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  1. I think the dragon may have something to do with the original title, Made in Kowloon. So it’s Gau Lung in Cantonese which means 9 dragons, and I think the dragon had 9 heads? So when Zhang Jin said “if you’re real come out!” I took it to mean something like that. Hopefully this movie will be decent
  2. Unfortunately it’s been pushed back yet again, now to June 20th in HK
  3. Yes indeed, Zhang Jin is the best new action star in HK, although he’s pretty much the only one, but he kicks ass! I remembered him from The Grandmaster but really took note after I saw him as the villain in SPL 2. He then stole the show in Ip Man 3, and his two lead movies so far have been very satisfying. I look forward to this finally coming out!
  4. Looks like China release will be April 30th, and HK probably on May 16! http://www.moviexclusive.com/detail.php?c=214&desc=May+2019&p=4787&t=invincible-dragon-20061408571998136133-2017_4787 https://mobile.twitter.com/AsianFilmStrike/status/1115556985380818944
  5. I would love to buy The Night Comes For Us on Blu-ray but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen because I believe Netflix owns it/helped fund it? Stuff like Manhunt or Jailbreak I think they just bought certain rights to, because both are out on HK Blu-ray and Manhunt had been so since Feb 2018 while it debuted on Netflix in May I think. I wish TNCFU could come out on HK Blu-ray too but I don’t think it can:(
  6. mark187

    RIP Nipsey Hussle

  7. It was really good! Plenty of good to great action, it’s true there were a few wonky moments of cgi or wire enhancements that looked a bit off, but that’s nothing really uncommon. Bring on Invincible Dragon and put Jaa in more HK movies too!
  8. Pegasus Motion Pictures just posted something about this on Facebook last Wednesday. I don’t know if the event footage was recent or not but this film should finally be getting released soon I would think!
  9. I can’t wait to get this on Blu-ray and watch it again and hopefully get some Singha beer haha 🍻
  10. Ok time to show this film some love. I loved it! Top 4 Tony Jaa movies alongside Ong Bak, Tom-Yum-Goong and SPL 2: A Time for Consequences!! Pacing was on fire, choreography was good to great and stuff was definitely filmed and edited quite well. Tiger Chen is definitely growing on me and Iko gets some good moments too. If you’re a fan of these guys it’s a must have. Props to Jesse V. Johnson for this one!
  11. I’m sure it’s gonna be great! I hope that they still make Crossfire too!
  12. http://cityonfire.com/donnie-yen-finds-himself-in-benny-chans-crossfire/ This article makes it seem as if they are combining scripts but I doubt it. Hopefully they’ll update everything soon about the official plot
  13. http://www.maactioncinema.com/archives/10714 first review published and as expected it’s incredibly positive! Can’t wait to see it next Friday!
  14. Ok so Mike Leeder clarified a couple things. This is a completely different project from Crossfire and he hopes that one might still get made one day