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  1. I don't know about a dvd release but I read that it'll get a limited theatrical release and be available on VOD on june 12. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/71556
  2. The Amazing Psycho Per

    The 1 thing that turns you off of a movie....

    Not surprising coming from Chang Cheh, the guy obviously has a misogynistic tendancy crossed with a fetish for male chest. He was probably angry at the fact that he had to deal with a female character that is not purely accessory to the story or that isn't just a bitch standing in a way of a bromance. Glad to hear Chang Pei Pei stood up to him.
  3. A new adventure of everyone's favorite chinese folk hero is always something that diserve to be of interest so I decided to give this a chance. From the get go, despite the flaws, I liked what I saw. I liked the somewhat grittier tone and I was very surprised by where they were taking the character. Hell, I even surprised myself involved in the plot! Even the action, satisfied me (minus the fact we're served the same fight twice in the first twenty minutes). It was simple, flashy, very gimmicky, obviously done by non-martial artists but it was well put together and good enough to keep me entertain. Then the shit hit the fan... At the halfway mark, we're treated with the first fight involving Sammo Hung. We're then treated with some of the most abysmal wirework choreaography I've ever have the pain to witness. You've got a bunch of people non-sensicaly flipping, flying and sliding in ways that defy any logic. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind wirework when it's used properly, but this is not it. At almost every take I was going with stuff like "WTF!?! Why would he slide backward on his knee?" Seriously, it ruined any ambition I had to finish the thing. Corey Yuen needs to be put in a place where he can never aproach any level of involvement in a fight choreography. Ever.
  4. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Boyka: Undisputed 4 (2017)

    Ah finally indeed! My expectations are down to zero with pretty much all that comes out these days but this I'm really looking forward. Now the icing on the cake would be to see Marko "Dolor" Zaror come back for another round! If not I can't wait to see who will Boyka face this time.
  5. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Ip Man 3 - 3D (2015)

    3D, Mike Tyson and... A CGI Bruce Lee... For fuck's sake! That's three strikes. I'm out!
  6. Awesome, as always. I liked how you managed to keep things fresh by adding the "vilain's" side of the "groundhog day". The final duel is espcially spectacular. You guys always manage to top yourselves and keep the choreography inventive. Can't wait for part 3:xd:.
  7. Trailer is out, courtesy of Twitch. http://twitchfilm.com/2014/11/marko-zaror-will-kick-that-face-and-that-face-and-all-the-faces-in-first-redeemer-teaser.html foQWDbXPJps The religious aspect irritates me, but I'm a huge Zaror fan so I'll try to get passed it. I like what I see fight wise, it looks in the line of what we have come to expect from the Espinoza/Zaror duo. Really looking forward to it. Good news about the US distribution rights deal, means we're not going to have to wait forever to see it.
  8. Wow! Great stuff! That girl sure can kick some ass. This could've easily looked bad if she hadn't looked powerful enough, but she nailed it. Good hommage. It always amazes me how awesome the fights put together by the various stunt teams that post videos on the web are, and yet how poor the fights in most movies nowadays are... BTW, any news on Unlucky Stars?
  9. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Falcon Rising (formerly 'Favela') (2014)

    Unfotunately, I'll have to stand with D1Ma and Drunken Monk with this one. For me, something didn't quite make it. I know, I know, I'm jaded and I never like anything, but I really tried enjoying this one. I even almost pre-ordered the DVD blindly. I'll skip the criticism about the cinamtic merits of the film. To me, all the commonplaces, clichés and poor TV like direction would've been forgoten and forgiven had the fights delivered. But as far as I'm concerned, they didn't on many points. With Larnell Stovall on board, I expected greatness. I mean, Undisputed 3 is, for me, one of the best martial arts movie in many, many years. As sacriligious as it may sound, I think I like it more then The Raid 1 and 2. But in Falcon Rising, the fights don't shine. Sure, there are a couple moments and flashes of greatness here and there, the fight with the briefcase being the highlight. But most of the time, the action fell and felt flat. I mean, you've got to applaud the framing and editing that, for once, let you see what the fuck is going on. But there's no rythm, it's sometime slow and there's often a lack of sense of impact.MJW is stiff, but not in a good sense. As the movie was progressing, I was expecting things to pick up, but they never quite did. I don't think we have to compare it to Raging Bull, but I don't see why american martial arts movies should have a distinct apreciation grid, at least not for me they don't. I like The Raid not because it's good for an Indonesian movie, but because it's good period. With that being said, I didn't hate it like Drunken Monk, but it was a major disapointment. It's watchable, there are a couple good flashes here and there (the jumping kick and the gun shot for instance), but just don't expect greatness. If you're a Michael Jai White fan you'll probably watch it anyway, but needless to say It definately recommend renting before buying. You can buy it now digitally on amazon. .
  10. The Amazing Psycho Per

    The Mark Dacascos Thread

    Just rewatched Crying Freeman after many years... I remembered not liking it that much and that feeling got only reinforced from this second viewing. There is no denying Gans is a fan of the genre, as shown by his implication in the HK Video label in France, but I don't think his work as a director cuts it. While his action scenes appear to have style on surface, it's amazing how very little is actualy going on. Mark Dacascos hardly get the chance to show up any of his stuff, despite the many action set pieces. What a waste. To me the Dacascos case is an enigma. The guy definately has (had?) the moves, but beside Drive, all of the movies he's been in feel like missed opportunities. They're either very bad, featuring little actual martial arts (if any!), or are criminally underusing him and/or his skills. At his age now, I don't think things will ever pick up. We can only ponder on what when wrong and the things that could've been. Maybe he arrived on the scene in a bad time.
  11. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Where's Mark Pollard?

    I'm sure he does and so do we. Thanks alot Albert for keeping this place alive in his absence. I'm not sure if people realize you've pretty much taken the reigns of the site since Mark has left. It's greatly appriciated.
  12. The Amazing Psycho Per

    The Sword of Justice 1980-81

    I agree that the tone and ambiance are the selling point here. Contrarly to you though, I liked the chambara style moments in the choreo. I think it gives some nice tense atmospheric duels. But like you mentioned, the fight in the rain is the true highlight. The end fight is also pretty solid and cranks things up a notch from the rest of the movie, espacially the 2 on 1 part, with a little more flips and acrobatics. I wouldn't go as far as to call it better then Duel to Death, but it's a nice surprise that comes out of nowhere.
  13. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Great traders and sellers - Continuous list

    Trade with Morgoth went as smooth as silk. Thanks again man.
  14. I kind of agree with you both. I do think the washed out mochromatic look of the film gives it a hell a sylish look, and actually enhances the movie somehow. It gives a nice artistic touch it most probably didn't even intend to have. On the other hand, i'd be curious to see how the orignial remastered version would actually come out. I remember some of Sun Chung's Shaw's outputs looked fantastic once we saw them remastered. Some of the Sword of Justice parts that are not washed out (like the ending segement) do actually have nice cinematography (at least better then it has any right to be for the genre, budget and names involved). Sword of Justice is really a something special that comes out of nowhere.
  15. The Amazing Psycho Per

    Why Born Invincible is one AWFUL movie!

    I don't like Carter Wong's onscreen fighting (and I'm pretty sure I've already bashed him and the movie in this thread), but I must say this video of him, from 3 years ago, clearly backs the claims of him being a real life bonnafide kung fu master. At 64 he still had it. FNwLGsJhiPU