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  1. One Armed Boxer

    Tiger’s Trigger (2020) Won Jin & Casanova Wong Team Up

    Hey DC, just a quick correction, Casanova Wong's last onscreen appearance was in the 1995 released 'Bloody Mafia', which he also directed.
  2. A back-to-back hat-trick of posts spanning 4 years! Whoever said there's no love for new wave wuxia on these forums? For those who do like their slices of high flying action and billowing silk, I recently reviewed the 1994 genre entry, 'The Dragon Chronicles: The Maidens of Heavenly Mountain'. Check it out via the link - https://cityonfire.com/the-dragon-chronicles-the-maidens-of-heavenly-mountain-1994-review-demi-gods-and-semi-devils/
  3. One Armed Boxer

    The Driver (2019) Mark Dacascos

    I got through watching this drivel last night. There goes another distributor that COF will likely end up on the blacklist of for providing screeners to. Full review via the link below - https://cityonfire.com/the-driver-mark-dacascos-zombie-review-dvd-blu-ray-wych-kaosayananda-kaos/
  4. For me 'Ip Man 3' is the best in the series after the first one. Why? Because it made it about Ip Man again. The 2nd one just had Ip Man as an avatar for the indomitable Chinese spirit, with key characters like Lynn Hung (she's in 3 much more than 2!), Simon Yam, and Fan Siu Wong stuffed so far into the background they may as well have not been there at all. Oh, & don't get me started on that table top fight. From the trailer for round 4, it looks like the tone has swung back to leaning on the jingoism that permeated throughout the sequel, so I'm tempted to skip. Yeah the prospect of Yen vs. Adkins is a tempting one, but I've been burnt that way before. Still regret that $20 cinema ticket to see Adkins face off against Wu Jing in 'Wolf Warrior'. Thankfully the memory of that one has now all but been erased.
  5. Me too! Directed by Wych Kaosayananda! Oh, wait a minute. I'm out!
  6. If we take the late 90's as '97 - '99, and now as '17 - '19, then I think there's little doubt that as a fan now is by far the best time to be (or get) into the martial arts genre. In the late 90's DVD's had still yet to take off, after the 97' HK handover most of our favorite stars headed to Hollywood to star in poor imitations of their HK output, and it was generally a bleak time for the industry. With hindsight of course, we can say the expression that it's darkest before the dawn is true, since the early 00's were a great time to be a fan. DVD labels like Hong Kong Legends were cranking out titles at an alarming rate loaded with special features, 2000's 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' got people interested in the genre who previously wouldn't have given it a second look, and of course 2003 gave us 'Ong Bak'. In terms of releases, now is very much similar to that golden period of DVD's from the early 00's. We have companies like Arrow, 88 Films, and VCI cranking out amazing Blu-ray releases, often loaded with newly commissioned or never before released special features, and Hong Kong distributors are also firing off Blu-ray's of much loved classics at an alarming rate. It's a fantastic time to be a fan of physical meda if you enjoy your dose of kung-fu. To think it was only a few years ago when fans were still lamenting the fact that a Blu-ray of 'Drunken Master 2' seemed a near impossibility, now we can choose from multiple versions of it! In terms of the movies themselves, I'd still say now is superior to the late 90's. It's important to keep in mind that now a huge amount of kung-fu movies are being made in China that go directly to streaming, with only a very small (emphasis on 'very') trickle getting distributed in the west with English subtitles ('Unity of Heroes' springs to mind). With a population of 1.3 billion, the producers don't need to worry about spending their money on securing overseas distribution, because the movies will become profitable based purely on the domestic audience. But like has been previously mentioned, we no longer need to rely just on Hong Kong for our martial arts fix. Sticking purely with '17 - '19, we've had movies like 'The Night Comes For Us', 'Accident Man', 'Shadow', 'Furie', 'The Foreigner', 'The Brink', and plenty more that show the genre is in a much better place today than it was in the late 90's.
  7. One Armed Boxer

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    Sounds like you answered your own problem, invest in a multi-region Blu-ray player. I live in Australia and bought mine off the high street for AU$80 (about US$55) last year, to replace the one I'd owned for the past 5 years. Both players played everything. Sounds like the real frustration here is that the one you ordered was damaged in the post.
  8. One Armed Boxer

    Most annoying character or actor in Kung Fu

    Don't forget that Shek was also the lead in Tsui Hark's 1991 movie 'The Raid', which was for the most part a serious role.
  9. One Armed Boxer

    Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)

    The director of 2015''s 'The Priests', Jang Jae-hyeon, returns with his sophomore feature 'Svaha: The Sixth Finger', and he's sticking to the supernatural genre. I recently checked it out thanks to Netflix, and gave it the full review treatment over at COF - https://cityonfire.com/svaha-the-sixth-finger-2019-review/
  10. One Armed Boxer

    Exit (2019) - Cho Jung-suk, Lim Yoona

    I got through watching this one recently, and gave it the full review treatment over at COF - https://cityonfire.com/exit-2019-review/
  11. One Armed Boxer

    Ip Man and the Four Kings (2019)

    Well, there's over 120 movies featuring Wong Fei Hung who was also a real person, so since Ip Man has still headlined less than 10 at this point, we may still have a fair way to go.
  12. Sticking purely with period flicks, I'd go with - Shadow (2018) Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017) Sword Master (2016) The Final Master (2015)
  13. I recently got through watching this one, and weighed in with a full review over at COF. Check it out via the link below - https://cityonfire.com/the-scoundrels-2018-review/
  14. I know a guy on Facebook who attended an early test screening in May, and he posted (from memory) the significant scenes that have been removed from the final theatrical version -
  15. I weighed in with my own thoughts on this one over at COF - https://cityonfire.com/the-invincible-dragon-2019-review-max-zhang-jin-anderson-silva/