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    I am assuming that would be the video released by Universe in HK then. I have that too. Not worth what I payed for it, way cropped and subs falling off the edge. There will be a decent release one day I hope....
  2. Only got the African poster for it but it's pretty damn cool !!
  3. thedirtytiger

    R.I.P. Darren Shahlavi (1972 - 2015)

    All we know right now is his brother said he died peacefully in his sleep, will have to wait for more detail. He shall be sorely missed
  4. thedirtytiger

    R.I.P. Panna Rittikrai

    I went to the funeral today and asked about this, I was told they had started filming but hadn't done much. They will probably get someone else to finish it though. Thai action cinema may see a resurgence some day, there are a heck of a lot of talented stunt men here, but Thai action does not sell tickets in Thailand, crappy ghost comedies do sadly. If someone had enough foresight to see past the local market, you would have thought Sahamongkol would do more action as they are by far the best sellers.....
  5. thedirtytiger

    R.I.P. Panna Rittikrai

    Unfortunately the Thai video / VCD releases were routinely horrid, no subtitles on anything and original masters are lost or badly kept and in terrible condition so decent releases can never be done. And let's all be honest, we had no clue who he was until Ong Bak came out and the previous 25 years and 90 movies were completely unseen outside of Thailand until Ong Bak made him famous worldwide. We have to accept what there is and be thankful for what we can see. Panna made around 100 movies if you include as director / producer / stuntman and although he has a few duds like everyone, even in the bad ones there is usually some good action. He was underseen and under appreciated and it is a shame. I have 8 of his movies on 35mm ( though rather scratchy ) I want to release but I will not do it illegally and I tried to talk to him about it, but like many Thais he was not really interested in the past and always looking forward towards the future. I keep looking for prints of his films but it is like needles in a haystack....I hope one day there will be great releases of some of his best movies and people will be able to truly appreciate how good he was. I feel very sad he will not be around to see it though...
  6. thedirtytiger

    LF: Bui Doi Cho Lon 2013 Goodies

    Nope, none. It was never finished due to the government's banning of it.
  7. I would be interested in the first 7 posters pictured, will you ship abroad, accept paypal and what kind of price did you have in mind ?
  8. thedirtytiger

    Looking for Korean version of Ninja in the Dragon's Den

    Same here, would very much like to see it !
  9. It was on the Star tv channel this morning, it looks like it is a Mainland movie, maybe within the last 10 years. There was no well known actor in it, I couldn't recognize anyone. I saw a sequence I thought was the end but it wasn't, where a group of soldiers come to a house with a drug lab in it and shoot the place up, there is a guy inside with a monkey singing karaoke and a load of guys shooting out the windows, a soldier uses a grappling hook and climbs the roof shooting in the window on the way. It was all shooting and no fighting but the whole sequence was really rather good. But then it starts with stuff about the soldiers after which is all talking and gets boring, then there was an ad break and they started Aces Go Places after, I got the feeling the previous film had not ended, it was really rather odd. Above is a photo with the Chinese title, if anyone has any clue what the heck this is, please help me out, the action I saw was worth seeing again and I want to see the other hour of it I sadly missed, maybe there is some more awesome action...Thanks in advance.
  10. You made me really want this book now !!!
  11. thedirtytiger

    Tai Seng and Taiwan VHS For Sale

    I am too late they are gone already.What have you got for sale ? I might be interested....
  12. thedirtytiger

    wanted: TOM YUM GOONG 2 stuff

    I am in Thailand. I have the poster. No lobbies as yet. Still looking for those.
  13. thedirtytiger

    Looking for Made In Hong Kong tapes

    Right now I have to hand HK021: Invincible Shaolin HK022: Mad Monkey Kung Fu HK027: My Young Auntie Make me an offer....
  14. thedirtytiger

    LF: Moon Lee/Yukari Oshima Memorabilia

    I have the Thai posters for Dreaming the Reality and Kickboxer's Tears if you would be interested...
  15. thedirtytiger

    Judgment of an assassin/ lady assassin DVDs wanted

    I don't have the HK releases but I do have the Thai ones. If you can't get the HK ones tren the Thai ones are a good price, have the same copy of the film in Chinese language with English subtitles ( and also Thai options ) but no extra features...