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  1. David Rees

    Longstreet coming to DVD

    Great news for Lee fans, shame its not Blu ray as well as it was shot on film.
  2. Recently watched this new Blu ray and can say it is a great restoration, fabulous image with proper mono sound and good subtitles, definitely recommended.
  3. David Rees

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973

    Two shots , one Bruce with director King Hu another with Dean Martin
  4. David Rees

    Behind The Scenes at Shaws

    Nice pics. here are some more from 8 Diagram Pole Fighter...
  5. David Rees

    Behind The Scenes at Shaws

    Just thought i would start a topic where people can post pictures of behind the scenes at Shaw movies, here i will start with 36th Chamber of Shaolin.
  6. David Rees

    Bruce Lee. If Only.

    The test shots of Bruce in traditional costume posted at the top of this thread are not from Shaw Studio but were done at Golden Harvest. The ones posted below are from Shaw studio he shot i think in 1973. He did plan to start something with Shaws in Sept 1973 according to his diary, what a shame that never happened.
  7. It is coming in October definitely, should be getting the review disc soon. They also have the right to A Touch of Zen and plan to release it first half of 2016 on DVD / Blu ray.
  8. David Rees

    Lo Lieh and Bruce Lee.

    Here is another of Bruce with Lo Lieh, director Chor Yuen and Chen Pao Chu.
  9. David Rees

    1080p Kung Fu Films

    Seen lots of Shaws in HD, Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, Heroes of the East, Heroes Two and many more and it makes a huge difference, especially on a large screen over 32". I very rarely buy any DVDs now as most just dont look as good (as long as the transfer is done correctly as mentioned)
  10. David Rees

    Heroes Of The East: Discussion & Appreciation Thread

    Interesting discussion. Being a Chinese film obviously the Chinese will win the fights, but what i like about this film is that it is done in a good way, the Japanese do not come across as being all evil, unlike a lot of films in the 70's and it shows misunderstanding can be misinterpreted (the handing over of the Samurai sword for instance). He did not beat the huge Judo fighter by skill just a bit of trickery as he knew the size of his opponent would be a big disadvantage. The film ends with them all discussing what had happened in a peaceful way, being tolerant is a virtue Lau Kar Leung always tries to put into his films, no-one dies in the movie which is rare, but still is totally entertaining in many ways. I have the Japanese Blu ray (with fan added English subs ) and watching it in HD you notice many small things that you did not before. Will always be in my top 10.
  11. Just watched The Blade Spares None with Nora Miao and James Tien. Not bad for an early Golden Harvest swordplay film, low budget but very watchable.
  12. David Rees

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973

    Another rare shot of Bruce on the set with John Saxon and Ahna Capri.
  13. David Rees

    UK Bruce Lee Blu-rays available in October!

    Covers are terrible. These i think will be ports of the Shout releases with added HK Legend extras. The Lee films are currently getting a 4K restoration so i think i will hold out for those releases if they ever come. If not i am happy with the Shout set i have.
  14. David Rees

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973

    Bruce Lee with son Brandon visiting the set of Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan with director Chor Yuen.
  15. As mentioned by most others, my two favourites are Sammo Hung and Lau Kar Leung. Special mention goes to Chang Cheh and Korean Chang Chen Ho. For modern day its John Woo and Johnnie To. I think King Hu will get more recognition when his films become more available in good quality versions like the upcoming Blu ray / DVD releases of Dragon Inn.