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  1. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Ah, you might be right.
  2. I can't believe ol' Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, hasn't been mentioned...
  3. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Avenging Eagle
  4. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Five Shaolin Masters
  5. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    A number of familiar faces. But what movie?
  6. Drunken Monk

    Wu Tang Collection App

    He was "Jet Lee" on the original Eastern Heroes released of the Shaolin Temple trilogy, I believe.
  7. The next episode of my podcast is going to be on a Steven Seagal film. However, I need help. I'm looking for one of his films that features a fair share of martial arts but also has enough material for me and my co-hosts to giggle at. Preferably an earlier Seagal film. And ideas? Are Out for Justice or Hard to Kill laugh worthy?
  8. Call me a simple man but I loved this film. It’s not much of a thinking man’s movie but it delivers strong characters, a sleek plot and fantastic action sequences. I could have watched another hour of it easily. Thankfully, every actor shines and Schwarzenegger makes his terminator feel new and fresh as well as nostalgic and familiar. i recommend it highly to those that want a big blockbuster action movie. This one is up there with the best of the year.
  9. Drunken Master II - As far as kung fu movies go, this one maybe be true perfection. Almost, anyway. There’s a few moments of wonky comedy that don’t quite work but everything else is fantastic. Of course, the film is all about the fight scenes and this, in my eyes, features Jackie’s finest work. That last fight is an absolutely masterpiece.
  10. Drunken Monk

    Wu Tang Collection App

    Aren’t they just a bunch of shitty bootleggers?
  11. Drunken Monk

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

  12. I think Ip Man 3 might be the best of the series for me. Thought I do prefer Sammo’s choreography to Woo Ping’s.
  13. Drunken Monk

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    I actually love Part 3, haha! I'm not entirely sure why but I like that it's both cheesy and dark. Plus, I had a weird little crush on Melinda Clarke in zombie form.