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  1. Gaijin84

    The Empress of China (2014)

    Just looking for some help deciphering all the different versions of this show. This is of course the one starring Fan Bing-Bing that caused all the stir with costumes that featured very low-cut fronts. This version was eventually digitally censored in China, which predictably increased demand for the original version. This is where my questions come in... I know there are two versions out there, one that was released in Hong Kong which was censored, and one that aired in less-restrictive Taiwan that was the original version. However, the episode numbers do not match up. The English wiki page claims the Hong Kong "cut" version has 96 episodes, while the Taiwanese "uncut" version has 84? A fair amount of torrents out there have the Taiwanese version, but with only 82 episodes, while I've seen some Hong Kong "complete" versions at 74 episodes and also references to the Taiwanese one actually being 86 episodes. Does anyone have a definitive answer? How could the Hong Kong version have more episodes if it is censored? Simply timing of each?
  2. And Indians, Russians, Nordics, etc etc etc
  3. Gaijin84

    Thunderclap Remaster

    Ahh, the ZiiEagle... I was convinced they were going to release a version for the US market too. Oh well.
  4. Going back and reading this old thread is fascinating... the rumors before Celestial released everything! Everyone had an inside scoop of why movies would never see the light of day.
  5. Gaijin84

    Zatoichi (Katsu era) English dubs?

    Does anyone know what release could have had an English dub? All the legit DVD releases were in Japanese, as were all the VHS releases I've seen. Only other choice would be a dub for a theatrical release. Is that possible? I'd be really interested in hearing an English dub for these films.
  6. Does anyone have a complete list of the movies in the Ma Su Chen universe? These are listed here but I'm sure we're missing some. Boxer from Shantung (1972) The Avenger aka Queen Boxer (1972) Ma Su Chen (1972) A Brave Girl-Boxer in Shanghai aka Heroine Susan (1972) The Sister of the San-Tung Boxer (1973) Ma Suzhen Takes Revenge (1988)
  7. Do you foresee new releases of these films on the horizon? There are 3 or 4 that are not available on DVD currently.
  8. I love these reviews / travel logs... thank you so much for posting
  9. Sent you a PM with an .srt that matches up. The Metropolitan release is definitely the superior one.
  10. Gaijin84

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    Click bait topic title Most overrated ever? No way... you also have to take when it was made into account. It was so far ahead of other kung fu movies put out at that time it’s not even fair. Same is true about all of Bruce Lee’s films. He was a visionary far ahead of his time.
  11. Gaijin84

    Loved Ones Lost

    My condolences Ray, things will get better.
  12. Funny that they don’t mention until the end that he was an actor. Just a throw-away comment. 😄
  13. Gaijin84

    Next 007 to be woman

    No, you’re totally right, she is not the new 007, it’s just a plot “twist.” But it feels like an unnecessary one just to show that the franchise is evolving with the current political climate. Doing something just to do it, in my eyes, is worse than doing nothing at all.
  14. Gaijin84

    Next 007 to be woman

    Michelle Yeoh’s character felt like the first “Bond girl” that was on par with Bond himself, no one had an issue with that. I guess it feels like a troll job to make her 007...why not 006 or any other number? That would be more interesting in my book. It could introduce a whole alternate franchise.