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  1. Unless they sold them off (Pedicab Driver and The Blade) in the last couple of years. Not impossible by why would they bother to remaster and offer HD streaming and dvd to just turn around and to sell it off. Perhaps they would be willing to license the titles out to Eureka or even 88? I would like to see an industry article or some good solid evidence that they sold them off to another company. Don't those kinds of negations normally take a while to finalize?
  2. I received Magnificent Ruffians in the mail yesterday.
  3. reason108

    Watchmen (2019) HBO series

    Ugh, what train wreck am I watching here?
  4. reason108

    The Mandalorian - "Star Wars" Spin-Off TV Series

    I really like that trailer. That shot with the Stormtrooper helmets was rather chilling. Very nice!
  5. reason108

    The Wife of Run Run

    That is some cool info! Thanks for sharing!
  6. reason108

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I think that the word on that is that the Celestial master was edited. Dvd region 3 or possibly iTunes as far as I know. But it’s available.
  7. Hey, thanks for that! There’s a lot of stuff out there on Grandmaster but this is a video I missed.
  8. Well, it could work for the film if they advertised it as "Banned in China" 😀. Maybe that means we will get a quicker release here in the States or an alternate path for this movie. Probably won't see a HK blu-ray release though. So, guess we gotta wait for Welgo to get it in the theaters or on home video. Or, maybe even a Netflix or some kind of similar digital release. As long as it sees a blu-ray release at some point.
  9. reason108

    Shadow (2018) Zhang Yimou

    There`s way too much hype surrounding this movie. It`s based on 3 Kingdoms (according to the film`s credits) which is something that we have seen a million times before. A little too predictable. Yeah, color design, costumes and cinematography are pretty cool. Not much martial arts. Not something that I want to own. Though, I think that I liked it better than House of Flying Daggers, still not as good as Hero for me.
  10. I hope it’s uncut because the HD master for Kung Fu Cult Master was censored. Hope someone can report back with some positive news. Just too many titles getting re-released now to keep up.
  11. Hell yes I am ready. Though the “era” of the film isn’t as interesting to me, I know* it’s going to be good. I am a fan of Xu’s. I would be excited if it came to town. *(keep fingers crossed)
  12. Ok, I’m going to say it. Many may not agree with me on this. But, Xu Haofeng is as good a director as Zhang Yimou and those kind of directors. If Xu focused less on martial arts, people would be singing his praises. Though, I certainly wouldn’t want him to stop doing what he’s doing. We just need Wellgo to push his value.
  13. reason108

    Shadow (2018) Zhang Yimou

    Yeah, there`s been some build-up for this movie so I am keeping expectations low. Just another couple of weeks to wait until this hits where I live. But, if it is worth a purchase it`s blu-ray for me. Not sure I want to travel down that 4k road and it doesn't help that I`ve just seen commercials for 8k TV`s.
  14. reason108

    Hex (Hong Kong, 1980)

    I believe that the nude actress in Hex was also the same actress that appeared nude in Bloody Parrot. I could be wrong about that but the face and features are very similar. No idea whom she is but worth a watch. Bloody Parrot is a much better film in my opinion. The plot and scenery is a little more to my liking than Hex.
  15. I will watch any kung-fu movie that Xu Haofeng wants to make but it is really frustrating that there is such a delay to get to see his work. He needs to get an agent or a better one that will promote his work a little better as his films need someone other than Lionsgate to release them. Yeah, The Final Master was released by Welgo but nothing since.