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  1. Enjoyed the Blu version. Yes the subs are a little annoying with the sound effect descriptions added. Hard to complain about anything else, I first got this on VCD, looked like, well a VCD. I used to copy the VCD on to VHS and let people borrow it. I've been a proponent of this movie for a long time!
  2. 88 Just posted on Instagram upcoming: Dragons Forever, Miracles (4k remasters), Protector and Crime Story (2K remasters), no specifics besides the remastering... Guess its time to invest in a region free BD player.
  3. https://drafthouse.com/austin/program/shawscope Coming in May: 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, Vengeance, Dirty Ho and Bastard Swordsman! I've already seen 8 Diagram and Dirty Ho on the big screen but should be interesting to see the restorations. I'll be out of town for Vengeance, I always seem to miss that one.
  4. Masked Avengers, Five Element Ninja, no where close to Ricky but both are pretty bloody and each has a scene with someone's intestines
  5. I didn't realize there was an international dub for DM2, just sold my dvd so I guess I better invest in this blu!
  6. Just saw Masked Avengers, looked like a digital presentation, amazing picture quality. English Dub too! I counted 8 "But Still's" and at least 4 "Listen's" I love seeing these classics on the big screen with a full theater.
  7. Police Story/Police Story 2 are having limited theatrical runs, I wonder if it will be the Criterion versions? I recently caught Drunken Master on the big screen and I think it was the Eureka version, they are playing the Police Story films next week and I'll be seeing at least one of the screenings. Need to save some cash for the actual blu ray too.
  8. Well, three times if you count the double feature. Austin Film Society screens Drunken Master next week: https://www.austinfilm.org/screening/drunken-master/ Then the Alamo does a Police Story double feature: https://drafthouse.com/austin/show/fist-city-police-story-police-story-ii-double-feature
  9. inframan

    HKL lot in USA

    I put these up on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143075803948
  10. inframan

    HKL lot in USA

    Anyone want these Hong Kong Legends DVD's? These are of course Region 2 PAL, extra copies that I'm getting rid of, preferably in the US to make shipping easier. PM if you're interested at all, I'd like to get rid of them as a lot, will sell cheap or trade for one or two titles that I don't have. PM with your offer or lists. Its been a while on here but I'm active on ebay and I should have at least one mention in the good traders list. thanks!
  11. inframan

    Venoms Mob let's discuss and update

    After reading that first line I thought " Shaolin Rescuers", seems you had the same idea. I just noticed that several of the Venoms and Venom related movies are on Amazon Prime. Glad I can finally check out some of the lesser known titles like Attack of the Joyful Godess or the Weird Man
  12. I'm not so sure about the "restoration" of these prints, before each screening they have been saying that these are 35mm prints found in an old theater.
  13. Buddah's Palm last night, print looked great. Lo Lieh stole the show. Up next: The Duel
  14. Is the German Tiger on the Beat (Born Hero 2) worth getting? Any advantages to the HKL version? https://www.amazon.com/Born-Hero-Teil-Chow-Yun-Fat/dp/B00EIBLXQM