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  1. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    FLK RARE!! Recomendations

    Abbot White 2 aka Chivalry Vs Chivalry aka Kung Fu Deadly Fingers With little time these days to do FLK projects my young 13 year old brother done the subs for this one finished today and its looking good to see this subbed at last. Now available with subs on FLK!! xXOr3MIWI3s
  2. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    martial arts film experts?

  3. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    BEST! Boxers Of The Late 20th CenturyThread!!!

    Henry Cooper was probably the BEST BOXER the UK had ever seen all the rest were so so IMO!!!
  4. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Reggae Music IS IT DEAD!!! Or ALIVE!!!

  5. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    BEST! Boxers Of The Late 20th CenturyThread!!!

    Anyone heard of JACK JOHNSON??? this guy I watched some of his fights from a VHS transfer and DAMN!!!.....The guy was unbelievably amazing as a fighter......In his day the rounds were up to 40-45 in many fights.....How the hell did these boxers sustain this kind of stamina throughout these distances. BTW I come from a family of Martial Artist not the same as boxing but close enough and my father is kung fu Master. He devised his own fighting system utilising boxing techniques with traditional kung fu....In our system of fighting we use our legs similar to a Boxing jag and also the foot as a mean to block kicks and punches,,,,,see video below with my father sparing with a Wing Chun teacher. 2vfpFXaw0Rs
  6. I'm a SUPER STAUNCH FAN OF Heavy weight Boxing and of course Middleweight also....BUT SADLY BOXING IS ON ITS LAST LEGS....IMO.....Why??? all the GREATS are DONE!!!...Out the game or dead.. THESE 2 MEN IMO WHO WERE PROBABLY THE BEST TRAINERS OF THE 20th Century.....Or I'm GOOFING AGAIN!!! THESE ARE 4 Champions of the past......BUT THEY ALL HAVE something in COMMON!! What is it??....a question for SERIOUS BOXING FANS....and Only a SERIOUS BOXING CAN ANSWER THIS!!! BTW who is are was your favourite Boxing Champion in the HEAVY WEIGHTS??? Please don't say Lennox Lewis or Evader Holyfield..... IMO Lennox was not all THAT!!! And Holyfield I would have bitten off his other EAR for his obvious head buts in the RING!!! Also WHO WAS your favourite in the MIDDLE WEIGHTS Now if anyone mentions HIT MAN HEARNS or SUGAR RAY LEONARD.....better still.....MARVELLOUS MARVIN HAGGLERS....we can TALK BOXING for sure... Leonard Vs Duran Hitman Tommy Hearns Marvellous Marvin Haggler As young as I'm age 24 I watched these GUYS KICK ASS FROM THE CRADLE.....with my father who is a SUPER STAUNCH BOXING FAN also.
  7. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Franky Lau .. wheres he gone?

    Keep your chin up Frank....I know you are a good guy and no one can convince me otherwise. No matter what happened it should remain between you and your Ex-sifu period. All the best in whatever you decide to do in the future Frank....
  8. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Reggae Music IS IT DEAD!!! Or ALIVE!!!

  9. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Reggae Music IS IT DEAD!!! Or ALIVE!!!

    JACOB Bad Ass MILLER!!....sadly he died but damn!! this DUDE COULD SING!!! Here are 3 tracks to convert those who know not about JACOB!!! HN9Ll4xsEIY 5hKiePrCV8o qjwaOErmIys
  10. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Reggae Music IS IT DEAD!!! Or ALIVE!!!

  11. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    Reggae Music IS IT DEAD!!! Or ALIVE!!!

    I'm a serious fan of REGGAE MUSIC!!! however it seems to have gone quiet over the years....ANYONE A FAN OF REGGAE MUSIC HERE??? I have all kind of background family roots one of them being Jamaican although I was BORN AND BRED in the UK....My father was born in Jamaica and he got me influenced in Reggae music at an early age. Some of my favourite ARTISTS ARE!!! SHABBA RANKS tcWif3u4A0A BARRINGTON LEVY W9mvTNh-plY BUJU BANTO O7vOC9XIO08 TWO GREAT REGGAE ARTIST ONE Brit Born & The Other Jamaican Born---WHO WAS THE BEST OF THE 2? MAXI PRIEST & BERES HAMMOND tec1uIWJ16I My money goes a BH!!!!
  12. Shaolin Mantis with David Chaing was awful IMO .......Spoiler subject for a thread so I wont say much more for the sake of the NEWBIES!!!
  13. Flashlegs Pete Jr

    WuTang movie recommendations?

    This is VERY RARE!!! and excellent movie for Wu-Tang fans.... E4U7Nhd0LFw