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  1. If someone, inexplicably doesn't know who Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Leung, Bolo, Gordon or fucking Van Damme is, I'm not sure they belong here.... or anywhere martial arts cinema is dicussed. Though maybe I'm the one who doesn't belong her anymore.
  2. I'm sorry, but why post noob shit like this on a forum that has been running for decades and for many member's, living or dead, on expert level? What's the point? I know you wanna plug your Bolo doc but does that mean linking to every single inconsequential blurb you find about him online? If you wanna hype the doc, why not post some inside stuff from the production and if you just wanna honor his name by posting random stuff, I'm sure you can find better than this kindergarten level garbage.
  3. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaw Brothers Photo's & Poster's (1951 - Present)

    Shih Szu.
  4. TibetanWhiteCrane

    What video games have you been playing

    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered..... hard to to go back to this after 3 and 4 I feel. Red Dead 2... not really feeling this one. No idea why as the first one is probably one of my favorite games ever. I think there's too much grinding, confusing control scheme and fuck is it taxing the shit outta my PS4. The fans kick off instantly and it sounds like a freight train, making it almost impossible to enjoy the game and I def can't play after ten at night as I have to crank up the volume so high to drown out the jet engine sounds from the console working overtime. I'm sure the nieghbours wouldn't dig that too much. I'm gonna stick with it for now, but I don't see me finishing this. I'm sur it runs fine on the Pro or the One X, but I don't rally know why they put it out for the original models when it's this hard to run.
  5. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Disfigured/Scarred characters in MA cinema

    Well, if eyepatches, hairy moles and crossed eyes count, the list is gonna be long.
  6. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Disfigured/Scarred characters in MA cinema

    Off the dome.... Beardy sports a facial scar in Odd Couple. James Nam in The Opium Trail equally so. Tiger Yang also face scar in Warriors Two Rambo Kong has a fucked up eye in Monkey Kung Fu. Seem to remember Kwan Yung Moon being all pock marked in Ninja in the Dragon's Den.
  7. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Behind the scenes...

    I'm guessing Heart of the Dragon, All the Wrong Clues and the last is def from Aces Go Places 5.
  8. Yep, makes my top 15 HK movies of '98.
  9. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaw Brothers Photo's & Poster's (1951 - Present)

    It's Crockett and Tubbs!
  10. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaw Brothers Photo's & Poster's (1951 - Present)

    By '77 Dave had already broken lose from his contract from Shaws and while still doing films for the company was also doing indies on the side.... was probably off doing one of those.
  11. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaw Brothers Photo's & Poster's (1951 - Present)

    I agree. A lot of Shaw posters felt slapped together in an hour, like the Five Venoms one. Though there are also plenty of beautiful Shaw posters to be sure.
  12. TibetanWhiteCrane

    New presentation ?

    Me too, this one annoys my eyes.
  13. It's in Taiwan.... also used in Mar's Villa, Along Came a Tiger and many others.
  14. TibetanWhiteCrane

    What happened to Bey Logan?

    TEEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE!!!!! Now I really wanna hear that interview! You're cruel, Brammerz!