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  1. Bus


    Happy New years. Resolution to be more active sounds good
  2. I enjoyed the movie. Lot of talent in there. Yall definitely seem to be friends who had some genuine chemistry. It'd be frustrating to have my work taken out of my hands and changed with no say in it. Hopefully we see more work soon Big Mike!
  3. Bus

    New to forum.

  4. Bus

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2017

    Lmao it's pretty epic. They're actually really laid back people
  5. Can't wait for this. Loved the game
  6. Bus

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2017

    In response they made a cease and desist shirt which is #1 seller In 1 day
  7. Bus

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2017

  8. Bus

    M.I.A. Forum Members

    I need to see if I still have his #
  9. Bus

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2017

    Saw bullet club invade raw? They've been mad because WWE had sent em a suck it and DX chop cease and desist. Lmao WWE copyrighted too sweet and the wolf pack too sweet salute right after they came to raw. Nash told me years ago Wade Boggs started it with Curt Henning and Rick Rude. Him and Hall were so close they were included in it and it ran from there. Being able to copyright stuff like that and enforcing it on people is stupid. They've already pulled all merchandise containing both
  10. Bus

    M.I.A. Forum Members

    Hope not. He's good people