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  1. I’m eight episodes in and you know what? If I relax a little bit and stop myself from being so uptight, this is a fun little show. It’s not high class drama or thematically deep but it is very enjoyable. I do wish there was more action but they seem to do their best and try and squeeze one fight scene in per episode. Even if it is a weird racist diner fight. But yeah, it’s fun. And if they do get a second season, they could take their criticism well and really make this one to watch.
  2. The Boys ended up being awful. It starts strong and the more I watched, the more bored I got. By the end, I was practically in tears with how little everyone does. I've never done such a large one-eighty on a show before. I don't recommend it.
  3. Drunken Monk

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Does anyone have any insider knowledge as to whether this has English subs or not? https://www.amazon.de/T%C3%B6dliche-Shaolin-Magnificent-Ruffians-Brothers/dp/B07TPYXV5K/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&keywords=Das+T%C3%B6dliche+Erbe+des+Shaolin&qid=1565982807&s=dvd&sr=1-2
  4. Looks like Marrese Crump will be in this one too.
  5. Is he going to fight someone dressed in a mascot costume like Van Damme did? We can only hope.
  6. Drunken Monk

    The Hong Kong Bluray/UHD Thread

    Will definitely be picking this up. Thank you for posting!
  7. Drunken Monk

    Untitled Fast and Furious Spin Off

    This film is fun, fun, fun. Big and dumb but there's a sense of it being in on its own dumbness. While I found the butting of heads between Hobbs and Shaw grating, the film is all about the action. Which is splendid. This is how over the top blockbusters should be. I don't think it's as good as Fast and Furious 5, 6, or 7 but it is a highly enjoyable watch.
  8. I finished episode 5 last night. The show doesn't get any better. By that I mean it's very poorly made. However, the fight scenes do kind of save it...to a degree. Just when I think the show's too bad to keep watching, Iko will beat the shit out of someone and I'm back on board. However, I feel Iko is the only good fighter in the show. Juju Chan hasn't looked good and Katheryn Winnick's (or her stunt double's) fights has been pretty lackluster too. i'm hoping there are a few more memorable scuffled before the show ends. I want to see Lewis Tan fight as he's been criminally underused so far. So, the show's bad. Objectively. But it's an easy watch. It's not offensively bad. And that's its saving grace. Bu there's no way this is getting a season 2.
  9. I think I’m comfortable saying that, without the fights, this show would be...bad? If Netflix is talking about cutting budgets when it comes to their shows, it feels like they started here. The whole thing feels very late 90’s. But I’m only one episode in. Beyond the awful special effects and questionable acting choices, there’s a neat little martial arts show here. The choreography isn’t quite as crisp as I’ve come to expect from Uwais. But this is a tv show and not a movie. Do I like it? Sure. It’s harmless fun. I’m definitely sticking with it. I just think I’m looking at it through the lenses of my expectation. I was hoping for something grittier. But it’s certainly enjoyable.
  10. Apparently filled with CGI and green screen. Fingers crossed, the actual choreography is good.
  11. Well, that's certainly a good sign!
  12. I currently run a kung fu cinema Instagram. It's small and far from special but it has enlightened me to the arrogance of some kung fu cinema fans. For example, I post a clip from Martial Club and someone will come along and say, "Actually, in the US it was known as Instructors of Death and I saw it back in '84 in such and such movie theater." Now, granted, that could be considered as someone just sharing but it always sounds so patronizing to me. I also have a podcast and have been chided for saying certain actors' names incorrectly. For example, I pronounced Yuen as "Yun" and not "Yoon." Sure, this is a mistake and I should be able to say names correctly if I'm talking about the genre but I can't help that those correcting me are doing it from a high horse rather than a place of help. With that said, do you find kung fu cinema fans to be arrogant? Are we always correcting each other on the correct year a film was made, the actors that were in the film and all other types of movie facts? Are we dickheads? Maybe this topic is a little too personal and I'm taking things to heart. But I just wondered if anyone else has come across and arrogance among fans. Or is that cinema fans in general are arrogant and it's not specific to "our" genre?
  13. Drunken Monk

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    You can find it on most podcast platforms under the title, Fu for Thought. I’ll admit, the audio on the first two episodes is dismal. We improved with the third though. Thanks for asking.
  14. Drunken Monk

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    Not bragging, per se. But sometimes there’s an underlying know-it-all tone. Like, “You called the film this but I also know it as this.” I think it’s fine when done in a harmless and informative way but there are times - just a few - when it comes off a smidgen condescending. Like a battle of knowledge, if you will. Again, not on these boards.
  15. Drunken Monk

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    Nope. A very white American person. I apologize to everyone if this topic seems too centralized on me. I just wondered if anyone else had had similar experiences.
  16. Drunken Monk

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    As a disclaimer, I think everyone on these forums is wonderful. This place has been nothing but a chilled, polite source of knowledge. I don't feel like anyone here is overly abrupt or even close to that. And I guess you're right, opinions are opinions and, in places, you are going to have those people that think The Big Boss is the greatest kung fu film of all time or that Billy Blanks is superior to Jackie Chan.
  17. Drunken Monk

    Next 007 to be woman

    Captain Marvel is utterly harmless. Yes, it's a female-led superhero film. Sure, it caters to young girls looking for a hero. But "feminazism?" Hardly.
  18. Quite a mixed review from The Silver Spleen...
  19. The Boys - I’m only five episodes in but this really is a breath of fresh air. Crude and brutal in places but the show presents great characters and a truly original plot. And that airplane scene? One of the most memorable I’ve seen in a long time. Chappelle Show - A truly iconic comedy show. Revisiting the first season, it isn’t quite as funny as the second but there are some truly memorable skits. The black Klansman sketch still makes me feel awkward. Smashed - As an alcoholic myself, I’m comfortable saying this is one of the better films about alcohol addiction out there. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is dazzling and the story both harrowing and lifting. There’s also a few laughs in there.
  20. Last Hurrah for Chivalry - Finally got around to the recent Blu Ray release. I find the film to be overly poetic and a bit convoluted in places but it looks beautiful (set design was top notch) and the action, while clunky early on in the film, is fantastic. For the year it was made, the swordplay is wonderful. The raid on Lee Hoi San’s palace is just non-stop kung fu madness and it’s perfect. Great choreography, great gimmicks. Again, a little over the top with the Wu Xia themes but as an actual kung fu film, it’s a masterpiece. Heavy on the blood too!
  21. Drunken Monk

    The Almighty Godzilla - King Of The Monsters!

    I hate to be "the one" but this film was awful. A babbling mess of a plot strung together by an ugly script. And the monster fights just simply couldn't save it. Rodan was the coolest thing about it and he's underused for the most part. I'd even go as far as to say this is one of 2019's worst blockbusters. I recently watched Men in Black: International and even that was better than this.
  22. Drunken Monk

    Revenger (2018)

    I'm not sure if this one has been mentioned on the boards or not. Looks like a pretty good martial arts movie: