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  1. KyFi

    Asia-Pol (1966) Shaw Bros vs. Nikkatsu

    This was back in stock at DDDhouse a few months ago, and I finally picked it up. The last few years I've really gotten into the Nikkatsu action movies (check out the recent blurays of Massacre Gun and Retaliation), so I appreciate this movie a lot more now than I would have when it was first released by Celestial. It's a fun movie, and unlike many of the studio-bound Shaw productions, this is largely shot outside on location. It's great seeing all these shots of HK in the 60's! Honestly, I probably wouldn't rank this one up there with the best from either Shaws or Nikkatsu, but it's fun seeing this collaboration---and come on, a fistfight between Jimmy Wang Yu and Jo Shishido! A very cool, hip and stylish (if slightly silly) film---great fun.
  2. KyFi

    Celestial DVD prices

    ..and there were actually a couple copies available at that price. Yeah, I'm more of a Shaw fan rather than collector. And really, I have over 150 IVL Shaws, covering most of the genres. Given the studio system and style of filmmaking of Shaws, for any of those titles I don't have, it's not like "Oh, that movie is SO drastically different than every other Shaw movie, I have to have it." I'm just not going to pay big bucks for the few titles I'm missing.
  3. KyFi

    Celestial DVD prices

    I just got a new Deltamac of The Lady Professional for about $15 shipped off ebay. Wasn't this priced insanely high not too long ago, or am I mixing that up with another title? I wasn't going to pay big money for it (or any Shaw movie), but I like Shaw's crime/spy flicks and was fine paying this price for it.
  4. KyFi

    "A view to a kill" is 30

    Yeah, I know this one often gets trashed by Bond fans--maybe it is partly nostalgia for me, but I find this one very enjoyable. Great theme song, and the things that Coliseum 1972 listed.
  5. Don't know if anyone caught this episode, but it was pretty classic. The family had to reunite the estranged Japanese father and daughter that had starred in the "Hawk and Chick" movie series 30 years ago, about a wandering samurai barber and his young daughter. I wish that had been a real series. QPyoRqSD4MY
  6. Too bad I'm on the opposite coast---that would just about be my dream double feature.
  7. My problem with Edwards' Godzilla wasn't the lack of G-time, it was the dreary, gloomy color palate. I want bright and colorful for Godzilla.
  8. KyFi

    You can now admit this happened to you W/ this Shaw outing.

    Top of the list for me, by far, is Lily Li in The Bastard.
  9. I only watched that once, a couple years ago. I seem to remember my reaction being very similar to yours. I'll have to give that another spin soon.
  10. KyFi

    The DDDHouse Thread

    I noticed that yesterday.
  11. KyFi

    One-Hit Wonders

    Anne Winton, from When Taekwondo Strikes. She was a very decent on-screen fighter in that movie, I thought. I assume she got the role because she was a good martial artist, and maybe not all that interested in acting afterwords? I don't think she did any other movies.
  12. KyFi

    Super Bowl 2015

    Ah, cool--that explains it. Finland produced some great players--Boston goalie is Tuuka Rask, one of the best in the league.
  13. KyFi

    Super Bowl 2015

    Oh, I don't take sports seriously enough to take offense--and I certainly get why people might hate the Patriots. That clip is really funny. Okay, I had to look that one up. So how does a guy in Ireland come to like a Finnish hockey team?
  14. KyFi

    Super Bowl 2015

    I'm more of a hockey and baseball fan, and actually I like soccer better than football (I know, I should turn in my "American" card ) That being said, I like football okay, I like the Pats, and that was a great game. While it was a pretty bad call, it's not very common for those short passes to get intercepted, and it should be said that it was an amazingly great play by Butler to read that play and get the interception like he did.