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  1. Jay

    Space Battleship Yamato (Live Action)

    Which describes the original Yamato perfectly to a T. That said, it works better in anime, as it's easier to accept cartoon characters as cartoon characters.
  2. It could be that, but it's more likely they didn't have a clean music track to master from for the dub, as the Mandarin track apparently has the original music.
  3. Discotek's site has no mention of a few of their titles or press releases or.... Their site updates tend to be sporadic and haphazard, but they are legit.
  4. Updated direct link and link to Discotek's eBay store in case the direct link changes again.
  5. It's another movie based on the same source material, which will make this the sixth movie with the character in it. (Seventh Curse, Legend of Wisely, Bury Me High, The Cat, and more recent (and bad) Wisely's Mystery File.) Donnie Yen doing the choreography, and a cameo, for a James Bond/Indiana Jones/X-Files type flick? Sounds like it could be fun, especially with Wilson Yip directing it.
  6. Amazon.ca and Amazon.com have Iron Bodyguard as being released on Sept, 28th and Mighty Peking Man on Sept. 14th. No mention of cancellations. As for Media Blasters site.... forget that it even exists, as it's almost never accurate and rarely ever updated.
  7. Vivendi bought the distribution rights from TWC after they shut down Genius Products. Everything else remains the same.
  8. Jay

    Dolph Lundgren is the Killing Machine

    1080i HDCAM SR @ 24fps. It's the standard HD cam for TV. It's not a RED, but it's nowhere near home video.
  9. Jay

    Death Kappa

    Why would there be rights issues? Fever Dreams, who are MediaBlasters' production arm, produced it.
  10. Are you talking about the consumer or the archival grade AZO stuff? The former is getting harder to come by, as even Verbatim has started to cheap out on their discs, and it's not what it used to be. The latter is pretty much the best you can get, but runs around $160 per 50.
  11. You can get it cheaper through Discotek's eBay store.
  12. Why wouldn't it be a PG-13 movie? It's not like it really needs to be R rated to be quality.
  13. Jay

    Favorite SCI FI Films

    They're not the same story. The Outer Limits episode was inspired by the novel, but other than the setting, they aren't even close.
  14. Jay

    Dragon Dynasty

    Actually, that would be the US Infernal Affairs, as the Canadian version had a different cover, based off this poster: Granted, it's not as iconic as the HK cover, but it's far better than the US cover.
  15. Jay

    Live-action Cowboy Bebop movie confirmed

    The thing that has me with heightened expectations is that Bebop is a property that Hollywood can actually understand without dragging it down. The show itself has a very western sensibility to it, and is born out of a mash-up of Hollywood tropes in sort of a Tarantino-esque sort of way. Sure, it can be screwed up, but we really don't have to worry about it losing anything during the cultural translation.