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  1. Or this bamboo fireball shooting pez dispenser thingy from the same film...
  2. Always liked the iron ball shooting crossbow from Deadly Duo.... don't think I ever saw that one in any other movie.
  3. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    Rick's FB post on the matter.... at least w should have both sides represented. "Steve Kerridge Ruined my Life!How can one of your closest friends hang you out to dry?Only he knows the answer to that question.I always thought are friendship was 100% solid, we had over the past years created and produced a range of quality items for the Bruce Lee market place.But in the past few months my name has been dis credited as he takes our products to Amazon. cancelling all our pre orders...which is something we have done for the past five years. All the work which we had put in to create bigger and better projects taken away. Projects I had invested time and money into by going to Hong Kong three times to acquire rare negatives for future. publications. The new poster mag "Fist of Fury" will I get a credit in it even though we jointly own some of the photos used ...NO. Mandarin Super star the hard back which came out early..no credit mention for me. And the new book "Intercepting Fist" again a project i am involved in both with time and investment into the photographs now taken away.. Steve new I had run into problems Financially and I reached out for help, I was hoping we could sell off some of the Negatives we had purchased which we jointly own. had Steve done this none of these problems would have occurred. My love and friendship for Steve MEANT had he ran into problems I would have done every thing in my power to help him. Steve turned his back on me even though to my face as early as last week whilst having breakfast together I wanted to find away forward so as not to loose my company. Steve also new I have health problems and some mental health issues caused by the stress but in stead he continues to post in an almost spiteful way that I am some sort of crook!! and yet for those that really know me I have always in the 35 years of business tried to be a good friend and a trusted. AND ALWAYS WEATHER ITS AT AN EVENTS OR DEALING WITH MAIL ORDER . I put this out there today as i finally see my world collapse and weather you want to believe Steve is up to you... i am not here to slag him off!! just to say there are two sides to every story.... this is my side. I would just like to ask those that have made an investment on some of the pre order items to please have a little patience this will give me the opportunity to try and save my company rather than close it down. I would like to thank those that continue to support me and those that don't be lucky 🙂 I wont make another post about this, either I will get through this or I wont. I am sure Steve will continue with his crusade if it makes him happy..... i will try and have some dignity and try to sort out over the next few month people that have placed pre orders. Some one said to me Sometimes god cuts the grass around you so you can see the snakes....Many a true word said ps please take no notice of that con man and vile human Mark Green who has jumped on the band wagon hoping to be Steve's new supplier GOD FORBID Love peace and Bright Blessings Rick".
  4. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    I have talked to Ricky about this and a few other people in the know, and while I can't say for sure what has been going on, there are two sides to every story and nothing is black and white. And while I don't think this thread should be deleted because I don't believe in censorship, I think it should either be re-titled and recognized for what it is, a bunch of Kerridge allies giving you one version. You are dangerously close to slander here.
  5. My Wilson Tong faves (based on his role and the action.... not necessarily the movies as a whole) Dirty Kung Fu Kung Fu Genius Snake in the Monkey's Shadow Young Avenger Snake Deadly Act Daggers 8
  6. TibetanWhiteCrane

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    Def Chu Tit Wo and yes, that's Martial Club.
  7. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaolin death squad and Shaolin kids 1977

    Why would they necessarily be made back to back, it's not the same company or director. Death Squad is from First Films and helmed by Chan Siu Pang, While Kids is a Joseph Kuo flick and thereby a Hong Hwa production. Lots of crossover in cast and crew sure, but the same can said for a myriad of Kung Fu films from this era. By that rationale, you might as well throw in Mysterious Heroes which also sports much of the same people in front and behind the camera and that's a Goldig film, if I remember correctly, from the same year.
  8. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    Def mid to late 60's. He only did three contempo set films in the 60's and it's not from any of those, so probably a photo shoot.
  9. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    Not really... I was just asking a simple question and the guy flakes, and just keep editing his posts instead of answering like a normal person. I know Ricky can be shifty in a used car dealer sort of way, and I wouldn't put it past him to do what he's accused of here. But just throwing out claims and linking to some random eBay account that, to me, doesn't look like it has anything to do with this, is misleading and rather confusing. If you got legit grievances and can back them up with proof, cool. But have your shit in order if you're gonna out a man for fraud.
  10. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    You keep editing your post, but not actually answering my very simple question. Why not be a man and answer?
  11. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    So that is his eBay account you linked to? Any proof of that?
  12. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Shaolin death squad and Shaolin kids 1977

    Not the same.
  13. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    I am asking you a question.
  14. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    What does that link have to do with Ricky?
  15. TibetanWhiteCrane

    Fist of Unicorn (1973)

    Not meant for you.