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  1. Marvelous Stunts Of Kung Fu Champ Wang stars in this taiwanese effort ,playing a young kung fu expert switching loyalties with rival gangs and getting involved with a fortune teller and a beautiful girl. Standard stuff for the most part, some familiar faces, Paul Wei, Lung Fei playing his usual evil bastard. Not sure if the wide version i watched was cut, ran 79 minutes, the amazon prime horrible full screen one runs the same.
  2. Bruce & Shaolin Kung Fu Quite a rarity-a Bruce Le movie with a reasonably coherent storyline. Here he's a kung fu expert trained by Chen Sing who then gets involved in stopping the evil japanese and their expert hired hands, including Bolo & Chiang Tao. Probably up there with Bruce Le's best, decent fights and plenty of them. German dvd is nicely widescreen however has a fair few full frame inserts for the previously cut scenes.
  3. The first HK blu releases of OUATIC movies were crap. These new ones are very good, the Sammo set is great as are the Jackie Chan ones. There's a feeling the 2k remasters are better than the 4k ones .
  4. Leg Fighters i enjoyed, hope it's sold well.
  5. They've literally announced it and claimed it's restored and will be out early 2020. Also mentioned there will be a cool bonus extra on there as well. Will post more info when i come across it 😀
  6. Again not VCI but Dark Force have announced a release of what they claim is a restored version of Chinese Hercules early next tear.
  7. Kung Fu The Headcrusher is a better title than the original Tough Guy i think, given Chen finishes a lot of his opponents off by doing just as the title says 😏
  8. Tough Guy (AKA Kung Fu The Headcrusher) Chen Sing is an undercover agent out to bust a smuggling ring by infiltrating and gaining their trust. Early 70's basher ticks all boxes of the genre- wild dubbing, pretty much non stop fighting, intrigue, filmed mainly in fields and quarries etc etc.. great cast reunites a few from Fists of the Double K and of course the quarry set finale has Fang Yeh brandishing his trusty whip yet again. Chen Sing, in the peak of physical condition spenda a lot of the film shirtless.
  9. saltysam


    This is probably the greatest Brucepolitation film ever, certainly the best Ho Chung Tao effort. It deserves a criterion blu ray. It's a fantastic film. I treasure the widescreen kuenfist custom i have.
  10. it's far better quality than that review indicates. It's anamorphic, it's your typical New/CMV quality release.Sure it's from a tape source but far better than my old inter-ocean vhs rip. This is by far my favourite version of this classic film.
  11. Bruce Lee Vs Supermen Early Ho Chung Tao flick is so insane it has to be considered a sort of forgotten genre classic. Li plays secret agent Carter who randomly dresses up as Kato or in a red masked avenger suit. He teams up with a bearded hipster also in a masked avenger suit who is known as Green Hornet. Plot involves the kidnapping of Dr Ting, a scientist with a dodgy heart who has a secret formula to end world food shortage. There's amazing car chases up there with the French Connection, an incredible rescue by rickshaw stunt that i'm convinced inspired Cruise for his M.I. movies, Lung Fei in a nifty black suit with a white tea cloth for a cape. Chung Tao has a sex scene as hot as anything seen in Last Tango and frankly there's too many delights to mention. The german DVD has an english dub and from a tape source but is wider, anamorphic and looks better than the inter ocean vhs transfer i have. A towering achievement.
  12. despite no mention on Amazon.de, this release indeed includes the english dub.
  13. saltysam

    Thunder Kick (1974)

    it's a great basher, i'm due a double feature rewatch of this anf Fists Of The Double K. I love my german DVDs of those two.
  14. I just wanted a 4th Black Dragon movie and a sequel to Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death , which is an epically great and misunderstood genre classic.
  15. A little surprised about Hot Potato,given that it's a sequel to Black Belt Jones. Surely Jim Kelly would've been offered the chance to reprise his role first?