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  1. Ok I will agree it’s an official spin-off but it is still a spin-off and not an official Donnie Yen Ip Man movie. But, I would place it above Ip Man 2.
  2. Oh but several fights in this movie. The Bruce Lee fight being one of the longest; or so it seems. It’s no The Raid but there’s lots of fights. Donnie actually takes somewhat of a fighting backseat here but I’m guessing due to the nature of the story.
  3. Ha. Well I just wonder why people are still referring to the movie as I. P. Man instead of Ip Man? Either they think it’s funny or they just aren’t paying attention. I don’t know where Master Z sits. It’s not a bad movie but perhaps a slight letdown. But I was just rating the core Donnie releases cause then if we consider Master Z then we have to consider the two non Donnie films. Yeah it’s really odd but I didn’t recognize the dude. And he bounced by the time the credits were rolling.
  4. Of course the other annoying thing is when someone asks the ticket booth person for a ticket to see I. P. Man. Get it right people. Makes me wonder what movie they are in line to see. And the guy brought his kids. At least the audience was pretty decent. One guy in front of me kept talking to his friends up until the movie started. But, thankfully stopped talking once the movie started. Weirdly, some strange dude came up and sat by me for the last 30 minutes of the movie. I have no idea why. Guessing the guy got lost coming back from the restroom unless he paid a ticket just to watch the ending. Who knows? Theater was pretty full, thankfully. Gives me hope that future Kung fu films might be given a chance too. This theater never showed martial arts movies probably up until Yip Man III roughly. They did well with that and they showed a sold out Jackie Chan Police Story double feature and even the movie Shadow. REVIEW: I would place the movie as either 2nd or 3rd in the series. Overall, it’s more focused/engaging than 3 but loses me a bit because of the extreme anti racism message that ends up being racist itself. For the love of God, I get it! It’s like every white American person in this movie is a racist bastard or bitch.. 😁 It’s like a jackhammer with this movie; really freaking annoying. Everything else I really like about it. Though, I think they got Bruce Lee’s message wrong. Even though Bruce did promote Chinese gung fu, he was anti bullshit Kung fu. I was surprised to see Ip Man almost taking a backseat in this movie and Bruce Lee getting arguably the best fight scene in the whole movie other than the school yard fight. Both end fights were very good and they kept the wire work down to a minimum. Thankful this movie was as good as it was but could have been a lot better without all the racist anti racism. Overall, this is like a slightly better, more focused Ip Man 3. Ip Man Ip Man 4/Ip Man 3 ip Man 3/Ip Man 4 Ip Man 2 Like normal around these parts, popcorn and soda was more expensive than the movie; it was $9.50. Movie was only $7.25. Thankfully it wasn’t playing at the local cineplex as it would have cost even more.
  5. It’s playing here starting Friday. Working Friday. My girlfriend and I are going bed shopping Saturday so it looks like Sunday for me. Can’t wait to see it but keeping expectations really low just in case. But will enjoy the overpriced popcorn either way.
  6. The blu-ray looks pretty decent if people are interested in it.
  7. Nice to read that some of you guys are placing it above everything but the original Ip Man movie. Still a little skeptical but I will be seeing it at some point in time. Hoping it comes to where I live. If not then I will wait for home video.
  8. Maybe, but none of those trailers are in HD. Maybe they are just showing off what is in their vaults to garner some interest. I could see When Taekwondo Strikes and Duel To The Death getting a blu-ray release (from either 88 or Eureka) as those two are more well known titles.
  9. reason108

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I'm really excited about the titles coming out over the next 4 or 5 months.This past year has been an excellent time for JC fans. Nice to also have more Shaw titles coming.
  10. reason108

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    Nice to see this one getting released. I only have the first and third. I know its been released before, but...
  11. Unless it plays locally then I am waiting for the blu-ray release. Just a little burnt out on this series right now as it looks more like Ip Man greatest hits (if you'll pardon the pun) instead of moving things forward. Hoping the movie will be better than the trailer implies. And, I know that this series has already jumped the shark regarding real life Ip Man. But, at least the movies have been entertaining so far. I know these movies can be very predictable but I think they should try some different things than just checking the boxes with what people expect from the series. Honestly, do we really need another racist white guy that picks on the poor helpless Chinese?
  12. Thanks for that. I thought it was going to be released later but went ahead and ordered.
  13. Unless they sold them off (Pedicab Driver and The Blade) in the last couple of years. Not impossible by why would they bother to remaster and offer HD streaming and dvd to just turn around and to sell it off. Perhaps they would be willing to license the titles out to Eureka or even 88? I would like to see an industry article or some good solid evidence that they sold them off to another company. Don't those kinds of negations normally take a while to finalize?
  14. I received Magnificent Ruffians in the mail yesterday.
  15. reason108

    Watchmen (2019) HBO series

    Ugh, what train wreck am I watching here?
  16. reason108

    The Mandalorian - "Star Wars" Spin-Off TV Series

    I really like that trailer. That shot with the Stormtrooper helmets was rather chilling. Very nice!
  17. reason108

    The Wife of Run Run

    That is some cool info! Thanks for sharing!
  18. reason108

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I think that the word on that is that the Celestial master was edited. Dvd region 3 or possibly iTunes as far as I know. But it’s available.
  19. Hey, thanks for that! There’s a lot of stuff out there on Grandmaster but this is a video I missed.
  20. Well, it could work for the film if they advertised it as "Banned in China" 😀. Maybe that means we will get a quicker release here in the States or an alternate path for this movie. Probably won't see a HK blu-ray release though. So, guess we gotta wait for Welgo to get it in the theaters or on home video. Or, maybe even a Netflix or some kind of similar digital release. As long as it sees a blu-ray release at some point.
  21. reason108

    Shadow (2018) Zhang Yimou

    There`s way too much hype surrounding this movie. It`s based on 3 Kingdoms (according to the film`s credits) which is something that we have seen a million times before. A little too predictable. Yeah, color design, costumes and cinematography are pretty cool. Not much martial arts. Not something that I want to own. Though, I think that I liked it better than House of Flying Daggers, still not as good as Hero for me.
  22. I hope it’s uncut because the HD master for Kung Fu Cult Master was censored. Hope someone can report back with some positive news. Just too many titles getting re-released now to keep up.
  23. Hell yes I am ready. Though the “era” of the film isn’t as interesting to me, I know* it’s going to be good. I am a fan of Xu’s. I would be excited if it came to town. *(keep fingers crossed)
  24. Ok, I’m going to say it. Many may not agree with me on this. But, Xu Haofeng is as good a director as Zhang Yimou and those kind of directors. If Xu focused less on martial arts, people would be singing his praises. Though, I certainly wouldn’t want him to stop doing what he’s doing. We just need Wellgo to push his value.
  25. reason108

    Shadow (2018) Zhang Yimou

    Yeah, there`s been some build-up for this movie so I am keeping expectations low. Just another couple of weeks to wait until this hits where I live. But, if it is worth a purchase it`s blu-ray for me. Not sure I want to travel down that 4k road and it doesn't help that I`ve just seen commercials for 8k TV`s.