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  1. because it's cut, the ending on the VCI DVD of Bruce's Deadly Fingers is crazy.
  2. Did FS re release Tower Of Death in true HD? I have the japanese extreme edition and it's an upscale, like the original HK release was.
  3. the subtitles are burnt in and there's no option to mask them. For the most part they are clear and legible, except when against a light background. didn't bother me, i enjoyed the experience, good movie!
  4. The trailer for Hot,The Cool,The Vicious is an extra on the disc.Hopefully that'll be a release in the near future.
  5. saltysam

    The Hong Kong Bluray/UHD Thread

    Dragon From Russia https://www.dddhouse.com/v3/product_details.php?ProductID=17173&LanguageID=0
  6. The next JC box set coming out in Scandanavia includes Killer Meteors,Magnificent Bodyguards,New Fist Of Fury & Shaolin Wooden Men. Hopefully they are on 88's (or Eureka's) radar.
  7. Has Karado The Hong Kong Cat been released previously?
  8. Fighting Ace John Liu wants to learn kung fu to avenge his parent's death when he was a baby.He ends up with about three different masters as the film progresses.Not bad, some decent fights with a role for Ti Chin, from Way Of The Dragon.I'd like to see this one fully wide. Moonlight Sword & Jade Lion Confusing movie has Angela Mao being sent to find her masters missing brother. An underused Don Wong Tao co-stars. As a fan of both,i was disappointed.Nice widescreen print on the dvd, english dubbed. Dragon Vs Needles Of Death Not the best basher (our nail throwing hero is a whiny wimp) but i enjoy these 70's bashers so always make allowances. Last 30 minutes or so is non stop action. The blu ray looks ok, worn and scratchy but nice and clear, english dubbed.
  9. I know the John Liu flick as Struggle Through Death,I already have a German hartbox DVD of it,likely this will use the same wide-screen print
  10. Volume 23 & 24 due out 12th December 2019, Volume 25 is due out 9th January 2020. Titles i think are Canton Iron Kung Fu Struggle Through Death Karado The Hong Kong Cat
  11. I would buy a blu of WTS in a heartbeat but the reality is the only way it gets a HD release in UK would be as part of a box set (Angela Mao?) . Mediumrare are still going, they are releasing on blu the Thunderbirds remake shortly.
  12. He was also in multiple Jimmy Wang Yu/Bruce Li flicks. the guy must never have stopped working. Love to hear about him now.
  13. The Master Strikes Casanova Wong gets swindled early on, transporting a treasure that mysteriously goes missing and losing everything. He goes mad, two likeable conmen come along to help him and themselves. Not bad,the comedy schtick gets a bit tiring. 72 Desperate Rebels Chen Sing appears in this one for a whole 5 minutes 😣 at times incoherent storyline but has some ok action, it also has Lung Fei as a zatoichi-like blind swordsman! Barry Chan stars but the highlight is the invincible 7 foot giant who can chew swords with his mouth. The widescreen english dub print on youtube isn't bad at all. Tiger From Hong Kong An on the run Chang Yi ,framed for murder tries to clear his name. Decent 70's basher featuring the great Lung Fei as a bastard. Again the youtube widescreen english dub print isn't bad.