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  1. waywardsage

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    It sucks that there just isn't a market in the USA to release all of them on blu ray! It breaks my heart.
  2. waywardsage

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Awe man! Are we going to get a US release of these?! No fair!
  3. Its strange that Criterion released A Touch of Zen but didn't announce Dragon Gate Inn. Then Criterion starts selling a poster on their site?! https://www.criterion.com/shop_products/120-dragon-inn-poster What does everyone think?
  4. waywardsage

    Filmstruck = Samurai Films?

    Has anyone signed up for the FIlmstruck streaming service yet? Criterion had dozens of great samurai films that they used to have on Hulu that I was curious if they released on Filmstruck. Does anyone know what films are available on there? Their stupid site doesn't let you look through their inventory!
  5. waywardsage

    Lone Wolf & Cub Coming From Criterion

    I'm just glad that Criterion gave it the release it was due! If only they would tackle other series' such as the Satan's Sword films!
  6. I just picked up most of the Studio Ghibili titles on Blu ray for $12 each at Best Buy. They are rarely on sale!
  7. waywardsage

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    I contacted some of the guys from the old forum on the asian action association and ninja dojo Facebook group. I'll try and let them know more about what happened. A big shout out to shaolinchamber36 for making this happen! I'm so stoked we're all back together again! Is there any chance we can get the kungfucinema.com domain bought and routed to here? That might just be the fastest way to scoop everyone up back to the newest incarnation. Is there plans on branching this out more someday? Movie reviews? Newbie guides? You guys have moved mountains already! And I'm so glad you were there to save the forum. Just concerned that we've always gotta find ways to brainwash newbies into the fandom...lol Thoughts?
  8. I finally found the forum again!

  9. waywardsage

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself ...

    Thank god I found you guys again! I got a new job, moved and now I discovered kungfucinema.com burned to the ground?! What happened?!
  10. waywardsage

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    I go on vacation for a couple of months and the whole place goes to hell! What happened?!
  11. waywardsage

    The State of Japanese Cinema

    Theres been some outstanding Japanese films in the last decade that haven't seen the time of day in the USA. I'm still waiting for the Japanese remake of Unforgiven to be released...wtf?!!!
  12. waywardsage

    El Rey Network

    I'm shocked that nobody is hyped or discussing that El Rey is will be airing a WIDE variety of Shaw martial arts films. This press release says they've licensed 255 films! https://www.facebook.com/notes/el-rey-network/el-rey-network-and-celestial-pictures-boost-multi-year-partnership-to-bring-view/531065216997912 I can never find WHEN they are showing them though. Is it random? Is there a kung fu night?
  13. waywardsage

    Odds of a complete Zatoichi Collection?

    Indeed, it's bizare that they didn't include the 1989 film too. I mean, Tokyo Shock is on it's deathbed and has refused to release any more samurai related films. So why the hell couldn't Criterion pick the license up for cheep?! Yes, the Criterion 50% off sale is an AMAZING opportunity to pick this bad boy up right now.
  14. waywardsage

    El Rey Network

    El Rey network has apparently licensed a bunch of Shaw's for airing!!! This is huge news! Some of these don't even have R1 releases!!! I'm SHOCKED that nobody is discussing this on here!
  15. waywardsage

    Odds of a complete Zatoichi Collection?

    I thought i'd bring this dream thread to a close with this badboy: http://www.criterion.com/boxsets/1012-zatoichi-the-blind-swordsman Have no fear past version of me, it's everything you dreamed of...and more.