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  1. Jackie Chan will be starring in the Stanley Tong directed Vanguard this year. The film follows Jackie, a member of a security team hired to protect a businessman and his daughter from terrorists. The film co-stars Yang Yang and Miya Muqi and it labeled as a "thriller." So far there's just these shitty low-res images to go off...
  2. If anyone is unfamiliar with The Heroes (like I was), here's the trailer... Looks great!
  3. I've always preferred his period films to his contemporary action movies. I thought The Lost Bladesman and Wu Xia were truly underrated efforts. But I do respect his need to move on. As @DiP said, Donnie's contributed his fair share of classics to the period kung fu sub genre. Besides, he widely recognized for his MMA infused style of choreography these days (even if Special ID and Big Brother were duds). I'm excited to see what happens in his future. I'm sure he wants to steer away from the path carved out by the likes of Jackie Chan; who's only tarnishing his legacy with his latest output.
  4. I think he'll stick to the modern action films. I don't see him dropping those any time soon.
  5. Drunken Monk

    Gemini Man

    The new film directed by Ang Lee and starring Will Smith...and a de-aged Will Smith.
  6. Jet Li did the same thing after Fearless and pretty much stuck to it. I'm sure Donnie will do modern action films, perhaps with some of his traditional MMA choreography. I'm just sad he won't do traditional kung fu films as they really do seem to be a dying sub genre of martial arts cinema.
  7. Wow, so he really is done with kung fu movies. Sad news.
  8. This thread might not be everyone's cup of tea but I wanted a place to post any cool behind the scenes photos we stumble across. Martial arts movies only, of course. I'll get the ball rolling... Police Story 3 Fearless Hyena (2?) Once Upon a Time in China The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Righting Wrongs aka Above the Law Outlaw Brothers Fist of Legend
  9. Mr. Nice Guy - A very enjoyable film but boy does it feel like it takes place in a parallel universe. The fashion, the characters... It’s all very unusual. With that said, Jackie has some really good fights in this one. I’d forgotten just how good they were. Plenty of gimmicks lead to them being consistently fun. Oh and Richard Norton hamming it up as the villain is great. That ending though. Oof. So pointless. I get that Sammo wanted to go big but it just ends up being excessive and redundant. There’s only so many unnecessary explosions you can watch: All in all, good fun. Now quite Who Am I? standards but a fun little watch.
  10. Not really. They briefly mention Korea in regards to Bruceploitation but it's no more than that.
  11. This looks ace. It's definitely on my "highly anticipated" list. Beautiful cinematography.
  12. Drunken Monk

    Vanguard (2019)

    It looks like we're getting treated to a lot of wires and shitty CGI but, to be honest, this looks pretty good. I mean, the action looks solid at least. A step up from Kung Fu Yoga surely and I didn't actually hate Kung Fu Yoga.
  13. I really enjoyed this. @NoKUNGFUforYU is right; it moves at a rapid pace, but it goes over a lot of topics and some I had no clue about. Cynthia Rothrock’s career, for example. I think it had a large scope hut pulls it off. Skips over a few things here and there but, all in all, a fun and in-depth watch. I hope more people give it a go.
  14. That's a very interesting paper. While I (and others on here) are tired of the same old "evil westerner" tropes, this dude delves into the how they bolster the heroism of Ip Man and other Chinese characters. I've never really seen it as a two-sided coin. Nice find, @DragonClaws
  15. It certainly looks like a movie of two halves. cool spy flick and big CGI silliness. I'm on board.
  16. Drunken Monk

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    AEW should pick up Harper. He’s a hell of a talent who’s been painfully underused by WWE as of late.
  17. That motorcycle stunt looks nifty. Though I do agree with @SamSeed. We really don't need a trailer for a trailer. Just like we don't need trailer one, two and then the "final" trailer. Give us one and then be done with it.
  18. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Thanks for the clarification!
  19. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Tai Chi Master? I’m not sure who the other guy is.
  20. Drunken Monk

    The Mandalorian - "Star Wars" Spin-Off TV Series

    I’ve enjoyed the show a lot so far (also got the Lone Wolf and Cub vibe) and felt like the third episode felt like a Xena episode. In a very good way. You know how Xena would just wander into a new city and find herself in the middle of some skirmish? It felt a lot like that. And I loved it. Baby Yoda is as cute as everyone says he is, too.
  21. Drunken Monk

    Vanguard (2019)

    Is Jackie playing second fiddle in this one? The featurettes seem to focus on the younger talent.