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  1. i can only comment on the ones released in the states...and im sure there are a good amount that havnt yet that are good the raid... war of the arrows...not kung fu...but really good movie shaolin
  2. gotta say i like this movie...first time seeing it or even hearing about this film...the action fast paced....but one thing i hate is the artwork ...y put a car made in 2008 in this cover when the movie is made in 1990...i hate the artwork dragon dynasty has been putting out,,, i own about 1400 kung fu film and i have never knew about this movie and or ever heard some one talk about it....so i am happy they put this out....dont know what the fuss is lol i give this a 4 out of 5
  3. post a review when u get to view it
  4. i am giving away my dvd set soon at my site http://www.soreelflix.com/ after i give away this http://www.soreelflix.com/2012/08/soreelflix-give-away/ either way blu-ray or dvd the movie is a must own
  5. Ur right about the caps and viewing it from lab top to tv but that's not helping the person on the other end looking at the caps. Most of the hate for the ow of the film is to much dnr. Is making the movie to smooth less sharpness less details. Bit that caps make it look like that. But when views on a tv all that isn't there. My cell phone photo of my tv should not look better in quality then a screen shot But ur right about the DVD settings and tv settings. But taking a cell shot shouldn't look better. Tge phone does make the screen shot look more red though. I am just addressing what what other are saying who haven't seen the movie in person. And just going by screen shots that are faded and smother looking then it would be on a hd tv. I'm not trying to sell the set by the way. I just dont see what others are saying about the film when I view it on my 55" sorry for misspells I'm on my phone haha It's hard to see what u type on the iPhone as the keyboard is in the way
  6. you can tell with your photos as the bottom one appears brighter that is the noise becoming more sharp taking away detail to the photo the guy in fron ts forehead becomes 2 tone due to color noise do it with a photo with less noise to start with you will notice the pores on the face become less definable the photo gets smother less sharp a hd trailer would be the best way to view pq of a film as you don't need to worry about motion blur... its to bad animeigo didn't do one for it also wanted to note that when taking screen caps with a blu-ray drive from your computer will only show the pq of when you are playing the film from your computer ...to get better screen caps you need a blu-ray drive thats hooked to the tv to get the pq of what the tv is outputing ....does any one know of a blu-ray player that does this
  7. re looked at the caps from the site posted http://www.rockshockpop.com/forums/s...ll=1#post37630 they are saved at a low quality to save space on his site the file size is equal to 3 times the number of pixels. This is because each pixel requires 3 bytes: one for the red component of the image, on for the blue component of the image, and one for the green component of the image. 1920 x 1080 x 3 = 6,220,880 bytes it takes 1048576 bytes to = 1 megabyte so a photo at 1920 x 1080 file size would be 5.7mb jpeg compression set to 12 the highest quality to save on photoshop would take it down to 1.2mb due to compression his screen cap at 1920 x 1080 file size 268 kilobits mine....1920 x 1080 file size 1.15 megabytes saved at 12 quality on photoshop mine was taking with a iphone making the quality even less ...the guy with other screen caps used his computer's bd drive his set up computer blu-ray drive mine 55" Samsung led and PlayStation 3 be on all screen caps so what u see in photos is not the true pq quality you will see on your tv as it will be better also wanted to note the reviewer in the link above reviewed the film on his computer...he said something like no one seems to have pores ...u can see pores in my photo ...also motion blur will make the photos look more smooth eliminating the sharpness so he must of been looking at the photos it self when making that remark ...as i see pores on faces on every close up when the movie is not paused to take a photo ....alot of times when the movie is paused u cant see pores but when playing you can see them
  8. I am saying by the reviews remark that you cant really go/ also ways go by some ones word on how it really looks in pq as every one is different when it comes to what is good pq and what equipment they are seeing it on. and the stills i have seen from the links here don't look as good as when i viewed the film my self. as in pq. every thing seems sharp ..every pore in a face is visible on close ups. the stills here from the links posted seem to be more faded looking or maybe its because i am viewing the film on a led tv lol. and that brings me back to my point ..it will be different for every one as every one who views the film will have a diff set up. for me the blu-ray set seems great and if i had to choose blu-ray or dvd it would be blu-ray as its alot better in quality. i would love to hear others who have the film on blu-ray to see what they think ...so far its only like 3 people who have the box set and not any one here on the site. and i agree with what you said about good reviews on the film it self. thats how i first started buying all my kung fu movies.. by what others have said....but that was about the film it self not what it looks like.
  9. I hear you...I got the set on blu-ray..for me i love it and looks good... way better then the dvd copy...no more blurry faces and no more pixalation on faster moving scenes. its a step up over dvd is all i can say and that's good enough for me to get the set. i think you really cant go fully by reviews and screen caps any way ...you can only truly judge when you view the movie in person ...maybe a trailer could help as well if you play that on your big screen
  10. 100pr00f

    AnimEigo Zatoichi DVDs Going Out-Of-Print

    I wouldn't buy them in blu-ray ...way to many films to re buy lol I would take them all in blu-ray though [ . . . ] is that donation button working above
  11. Can't help you with the sword, but I'm going to be offering mask replicas real soon nice...im on board maybe hit me with a dc for promoting it on my site huh huh lol cant wait to see that
  12. all i have is a dragon dynasty hat....and jet li's bio book but soon to have kung fu bob art work hanging on my wall : ) would like to have 5 deadly venom masks(real) and sword from lone wold and cub ....(real sharp)
  13. another new review on the film ..has a lot of pics http://www.soreelflix.com/2012/09/review-lone-wolf-and-cub-blu-ray/