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    Kung Fu Killer

    I did not catch part I but after seeing part II, I am glad that I did not. I think that this may be the worst martial arts movie that I have ever seen. And, I have seen a lot of them. Perhaps this is one of those movies that was made to teach people how NOT to make a film. There is no excuse to have bad fight choreography in a film these days but yet, there it is, displayed in all its horrible glory. I have seen better amateur video on youtube. Sometimes when you combine horrible acting, directing, lighting, framing and choreography, you can still have one of those "its so bad its good" moments. Well, here, its so bad its bad, really bad.
  2. I was one of the lucky ones to get the defective disc. (haha) But, my replacement disc arrived last week. I prefer the director`s cut over the previous versions that I have seen. I felt that it was a more complete film and was actually making the statement that Jet wanted it to make. The only thing that I did not like about the director`s cut was the ending theme song and the additional scene of Michelle Yeoh at the end. What was up with the rap song at the end? I had a flashback to the butcher jobs of Mirimax(e).
  3. reason108

    Let's talk about... Chiang Sheng (RIP)

    Wasn`t it the fans and media that labeled them Venoms? The name stuck after The 5 Deadly Venoms but they never were DBA(doing business as) "the Venoms" as a legal entity. It just comes down to the fact that many of the same actors worked for the same director on several different pictures playing different characters. So, I will put myself on the firing line by saying that Technically there is no such thing as "the Venoms". (not legally, I mean)
  4. reason108

    Real Shaolin trailer

    Sadly, this isnt the real martial art of Shaolin temple. This is Wushu(martial art) for competition and show that is authorized by the Chinese govt.
  5. reason108

    The Master (Updated with Screencaps)

    I found a Phillips dvd player w/hdmi out that sold for around $40/50. It was easy to make region free. It isnt the best but not bad at all for the price.
  6. reason108

    Q on Kill Bill

    If memory serves me correctly it seems that Q wrote it. But, I think the interview stated that he based it on either their natural verabe together or past scenes that they had done together. I dont have the magazine article in front of me at this time but that is what I remember reading about the script. But, this was many years ago.
  7. Cool...but i am guessing that it can only be better than part 2. I thought part 2 was a little over the top and a little weak in execution. I would guess that this time around the fight choreography might take on more of a "Bourne Identity" look to it since that is the current Hollywood standard.
  8. reason108

    Ip Man

    I liked both SPL and Dragon Tiger Gate. But, any bio-pic will have an uphill battle. If you make the film to true to real life then people will complain that the movie is boring. If you dont make it real enough then people will tear it apart. Even worse is making a film about a real life martial artist. Look what happened to both Fearless and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (starring Jason Scott Lee). Both films were guilty of fabricating many events in that respective person`s life. Perhaps if they just focus on a part of Yip Man`s life they can get it right. I dont think that Donnie Yen is the correct person to play Yip Man. Yip was very thin, not muscular like Donnie. But, at least Donnie has some real skills. And, with Sammo directing the fight choreography, I am hoping for the best. At least Sammo has that experience directing Wing Chun on the screen. It isnt the easiest art to choreograph since it doesnt use "big", "wide" movements. Well, for now guess we just gotta guess how good or bad it is going to be.
  9. reason108

    Linn Haynes In Memory Of

    :(I`m shocked and sad to hear of this news! Words never do in these situations. I am going to miss someone that I dont really know but have "conversed" with over the years on this and other forums.
  10. I thought that one of these films was available on vcd at yesasia or dddhouse. But, it may have been a few years back that I saw it; or, it could just be my memory playing tricks on me.