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  1. 4everFuSheng

    Heroes Two (1974)

    yeah, unfortunately the Best Buy Geary Blvd branch here in SF doesn't have it either (checked this past Wednesday), and most likely isn't in stock at the Harrison St. branch either.
  2. 4everFuSheng

    Heroes Two (1974)

    also checked the BORDERS SF Center branch, not there either. looks like BORDERS won't be in stock for at least another week, maybe longer...
  3. 4everFuSheng

    Heroes Two (1974)

    stopped by the Virgin Megastore here in San Franciso, no dice. Virgin Mega online has it listed available, ready to ship in 24 hours, but nothing instore. one of the girls working there was nice enough to look it up on Amazon, which earlier this week wasn't listed, but now is available online.
  4. 4everFuSheng

    The Pirate

    finished watching this evening, and thought it was a pretty good film. Q -- was it me, or... was the music at the end the tune "My Old Kentucky Home" around the 94:34-95:00 mark, and a variation of it again immediately afterwards?
  5. 4everFuSheng

    My tribute of fu sheng

    RIP Alexander Fu Sheng...
  6. 4everFuSheng

    Awful poster for 'Shaolin Avengers'

    Brokeback Shaolin Avengers... good grief... :rollin
  7. 4everFuSheng

    Fu Sheng movie help....

    balls to the walls... up the ass... yeah, he got the point alright. :rollin
  8. 4everFuSheng

    my Shaw lobby card collection (question)

    i bought a few lobby card set from noizeiam -- Heroes Two and Legend of the Bat -- and a few posters as well. his communication skills aren't the greatest, but he delivers the goods.
  9. 4everFuSheng

    Men From The Monastery

    lovely! includes original trailer. only in Mandarin, though the back side of the cover states both Mandarin and Cantonese. check it out!!
  10. 4everFuSheng

    Interesting Interview With Chen Kuan Tai

    thanks for the interview!
  11. 4everFuSheng

    New Pre-orders!...

    Ivy, you noticed that, too? also, the pic is/was the reversed one facing left... still, what a bunch of lazy Mo-fo's... otherwise, yeah, can't wait for Men From The Monastery to be released very soon...