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  1. Hand Of Death Known as a Jackie Chan movie but in fact he's only a co-star here ,the star being Tan Tao Liang.An early John Woo effort (he also acts in this one). Plenty of Sammo here & James Tien is the baddie.Not bad but not great, the Eureka blu looks very good though it's been reported elsewhere it's missing the blue filter for nighttime shots. Can't say i noticed 😚 Last Hurrah For Chivalry Excellent John Woo movie,far superior to Hand Of Death-great swordplay action here. The eureka blu ray looked phenomenal on my oled telly.
  2. i'll check when i get a chance but pretty sure it's just the DVD version of the blu ray in the set.
  3. i'll hang on for the eureka release of Lee Khan.
  4. Would have been great if this had seen the light of day. Seeing this thread has reminded me i need to give my blu ray of Circle Of Iron a spin.
  5. Pray For Death is well made but very violent,even more so in it's unrated version. It's really mean spirited and certainly not the lightweight fare the original Cannon flicks were. Rage Of Honor is decent ,not as violent as PFD .I like both but they aren't a fun as the cannon ones.
  6. saltysam

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I saw Game Of Death at the Scala cinema, Liverpool in 1978 (i was 14) and the Ji Han Jae fight was at the climax of the movie.
  7. sometimes their initial specs aren't correct-on their previous release german audio only was listed until late on,when english was added to the spec.
  8. saltysam

    Kung Fu Movies on Youtube

    I will always buy physical if it's available and the best version. I've even bought crappy full screen versions of some Bruce Li flicks and put kuenfists widescreen customs in a double case with the crappy version.
  9. Return Of The Chinese Boxer A Jimmy Wang Yu flick without enough Jimmy Wang Yu in it! He only appears sporadically throughout until the climax. The confusing plot about japanese invading China takes a back seat to the outlandish ideas on display, kung fu zombies, a gun slinging Lung Fei as Black Crane, Kam Kong, thai boxers .Many scenes are lifted from the classic Master Of The Flying Guillotine. The german english dubbed blu ray looks great ,again an example of the lesser titles being the best restored.
  10. I need to rewatch the Ninja Trilogy asap
  11. I love Enter The Ninja-i am biased,being a huge fan of Christopher George but heck it's fun.I have the german blu ray. I think the eureka blu ray is still cut for cockfighting.
  12. I hope the elusive Big Boss Part 2 sees the light of day in this collection-...
  13. looks like it can still be had for around £22 on Ebay, a bit much for a film i didn't mind but didn't love.If i see it below £15 i will reconsider
  14. is it still available & english friendly?
  15. Descendants Of Wing Chun Despite featuring some genre stalwarts including Norman Chu ,Melvin Wong & Hark-On-Fung this is a fairly run of the mill flick which doesn't feature much,if any wing chun at all. On the plus side the Vengeance Video release is one of their better efforts ,widescreen and fairly clear print. Shaolin Mystagogue Another film with a cast of regulars, Carter Wong,Hsu Feng, Chang Yi,Lung Fei & briefly Phillip Ko. Standard Ching vs Ming story with shaolin temple hijinks thrown in for good measure. Not bad but with the cast involved it should have been better. VV DVD is ok, not full wide but better than P&S.