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  1. not quite. CDWM has a kind of reflexive self awareness about it, as if Hu is consciously making something 'quirky'. the other two are great in their own right (Touch of Zen especially), but to me they don't have that same tongue in cheek quality. at least not to the same extent.
  2. Alex

    Movie name check

    that was hilarious, I might have to get a hold of that vhs
  3. aside from some good ones already named I think you might also like Chang Cheh's Vengeance (aka Kung Fu Vengeance) and The Delinquent (aka Street Gangs of Hong Kong), and King Hu's Come Drink With Me. All 3 are full of off kilter elements you're looking for
  4. Alex

    Steven Seagal

    segal does not get his voice dubbed, he just has several accents/voice affectations he adapts. most common of these are the 'urban' segal where he talks a little street slang, or the 'southern bluesman' segal where he drawls a little and throws in a bit of 'honeychile' here and there. recently he also added 'russian accent' segal to the mix he has however been relying on stunt doubles and stand ins for the action scenes though, which is really sad
  5. Alex

    Disney's "UP"

    incredible movie, one of the better i've seen in a long time. hell, the first 10 minutes might be the best thing i'll see in a theater this year, no joke.
  6. ^^ it's worth finishing for teh end fight between sammo and jackie wu
  7. Alex

    Stranger & The Gunfighter Blu-Ray

    i liked it, a bit more comedy than expected and the action isn't that elaborate but enjoyable overall didn't think Lieh came off as 'typical sidekick' at all. the dynamic between him and Cleef was similar to the one found in other east/west crossovers - the knowledgeable cool headed capable asian being the foil to the loudmouthed cocky but well meaning cowboy may not be a best place to start for novices to either genre, but if you're a fan of the two actors i'd say it's definitely worth a look
  8. i'm hesitant on both, everything i hear about them suggest very little action and a whole lot of talking. i actually had volume 2 downloaded a while ago without subs, i skimmed through to see if it was worth a try and it looked very slow and more comical than anything else. which is fine in itself, but it's just not what i want from a meiko kaji/sonny chiba movie
  9. so I've watched these, unfortunately they're not as good as I hoped both are pretty average actioners, and never really rise above that tag 3 Seconds Before Explosion is as routine as it gets. It goes through the motions, which aren't really all that exciting. Nowhere near as bad ass as others I've seen in the genre, and the connection to pink movies implied in the description is a big big stretch. Kobayashi is cool in the lead, but that's about it. Detective Bureau is more interesting. Shishida is good as always, and the movie is more dynamic and fast paced than 3 Seconds. Suzuki's skill as a director is evident, certain parts are shot incredibly well, but it's still far and away from the style that is usually associated with the name. Overall though it's still nothing to get too excited about about unless you're specifically interested in charting the director's progress. I'm guessing an overabundance of making formulaic movies like this is what drove him to the rebellious experimentation that ultimately got him fired.
  10. Alex

    Films with Hattori Hanzo

    I'm guessing you've seen Shadow Warriors TV series with Sonny Chiba. There's also a movie version without Chiba, it's pretty decent Shogun's Ninja has some Hanzo Shinobi Nomo3 does as well
  11. Alex

    Criterion Nikkatsu Collection!

    thanks for the heads up, great news Colt Is My Passport does have some moments of stylization that are reminiscent of the more adventerous Suzuki films, but overall it plays things pretty straight. I'm inclined to agree with TDB's prediction, I think these will be more traditional noirs in the vein of Underworld Beauty. Nothing wrong with that of course.
  12. Alex

    Samurai Assassin 64'

    big fan of this one I think Okamoto is somewhat underrated in america, even though there's a decent number of his films available on dvd. I've never seen his body of work spotlighted, I think most fans don't realize that Samurai Assasin, Sword of Doom, Red Lion, Kill!, and Zatoichi vs Yojimbo were all directed by the same person. His modern day stuff is good too from what I've seen, Age of Assasins in particular blew me away. I've been trying to track down a copy of Nikudan (Human Bullet/Human Guinea Pigs), heard good things about that one
  13. fearless the stories in both have similar themes, but Fearless realizes them much better and creates a fuller, better rounded character. I felt like I knew more about Huo Yuan Jia by the end of the film than I did about Ip Man. The choreography is Ip Man was more grounded and realistic than in Fearless, but Fearless had more variety as far as opponents and styles used. That appeals more to my taste, the fact that Donnie fought the same people several times was a bit of a turn off. Also as far as the role of each in the star's filmography - Fearless felt like a 'summary' of sorts of Jet's career within the genre of period martial arts, his definitive and maybe best (obviously debatable vs OUATIC) statement on the subject. Ip Man on the other hand just seems like another notch on Donnie's belt, it doesn't have the same gravity of purpose. Both are good bordering on great, but Fearless has the edge imo
  14. i don't mind the slo/fast thing, if done right it could look great. Chiba's Shogun's Ninja and Karate Warriors come to mind, more recently Fighter in the Wind this looks pretty good, not crazy about the costumes which are a little Power Rangerish for my taste, but the overall vibe is pretty cool and fights look good. is there a release date yet?
  15. first thing that came to mind but it's not really prominently featured in the movie at all. not in the physical sense at least