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  1. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Beardy reduced to a stache in my favorite HK movie of all time, The Last Blood.
  2. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    A curveball.... Cherie Chung in The Good, the Bad and the Beauty.
  3. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

    I already stopped, no point in discussing anything with someone who is just deflecting and ignoring your real points.
  4. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

    Wasn't really my point. You can believe him or not, I don't really care. But you claimed to be impartial when challenged on it, and if you read the bit I quoted from you, it just doesn't sound like you were. If I said "A huge thank you to Domino's Pizza for making this great pizza and other great culinary revelations" would you say I sounded like I was endorsing them?
  5. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

    Whatever, dude...
  6. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

    Dude, I think what people have a problem with here is that you actually don't sound particularly subjective in this matter, and very much like you're endorsing the guy and his book. I mean, some of these claims of his are Ric Meyers level bullshit, so maybe presenting this material with a bit more subjective distance if you wanna come across as impartial would be the way to go.
  7. TibetanWhiteCrane

    What's your favorite triad movies?

    Yeah, that's a good one, though going more for stylized action with Fung Hak On at the helm and the Osh doing her thing.
  8. TibetanWhiteCrane

    What's your favorite triad movies?

    Yeah, my personal criteria for triad movies are a little loose, but mainly that the leads or at least one of them is a triad and that it is mainly about the crime life and triad culture. If the leads are cops and the triads are just the bad guys I don't really label it as such..... but it's a bit up in the air.
  9. TibetanWhiteCrane

    What's your favorite triad movies?

    Was looking for a triad film thread and apparently I made one myself 7 years ago. My top 20 will probably have changed a bit, but let me just add some more cool genre efforts that doesn't get much props. Are they all masterpieces? No. But if all you want is some solid triad entertainment, you can't really go wrong with any of these. True Colours '86 A Bloody Fight '88 Fury '88 A Fiery Family '89 A Killer's Blues '90 Dragon in Jail '90 Gangland Odyssey '90 My Hero '90 No Way Back '90 Return Engagement '90 Phantom War '91 Gun and Rose '92 Prince of Temple Street '92 A Moment of Romance 2 '93 Return to a Better Tomorrow '94 To Live and Die in Tsim Sha Tsui '94 Tragic Fantasy: The Tiger of Wanchai '94 Man Wanted '95 Streets of Fury '96 Street Angels '96 War of the Underworld '96 To Be No. 1 '96 Portland Street Blues '98 Metade Fumaca '99 A War Named Desire '00 Goodbye, Mr. Cool '01 On the Edge '06
  10. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

    Neither do I, and yes.... never heard his name till now and don't know anyone who has. Could be down to me not being a big BL fan, or that he is a huge bullshit artist... probably both.
  11. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Enter the Dragon II

  12. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Adam Cheng pictures

    Isn't that Gordon in the second pic? A little hard to tell. I always forget he was married to Fei Fei.
  13. TibetanWhiteCrane


  14. TibetanWhiteCrane


    Yeah, that might need its own thread as to not get too confusing.
  15. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Guess the movie?

    Damn it... you got it.