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  1. mark187

    The Hong Kong Bluray/UHD Thread

    Anybody besides DiP and myself come across any defective Blu-rays from Media Asia/Megastar? I can confirm that the HK BD of Breaking News is a paperweight
  2. FYI the Hong Kong Blu-ray/dvd are out Aug 30th
  3. Can’t wait for a trailer and a release date!
  4. According to Chris Collins, who was originally attached to this project and has since been working on Raging Fire with Donnie and Benny, Crossfire is still in the works to be filmed in the future! Hopefully something like a new Mike Leeder interview with Yen (which I heard is coming soon) will give us all more insight into which of Yens upcoming projects are on deck!
  5. http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2019/07/20190725-donnie-yen-and-nicholas-tse.html?m=1 so this article is really raising my hype through the roof now! Sounds like lots of gunplay alongside the fights!! Anybody know what month they plan to release it next year??
  6. Yeah at first I was like I don’t know, it seemed to have the cheesy Hollywood stuff cranked up, but overall I’m quite excited to see this series. I love Chinatown set crime stuff and hopefully there’ll be a restaurant fight since Iko’s character is a chef!
  7. So Donnie isn’t the lead action director on this project? Or will it be Kung Fu Jungle style with like 4 different ones?
  8. mark187

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    I bought Undeclared War and watched it recently but I’d only seen the full film once before and it was a rental so I don’t remember if it was original Mei Ah dvd or the remastered. Something like Hard Boiled though, that I’ve seen countless times over the years, it’ll be annoying if the audio sounds different because I’m used to hearing the 2.0 original mono so any tinkering would be noticeable
  9. mark187

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    So from your experience have they added new sound effects (like gunshots or knive/fist strikes)?? Somebody on the Full Contact thread claimed that Mei Ah only works with the original audio for their HD remasters but I’m skeptical. the Blu-ray has the Mei Ah logo on it as well as the CN one
  10. mark187

    Hard boiled HK Blu-ray

    https://www.yesasia.com/us/hard-boiled-1992-blu-ray-remastered-edition-hong-kong-version/1075312308-0-0-0-en/info.html an HK Blu-ray is finally coming out next week, question is will it have the original audio without added gunshot sound effects?
  11. mark187

    Call of Heroes (2016)

    Shaolin was excellent, Call of Heroes was quite solid. After Raging Fire I really hope Benny Chan gives us Crossfire, then another period piece would be great!
  12. I think the dragon may have something to do with the original title, Made in Kowloon. So it’s Gau Lung in Cantonese which means 9 dragons, and I think the dragon had 9 heads? So when Zhang Jin said “if you’re real come out!” I took it to mean something like that. Hopefully this movie will be decent
  13. Unfortunately it’s been pushed back yet again, now to June 20th in HK
  14. Yes indeed, Zhang Jin is the best new action star in HK, although he’s pretty much the only one, but he kicks ass! I remembered him from The Grandmaster but really took note after I saw him as the villain in SPL 2. He then stole the show in Ip Man 3, and his two lead movies so far have been very satisfying. I look forward to this finally coming out!
  15. Looks like China release will be April 30th, and HK probably on May 16! http://www.moviexclusive.com/detail.php?c=214&desc=May+2019&p=4787&t=invincible-dragon-20061408571998136133-2017_4787 https://mobile.twitter.com/AsianFilmStrike/status/1115556985380818944