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  1. Thanks for posting! This is an awesome double feature. Big Gundown is one of my favorite Spaghetti Westerns also. I don't know whats going on with New Beverly's programming. The Big Heat is a very good film noir. I might go to see Breathless. Another bad month though
  2. After starting out with some good movies under the new ownership the New Beverly is back to sucking big time. They claimed to be showing stuff from QTs personal collection. Looks like his colection might not be that great!
  3. You guys talking about Ninja Terminator? I thought Mafia vs Ninja was pretty decent also
  4. Yes, Definitely going to Blade! Next month totally sucks.. I'll probably go to Army of Darkness & Darkman. Two of my favorites. Other than that..man. Maybe The Professional. Really gone downhill the last few months
  5. iron flag

    Super Bowl 2015

    Have you ever met any San Francisco sports fans? I think along with Boston fans the biggest douchers!
  6. iron flag

    El Rey Network

    So they're showing subtitled movies on El Rey now? I don't think I've seen any yet.. (Not complaining)
  7. iron flag

    The 100 Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time

    Intersting list but idiotic from a martial arts movie fan perspective.. I love the pic they used for Invincible Armour!
  8. Just saw the thread i have to check in more often! Yeah, Im hoping they show more at the New Bev. This month isnt great. So these are the LA members..
  9. Saw Crystal Fist at the New Beverly last week. Good movie but I have to say I prefer Fisful of Talons. Before the show Brian Quinn said they were actively trying to track down a 35mm print of Kung Fu Zombie to show there.. Keeping my fingers crossed
  10. Watched Snake Deadly Act for the first time (on youtube) Good looking widescreen. Can't believe Ive been watching kung fu movies since the 70s and I've never seen this one! Damn good movie
  11. That youtube video looks great. Widescreen, english dub. After Kung Fu, Spaghetti westerns are what I watch most. Halleluja has quite a bit of comedy but Lots of action and George Hilton is very good as Halleljah
  12. It's on this box set under the title Deep West. Seems its gotten a little pricey, I think I picked it up for around $20. There are some other good SWs on it though. Mostly pretty decent picture quality. Some not so good. BEST OF SPAGHETTI WESTERNS BEST OF SPAGHETTI WESTERNS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GOBRSYA/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_c7OEub1CQ03NJ
  13. No kung fu on the calendar but looking forward to the double feature with two really fun Spaghetti Westers: They call me Halleluja and Those Dirty Dogs. Black Christmas sells out every year so buy tickets in advance if you want to see that classic horror
  14. >It's a good thing you didn't have to listen to the English dub on Big Boss 2. I listened to about 5 minutes on YouTube and it is ultra horrible. Although I imagine the Chinese dub is pretty bad too.< Lol, it was pretty bad.. Not that they were working with a decent script to begin with but whoever was doing the translating wasnt completely fluent in English The trailers they showed were for Chinese Connection and Shogun Assassin
  15. There was definitely no saw in head so I guess it wasnt the completely uncut version