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  1. Chemical Lemon

    Free Shaw Brothers Films on YouTube From Celestial

    also Five Tough Guys
  2. Chemical Lemon

    Free Shaw Brothers Films on YouTube From Celestial

    and Kidnap. This one is actually one of my favorites, what I wouldn't give for them to upgrade this to HD and give a subtitled release
  3. Chemical Lemon

    Free Shaw Brothers Films on YouTube From Celestial

    an Farewell to a Warrior
  4. Chemical Lemon

    Free Shaw Brothers Films on YouTube From Celestial

    the just threw ghost eyes up there, not subtitled of course.
  5. They posted the lineup. Mostly movies already on streaming and HD. But a half dozen or so that have only seen dvd/vcd releases. Off the top of my head. Trilogy of Swordsmanship The Fighting Fool Coward Bastard Descendant of the Sun Black Tavern heres hoping these are HD remasters https://www.twitch.tv/gammaray_tv?no-mobile-redirect=true
  6. https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/the-legend-of-the-7-golden-vampires?product_id=7032 Lifted from the following thread on blu-ray.com https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=313604
  7. Chemical Lemon

    List of Celestial SB movies on iTunes

    I had no idea, thanks for mentioning it. I remember hearing debate about the existence of one for Sentimental Swordsman, but I didn’t realize anyone even thought The Sword Stained with Royal Blood had one.
  8. Chemical Lemon

    List of Celestial SB movies on iTunes

    Yeah, I think they're done for at least the short term. I really did resist accepting that they were done. Maybe this will be the opposite situation from what I did in the 88 thread, where I said I was pretty sure more SB was coming, and then like the next day they said they weren't. So if I say they're done, maybe Celestial will surprise us and throw some up on iTunes. I expect they will eventually put some more up, but they've worked through just about everything in their original catalogue of HD titles along with quite a few that were done recently. 88 films made it sound like the process for getting new HD scans in HK was extremely slow. So even if they're still working on them they may not have the volume yet to make it worth their time to pay someone to get them ready for streaming platforms. It's kind of a bummer, they were coming out so fast I got used to it, got a little addicted to checking and having them pop up every 2 weeks or so. They definitely have some additional HD movies though, and possibly it's just that the licensors have made a deal where they get a window of time before they can go up on streaming sites. I'm not sure. And there are movies that are coming out on blu that didn't have HD scans before and are not on streaming services (Like Killer Army), so they're definitely making some progress. While waiting for new HD scans, since they have some free time why not go back and add the english dubs to the few movies they're missing on..... I'll list them out just in the very unlikely case anyone from celestial reads this and/or actually cares. The Angry Guest The Flying Dagger The Kid with a Tattoo Shaolin Handlock .... and I know Celestial doesn't have the dubs for these, but they are on dvd, so just in case Black Magic 2 Martial Club I did notice that just the other night they de-linked that one non-SB 2000s movie (I forget the name) from the Celestial Pictures label on iTunes. It does give me some hope that maybe someone is actually looking at and working on something.
  9. Chemical Lemon

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    mmm.... I was contemplating buying some stuff with my skull points, but being in the U.S. and the fact that the max coupon is now 10 gbp, and you can't use multiple coupons, and free shipping almost always is a coupon deal, and their prices are usually 5gbp > than amazon really makes use of skull points a cost for me. If someone can actually use my skull points PM me and I'll cash them in and send the codes
  10. Chemical Lemon

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Oy, this is what I get for opening my mouth. https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=15843821&postcount=13246 From the above post With this and the lack of recent iTunes releases it's gonna be a dark year.
  11. Chemical Lemon

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I think there are more coming. around April of this year Callum made a couple comments related to questions about SB movies, Kung Fu movies, and SB/Asian Horror. @De Ming Li summarizes a couple of the things he said in this topic if you go back to April. Due to the number of questions being asked in the thread I link to below, it can be a little difficult to determine when he's referring to SB Kung Fu and Horror vs when he's discussing Asian Kung Fu and Horror in general. But when I read it I definitely felt like he was saying they either have or are trying to get another batch of SB movies squared away for 2019. And I believe that when he referred to a classic (kung fu I assume) and a horror movie lined up for 2019 that he's talking about SB movies. His comments start in the middle of the thread linked below and he makes some additional over the next 5 or so pages, but the conversation shifts from SB to censorship and Asian Horror and then all over the place. This is when it's difficult to determine if he's still talking about SB or just some other asian kung fu and Horror movies (we got a ton of Jackie Chan right). He even uses the word batch, which to me sounds more like SB from Celestial than just the 88 Asian line. He also mentions in here how slow it is to get Celestial to remaster additional movies. And also that they will likely have one horror movie, but mostly kung fu. At the time I thought this was specific to SB, but I do wonder now if the Kung Fu he's referring to there are the Jackie Chan movies. Also, at this point in April the only 2 SB movies we did not know about were the Human Goddess and the Vengeful Beauty, and I think we found out about those shortly after this. https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=202771&page=585 There have been a lot of people who have asked if there are more SB movies lined up since, and usually they get no response, but occasionally some portion of the question is answered without addressing the SB movies. I suspect if they weren't at least considering more then they would simply say "we don't have any planned at the moment", or "we're considering looking into some more in the future if there's enough interest". There was one comment where someone assumed that the SB blus must not have sold well and that's why they haven't announced any upcoming releases. I believe Callum responded to this one saying that several of the SB blus were the bestselling blus they had. And again, entirely did not say anything about whether they had any planned. So they are seeing the questions and purposefully not responding, which leads me to believe they are at least trying to secure some more. Anyway, I'm rambling and repeating myself a lot, short story is I think there's better than 50% chance we'll see more in 2019.
  12. Chemical Lemon

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Big news for the Rebel Intruders and the Delinquent. Everything else is available in HD in some format, but I don't think these two are.
  13. Chemical Lemon

    R.I.P. Jin Yong 10/30/2018

    Not sure if this is the best sub forum to put this under, but his books certainly were the source for many Shaw Brothers movies (Brave Archer series, Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre, Little Dragon Maiden, Tales of the Flying Fox, and a few more) and indirectly inspired many of the other wuxia movies at SB. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/martial-arts-novelist-jin-yong-dies-3-of-his-famous-works
  14. Chemical Lemon

    Free Shaw Brothers Films on YouTube From Celestial

    I saw these go up last night too, and some additional ones tonight (Story of Taxi Dancers, The Demon Wet Nurse, ... I'm sure some others). I'm trying to make sense of it. Why category III films? Why *mostly* movies that were never released on dvd or vcd. Is this there way of admitting that these will probably never be released in a marketable fashion? never get scanned in hd? maybe just putting them into the ether so the SD scans exist permanently and they can move on and forget them? They can't possibly be gauging interest in these can they? Maybe they intend to make them free for a month and then add these for purchase (I would think at extremely low price). The Foxy Ladies did have a vcd release with english subtitles, so clearly they have subs for that one. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The whole putting it up for a month thing seems like a typical streaming monthly plan thing. maybe they're working up to that.... but again..... I wouldn't expect them to kick anything off with category III films. It's just so bizarre. I'm thrilled though that it seems like there's a chance many of the unreleased movies will at least find some outlet, even if it's SD with no subs. Here's hoping there are some action/martial arts/horror movies on the way and that they are purchasable at some point. Or I could probably get behind a streaming version of the celestial channel if they were going to make that available internationally. Would definitely want english subs or audio options though.
  15. Chemical Lemon

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    My Copy from Amazon UK just showed up. Has a slip. I'm hoping they announce some of what's in their next deal with Celestial soon. I suspect we won't see any new Shaw blus until next year.