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  1. daTOAD

    SHAWS on itunes

    "Ye Kid has eng dub crystal clear" looked it up on my phone, but couldn't get any info besides synopsis and cast. Can I download to android and send to my pc? Thanks
  2. Totally Awesome 80s homage. Even with cgi this felt more like a throwback exploitation b movie than Rodriquez or Tarantinos grind house efforts(which I liked). For me, I will personally check for anything Sandberg makes(he'd kill an 80s slasher film) after watching this.
  3. Finally got English dubs of Full Moon Scimitar and Clan of the Amazons. I had the subtitled versions for a while, but only watched Amazons. I'm a fan of Chu Yuan and Gu Long and these two did not disappoint. Good plot and action. Good classic dubs on both. For me catching these with dubs takes me back to kung fu theatre days which make them even more enjoyable. Highly recommended
  4. daTOAD

    SHAWS on itunes

    Anyone know if kid from kwang tung has English dub? Thanks
  5. Hello, trying to get English dubs for following films: my rebellious son, kid from kwangtung, black lizard, full moon scimitar, invincible enforcer, the dragon missile. Thanks
  6. daTOAD

    Conan (Hes back)

    Flash Gordon, Breakfast Club, Saturday Night Fever, any Death Row soundtrack from the 90s
  7. To be clear, Its not a bad movie , just not great. Something that might grow on me after multiple views.
  8. Saw it yesterday, first show. Was actually surprised by the variety in the audience( a lady who looked to be in her 60s was one seat over from me by herself). Nice crowd for a first show also. The movie was goodokentertainingkindof. It did feel like the old school sword flicks (not kung fu or shapes) in some spots. More Gu Long/ Sun Chung than Liu. Rza took the throw the whole kitchen sink approach which kinda hurt him. Theres to much going on. Some cool ideas and stuff I could see in future films, but with so many characters it was hard to follow story at times and care about characters as much as you shouldve( like i said Gu Long). More time instead should have been spent on narrowing the characters and creating memorable fight scenes IMO. The main bad guy was annoying also. This would be okay if he was a top fighter, but he's not(or at least didnt show it). Overall this could have been great( characters and story), but in the end for me, a HUGE Wu and Rza fan, Its on the level of Empire of Assasins. Im not mad at it for the action choreo because to me its no different than all the other wu xia coming out. If you want the top notch choreo you need the Ip Man's and the new Keannu Reeves flick. I've been watching these movies since the 70s and collecting for over 20 years and am cool with the fact that the golden era of martial films(like hip hop) was something special and can never be duplicated, thats why i still watch the old flicks. Also the its written and delivered like the old English dubs, so if you're one of the people thta hates dubs, you'll unfortunately probably have a problem with the acting.
  9. Thanks to DEADLYVENOMKING you can now watch this[PT] for free in English. He also has Duel for Gold in english. Cant thank you enough. Much Respect. Fans Save your money and check out the tube.
  10. Also looking for English dubs of the following Bat Island Adventures Clans of Intrigue Return of the Sentimental Swordsman I'm looking for remastered versions of these titles. please message me for interest in what i have to trade. Thanks
  11. daTOAD

    How about 668 HD SB movies in a box?

    "I wish this box had your Dream Sword & Return of the Deadly Blade in it!" lol. Most def. Youku has a clean 2pt widescreen. I feel a fan project. Happy Holidays
  12. daTOAD

    Kung Fu Fans From the UK

    She's nice. Look forward to seeing her in future projects, which Im sure are coming her way. Did you guys have Kung Fu theatre or anything on Tv growing up?
  13. daTOAD

    Kung Fu Fans From the UK

    "I agree, however glamorising the criminal lifestyle seems to be a uniquely UK trait." Nah. Besides the Mafia glamorization, We have whole genres of music dedicated to the "gangster" lifestyle. Not saying i dont like this stuff, cause i love a good romanticized gangster flick. It seems a lot of this is catering to the American viewer though. Im sorry, but we love those loud cockney accents and witty wordplay and Danny Dyer pulls it off.The Business is a classic to me. Running Out of Time was nice. These movies are like Menace to Society and Takers to me which isnt a bad thing.