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  1. Not sure where this should go so I figured general discussion would be the best place for it. So I'm just curious as to how many of us here are still kids inside and love our action figures and proudly display them? I'm at work and not home so I'll have to take some pics later, but come on and post pics of your favorite action figures in your collection. Later kung fu brothers!!
  2. I'm really looking forward to this film. Uwais, Jaa, Chen, Adkins, Jai White just the cast alone is worth watching and supporting. The fight scenes should be fast paced and highly athletic and Tim Man has proved himself! This can't be released quick enough!!
  3. Another great addition to Scott Adkins library of kick ass films!! Great cat and mouse story that featured great acting and amazing action!! The villains were and of course our hero proves once again why he is one of the best actors in the fight film game.
  4. gorhama

    Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) - The One with Donnie Yen...

    Well as huge Star Wars fan...the first movie I can remember seeing is Empire Strikes Back....anyway I loved Rogue One and feel it compliments the SW universe just like TFA did!! I thought the characters were introduced very well, and were original and memorable for different reasons. If a movie can make me care about their death after meeting them 2 hours earlier I think they did a great job. The acting was great across the board, terrific effects, and a fun story make a great Star Wars movie. I for one liked not having an opening crawl and the classic Star Wars wipes as it separates the anthology films from the saga films and lets directors film the way they want to. But that being written I understand that it does take away sone of the Star Wars feeling. Between TFA and Rogue One the future of Star Wars is bright!!!
  5. I loved the trailer and for me it looks about the same budget as Undisputed 2 and 3 which are some of the best western martial arts movies of the past decade!! The story seems like natural progression for the character and the fights look amazing!! This is easily my most anticipated martial arts movie of 2016 and I can't wait!!
  6. Oh man oh man oh man.......just in time for Christmas!! DVD or DVD-R....I could care less this is a WS version of Pedicab Driver we are talking about.
  7. Man 2016 is shaping up be the year of Adkins!! I love the first Hard Target and this sounds very promising!! Dare I say it.......Scott Adkins in Double Impact 2!! Haha sorry I couldn't help myself.
  8. It's been a while since the original teaser but and I was hoping to get news on this!! The film looks to mix martial arts and gun play very well and uses more of Adkins judo background with some nice throws. Can't wait for the release date. Day one purchase for sure.
  9. Hello brother Bob!!! Yeah I'm confident the level of talent will be on par with the previous series and Tim Man did a great job on choreography for Ninja 2 I'm excited to see what he brings to this movie!! White Dragon thanks for your views on Adkins as well...always great to get a different perspective on things. I will admit to having a man crush on him the likes I have not had since seeing Yuen Biao in The Prodigal Son so I'll be getting this DAY ONE!!
  10. I have been waiting over 6 years for this movie!! To hear how excited Scott Adkns is to play Boyka again and how hard he pushed himself in the fight scenes...I am counting the minutes until this is released!!
  11. I had friends over this past Saturday and we binged the ENTIRE series from start to finish and I loved every freaking second of it. To have one of your favorite comic book characters done right with this amount to care and attention to character and detail is a dream come true. The acting is amazing.....Charlie Cox is Matt Murdock/Daredevil....the opening monologue and his acting gave me goosebumps. Nelson is perfect for Foggy.......Deborah Ann Wolf is a great actress but they could have found someone more easy on the eyes. Everything Karen Page should be and more. D'Onofrio was truly amazing and gave us a great cimenatic villain in the Marvel universe. I could go on and on. The 13 episodes without commercial breaks gave scenes time to play out. I lost track of how many times my friends and I said this scene would have been cut on regular TV for time and to get to the action but it was so great to see not only the main character but supporting cast and even supporting villains given a chance for character growth. Now the action was ok..... THe action was amazing. The type of fighting style was grounded yet not boring. It was filmed well and I read recently that the action direction confirmed the hallway scene is 1 long take. He said we chould have cheated it but they wanted to challenge the crew, and it is amazing I've watched that scene like 10 times now. The rest of the action is handled well and it's grusome in some cases. Well after all that of course I loved the show and can't wait for more Marvel Netflix shows. I know his age may be a slight factor but I want to see Scott Adkins as Iron Fist!!!!!!
  12. I never cease to be amazed by Bob's artwork and now that they are printed on quality shirts........this is like Christmas in April!! The designs are amazing....the LW&C is grusomely awesome but not the point of being too much....it's just the right amount!! The OAB is amazing and I love the intensity you captured in the image Bob and painting the parts seperately is a stroke of genius for other options such as this. I know what I'm getting for my anniversary....some 36 Styles Shirts!!!!
  13. gorhama

    Geoffrey Lewis passed away.

    Always sucks to rear news like this. He was always a dependable actor and like others have said rose above the material he was given. Sad loss indeed and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends. R.I.P. Mr. Lewis.
  14. That long take has me even more excited for this movie!! Adkins and Florentine are amazing together and I will never tire of their movies. I'm glad they have tried to include more long takes into their movies.
  15. gorhama

    R.I.P. Darren Shahlavi (1972 - 2015)

    This is terrible news. Darren always seemed to put his all into every role he as in and it showed. Skilled martial artist and always dependable actor, he will be missed. RIP good sir.
  16. gorhama


    Just when I thought 36th Chamber couldn't get any better....they go and do something like this.........and totally blow me away!!! The art is well it's Kung Fu Bob so it's just ok. It looks beyond amazing and it's an awesome pose and what's better than putting Bob's artwork on your wall??? I'm glad you asked......wearing it of course so many more people can see it!!! Great work 36th Chamber and Kung Fu Bob....can't wait to see what's next!!
  17. gorhama

    36 Styles - A Clothing Brand For The Kung Fu Movie Fan

    Love the Super Power shirt designs!!
  18. gorhama

    Exclusive Interview with Hwang Jang Lee!

    Awesome interview!!! He truly earns the lable Master!!
  19. gorhama


    Wait.......I'm a dork now with no friends that why I am practicing drawing later in life!!! I wish that was the case...but it's a mixture of getting home from work, martial arts training and other family stuff that I get lazy and don't practice as much as I need too. Last night I drew for over 2 hours and it was nice!!
  20. gorhama


    I understand about a technique working for you. I've been working with Copic markers lately trying to get better at using them. I'm just irritated by some artists who seem to work with all mediums (ahem KF Bob). I say irritated but I really mean inspired!!!
  21. gorhama


    MLee that is an awesome piece of HJL artwork. I love the mixture of color pencils and pens!!! Also Bob totally awesome that Scott Adkins loves the artwork and after seeing the piece how could he not??? So awesome guys thanks for posting.
  22. gorhama


    Another amazing piece of artwork!!!! So realistic and I have to say I hate you so much!! The amount of detail and realism you can put into your art is just amazing. Keep up the awesome work brother Bob and it's great to see your talent on display!!
  23. Sweet about time Mark Dacascos is in a starring role. I hope the choregraphy will be exciting. Consider this on my must watch list. Somehow Dacascos is ageless...I think he sold his soul!! Or it's healthy living with a strong foundation in martial arts...just a thought.
  24. I love the Fire TV the set up is plan and simple but I can watch Prime videos, Hulu, and Netflix...I don't miss cable at all.
  25. Why yes my friend I planned on getting it through Amazon and watching it on my Fire TV!!!!! Gotta support these movies if we want more DTV martial arts action. I want my UNDISPUTED 4 dammit!!!!!!! Of course Bob is the man that introduced me to soooooo many classics I wouldn't have had a chance to see so I'm glad I could return the favor in some small way!!! Wow this love fest is getting out of control.