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  1. According to the KFF search engine, Chung Siu-Tung's 1994 modern-day wuxia 'Wonder Seven' has never received a single mention...how is that even possible!? Well, time to remedy that. I recently checked it out, and gave it the full review treatment over at COF - http://cityonfire.com/wonder-seven-1994-review/
  2. Ha ha, I call that poetic justice. One of the few sites that never credits where they get their news from. This time it came back to bite them where it hurts. Cheers Mr. V!
  3. One Armed Boxer

    Your Top Five Guilty Pleasures

    Who knew Norika Fujiwara had her own 'China Strike Force' doll!?
  4. I recently got through interviewing director Jesse V. Johnson to talk about the making of 'Triple Threat', as well as some interesting insights into 'Savage Dog' and the upcoming 'Avengement'. Check it out below - http://cityonfire.com/is-that-a-threat-an-interview-with-jesse-v-johnson-triple-threat/
  5. HK DVD - https://www.dddhouse.com/v3/product_details.php?ProductID=16910&LanguageID=0 HK Blu-ray - https://www.dddhouse.com/v3/product_details.php?ProductID=16911 If you're in the US it'll be getting a limited theatrical run from April 12th thanks to Well Go USA, with a DVD & Blu-ray release date expected to come shortly after.
  6. Not exactly sure I'd say this is something to be proud of, but a quote from my review has made it onto the back cover of the Well Go USA release -
  7. Have to agree with everyone else, I watched this recently and was completely underwhelmed. I gave it the full review treatment over at cityonfire - http://cityonfire.com/project-gutenberg-2018-review-chow-yun-fat-aaron-kwok-felix-chong/
  8. Damn this reviewing business is sometimes cutthroat! The agency handling 'Triple Threat' gave frequent reminders that the review embargo was lifted at 9:00am EST on 15th March, usually with a lot of emphasis on the 9:00am EST! Well, it looks like maactioncinema aren't the only ones to jump the gun, so in this case, we'll jump on the bandwagon. Coming a whole 7 hours earlier than it's supposed to, my review is up over at cityonfire - http://cityonfire.com/triple-threat-2018-review/
  9. One Armed Boxer

    The Witness (2018) New South Korean Thriller

    I got around to watching this one recently as well, and weighed in with a full review over at cityonfire, check it out below - http://cityonfire.com/the-witness-2018-review/
  10. One Armed Boxer

    The Drug King (2018)

    Woo Min-ho's latest movie reunites Song Kang-ho and Bae Doona onscreen together for the first time since 2006's 'The Host', for a distinctly Korean take on 'Scarface'. Showing exclusively on Netflix, check out my review below - http://cityonfire.com/the-drug-king-2018-review/
  11. Predominantly English, with scatterings of Indonesian, Thai, and (more so than the other 2) Mandarin.
  12. I've seen it as well (there's a review embargo on until 15th March, but Twitter reactions are allowed. Since I don't do Twitter, I'll do a KFF reaction instead.). The good: It doesn't disappoint. Likely a contender for best action flick of the year. The bad: @DragonClaws is correct, the nunchucks are photoshoppped. 'Triple Threat' is a nunchuck free movie. Thankfully Jija Yanin running around with a grenade launcher isn't photoshopped though.
  13. One Armed Boxer

    Testimony (1974) - Im Kwon-taek

    A cinema in Seoul showing 'Testimony' in 1974 -
  14. One Armed Boxer

    The Trough (2018)

    I recently got through watching Nick Cheung's 3rd directorial outing, 'The Trough', a pulpy neo-noir crime flick. Check out my full review for it below - http://cityonfire.com/the-trough-2018-review-nick-cheung/