    My Tower of Death page is now online. Managed to find some of the names. I'm still not sure about Miranda Austin thing. I've left her listed as the blonde lady, until I do a bit more digging. Would be interested to hear peoples opinions about the new database page layout http://www.clonesofbrucelee.co.uk/tower-of-death/
  15. bruceleeclones

    Tower of Death cast

    This is who I have listed as Miranda Austin. Still haven't been able to find a name for the actress who plays Hwang Jang Lee's daughter in the movie.