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  1. Adding a review for the Brigitte Lin starring 1994 wuxia 'Three Swordsmen'.
  2. One Armed Boxer

    Guess the movie?

    A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation?
  3. One Armed Boxer

    Tawianese Blu-Rays

    Knew it was going to be this seller even before clicking on the link just based on the comments. I echo everyone else, top seller, I’ve ordered heaps from him in the past & never had an issue.
  4. I'd disagree, 'Master Z' is an official spin-off of the Donnie 'Ip Man' universe, whereas the other two (five if we're counting 'The Grandmaster', 'Ip Man and the Four Kings', and 'Ip Man Kung Fu Master') are unrelated to Yen's movies.
  5. Who doesn't like to dig up a vintage thread every so often? While doing a search for threads on my latest review - The Eagle Shooting Heroes - I came across this one and realised I've also given the full review treatment to many of the other titles mentioned here. Check them out by clicking on the titles - The Eagle Shooting Heroes The Dragon Chronicles: The Maidens of Heavenly Mountain Deadful Melody Handsome Siblings Shadowless Sword
  6. The million dollar question, where does 'Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy' fit into this list? Reminds me of when I lived in the Philippines, the bootleg DVD sellers were always flogging the latest kung-fu movies, and they'd always wave the third one in front of my face asking "What about I.P. Man 3?" Good times.
  7. Ok, so over a decade later, I'm the only one man enough to check this one out! Check out our throwback to the 00's review over at COF - https://cityonfire.com/kungfu-cyborg-metallic-attraction-2009-review/
  8. curvage.org hey, so now we know where to find you if you ever go quiet on this forum.
  9. That is the correct answer! Like any list, mine is just representative of my own opinion, and 'Master Z' has plenty of fans. Hope you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing your thoughts! ‘The Foreigner’ was one of the one’s I toiled with, but in the end I consider it more of a political thriller with action than a martial arts flick. With that being said, the Chinese cut of the movie could well be argued to belong on the list, particularly with the different cut of the forest fight against Rory Fleck Byrne.
  10. This will be released in western countries as 'Enter the Plus Sized Dragon'.
  11. One Armed Boxer

    Heroes Return (2020?)

    I'll be the one to ask - 1. Why are the credentials on the bottom of the poster for the 2011 Jason Momoa starring Conan flick, 'Conan the Barbarian 3D'!? 2. Why is the release date for said Conan flick listed as August 91!? 3. What does any of this have to do with 'Heroes Return'!?
  12. @DrNgor - Where's 'Revenger'!? One of the purest martial arts flicks of the decade! It's technically not 'SPL 3', but a spin-off of the 'SPL' series. I covered the topic in the opening couple of paragraphs in my review. I think the 'John Wick' series gets a lot of credit through its combination of the whole 'cool' factor, combined with each instalment having at least one killer action scene. The question of if they're legitimately good movies is a whole different ball game. For me 'John Wick 2' is the best one. 'John Wick' was underwhelming - the repetitive soundtrack of Marilyn Manson's 'Killing Strangers', and damp squib of a final fight against the late Michael Nyqvist, left me feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. For 'John Wick 3', it bolted out of the gates strong with an awesome opening 30 minutes of action, then lost its momentum. The whole desert deal didn't do it for me, and while the finale started off great against Tiger Chen and his cronies, the fights against Yayan Ruhian (who can't seem to make a good movie outside of 'The Raid' flicks), Cecep Arif Rahman, and Mark Dacascos were too playful for my liking.
  13. I think this is one of the worst fight scenes of the decade, a concept which landed so far off the mark its an embarassment to watch. Ironically, I know some people who love it, with one acquaintance going so far as to say Yen and Sammo Hung's tabletop fight is superior to their fight in 'SPL'. Insanity! But indeed, the world would be a boring place if we all had the same opinions. 'Ip Man 2' for me is a jingoistic mess and a stain on the series. Agreed! 'Ip Man 3' moved away from making Ip Man an avatar for Chinese nationalism, and made him human again. I really enjoyed the relationship with his wife in this one (a character who's pushed so far into the background in 'Ip Man 2' she should never have bothered turning up to set), but more importantly for a kung-fu movie, the fights are outstanding. Max Zhang, Simon Kook, and Mike Tyson all shine. I don't think the blame can be entirely laid at the feet of Hong Kong directors. The Chinese film landscape has changed a lot in the 10+ years since the first 'Ip Man' came out, with China really becoming a box office juggernaut in the early 10's. Having caricatured villains was an easy way to get a pass from the SARFT censorship board once Mainland distribution became a must, and since it became the NRTA a couple of years ago (making it an official department of the Chinese Propoganda Office), the foregin devils now need to be even more black and white than ever before. Chinese audiences don't want to see subtle villains, the louder and brasher the better. It could be a cultural difference, however we need to remember that, regardless of it it makes a good movie or not, as westerners we're not the primary audience for this movie the same way Hong Kong movies used to give consideration to overseas markets. Ha ha, love ya back! Differences in opinion are half the fun of watching movies. If I could give 'Ip Man 4' a 3-line review, for me Drunken Monk nails it -
  14. From neither the ‘best of’ or ‘worst of’ sides of the list!?
  15. I actually toiled with this one for a while, but in the end - no - I don't think that (a) the John Wick movies are martial arts movies, and (b) even if someone was to argue that they where, I still wouldn't put them on the list. They're action movies that contain martial arts and martial arts actors (at least the 3rd one is), but I wouldn't call them pure martial arts movies, and I tried to stick as closely to that mantra as possible with the list. Not movies that you check out for just the action, but specifically the martial arts, and watching Keanu Reeves intermittently Judo throw people didn't cut the criteria. I also kept to the trail of thought that, if I wanted to get someone into martial arts cinema, what would be the movies that I showed them that are a good representation of the genre, and would make them want to watch more. I'm a big fan of the John Wick franchise, although I do find them slightly overrated, and they wouldn't be movies I'd use to introduce someone new to MA flicks. Each instalment has an outstanding action scene, in the 3rd it was the antiques shop knife battle with Roger Yuen and his cronies, but none of them are consistently excellent from start to finish. I respect this statement. Dennis Law is the master of filming the mundane, under the illusion that audiences will think it’s interesting. He reached new peaks with 2013’s ‘The Constable’.