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  1. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Movies Deserving an official Release

    The Stranger, 1973 The Devils, Emperor Films The Hand, 1973 Dragon Den A Fascinating Avenger Girl Insanity Being Dauntless Bumpkin The Shadow Chaser The Spice Of Life A Group Of Awful Tigresses The Dangerous Guy The Killer Must Pay The Blood Sucker, 1972 Love And Vengeance, 1973 The Daredevil Debt Of Crime Dragon And Tiger, 1974 Sleeping Dragon A Woman Boxer Mysterious Snake Woman The Iron Panther Chase Down The Beauty Heroine The Patriots 60 Minutes To Terror Black Guide!!!!!!!!!! Two Dragons a.k.a. The Dragon Brothers, 1973 Man Of No Nerve Left Hand Of Death Hong Kong Criminal Crimes Little Killer a.k.a. 7 Year Old Murder, Fu Chin Hua Canton Cowboy, 1973 72 Hours In Green Town Acupuncture and Kung Fu, 1974 Blood Promise Wild As The Waves, 1974 Blood Revolted Blood King Of The Forest, 1974 The Emerald Horse, 1974
  2. tantao3-son of tantao2

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    "Beginning with FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS (1974), weather problems hindered that production so HEROES TWO (1973) and MEN FROM THE MONASTERY (1974) were sent into production"...this is the kind of information I like...
  3. tantao3-son of tantao2

    RIP 'Winfred', We've lost a forum brother...

    RIP, Terence.
  4. tantao3-son of tantao2

    ENGLISH DUBBED SHAWS--some still lost

    to bobo: what is No12: Ming Dynasty?;-)
  5. tantao3-son of tantao2

    SWORD MASTERS: Legend of the bat

    Death Duel never had an English dub...
  6. tantao3-son of tantao2

    HKMDB...from bad to worse?

    what is happening at hkmdb? i recently saw: some "expert" added to the movie The Magic Sword, 1969, directed by Lee Chih Shan, some screenshots from a mainland-china-pirated(?) version of the Union movie Prosperous Of Family, 1970...everything was mixed up and we now have a "cut and paste"-entery a la Godrey Ho?!? the original director was miscorrected, now it's Ting Shan Hsi. Rather confusing... the same "research-fellow" although added the Taiwanese fantasy movie Feng Shen Bang, 1969, by "creating" the title "Na Cha made in 1974!"... who actually adds all that to this database? maybe markgway should contribute there...
  7. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Article on NYC bootleg scene, courtesy of Hot Peas and Butta

    ..."he (GT) was not allowed to release any on video"...great remark...as if someone was actually allowed to release these Shaws...
  8. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Union Film Company film list please.

    The Knight Of Old Cathay, HK Alpha Jimmy Shaw The Ghostly Face:coproduction with Hai Hua. Chinese Kung Fu And Acupuncture The Love Offensive Not sure whether these last two are proper Union productions....
  9. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Hurricane Sword (1972)

    it is NOT!!! to markgway: i assume Hurricane Sword starring Chiang Ming , 1972, is the same movie as Devil Spider a.k.a. Treasue Castle...
  10. tantao3-son of tantao2

    100 reels of kung fu

    ...talking about 35mm kung fu prints: whatever happened to all the 35mm prints these Crash people had??? As I remember Dan Helstad's lis,t he mainly has Shaw prints and a few "independent"...The Crash people had some nice Taiwanese movies like The Scholar Swordsman, Ace Of Swordsman, etc....
  11. The Darkest Sword is a must! One of the top 5 Taiwanese early seventies swordplay...one of Chien Lung's best.
  12. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Master Hwang Jang Lee the return

    ..."Monsieur Hwang Jang Lee a tourné plus de 350 films d’arts martiaux"...i hope they will give us his filmo as i only have 349 of his martial arts movies in my collection...
  13. Anyone came across The Tao Of Ric at coolasscinema? This is really hilarious, entertaining and funny...Great stuff for a refreshing summer reading:-))) On a more serious note: i never found a better piece of serious reseach information in the net than the one on Pearl Chang over at softfilm blogspot...Great stuff!
  14. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Shaw English dubs?

    Is there/ was there ever an English dub for these Shaws: Friends Payment In Blood Death Duel The Sentimentel Swordman The Proud Youth The Fighting Fool Many thanks for any help...
  15. tantao3-son of tantao2

    Is Strange Love a Shaw?

    Celestial Id No 172018. seems to be distributed by Shaw and it is still in their vaults...