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  1. Yeah, I still like it. In fact I probably appreciate it more now than I did in 2008. Jackie and Jet did a great job together. Good homages, good chemistry, great cinematography and enjoyable fights. This is definitely one to revisit.
  2. SITES as well. Like the zero to hero story a little better and it’s a tad more serious.
  3. Siskel and Ebert are who introduced me to Jackie in the first place with their recommendation of Rumble a couple years previous. I kinda remember their review of this one...it was thumbs up right? Anyway, this is far from my favorite JC movie, but an extended cut on Blu-ray is a must own.
  4. I’m a fan of Four Riders and knowing this disk is extended makes it all the more appealing. I should really get this...
  5. Yeah this show has some problems. The mythos wasn’t very well explained and I’m still not quite sure I understood why certain things happened. The dialogue at times was atrocious. Example from the last episode: Lewis Tan: (laughing) Iko: what’s so funny? Tan: Just thinking of the time at school when kids called you jungle rat Iko: you told them to say that Tan: well, I’m not laughing anymore Dude, you were literally just laughing 15 seconds ago. I know he meant he wasn’t laughing at Iko anymore, but what a stupid way to make that point. When you say you aren’t laughing anymore, don’t start the convo by laughing. IMO. Something else disappointing, they introduce the awesome Summer Glau in episode 9 and hardly use her. She gets a brief fight in the finale, but it’s a horribly edited mess. Summer has a background as a dancer and she showed in Serenity that she can learn fight choreography. I would have loved to have seen more of her. JuJu Chan was great, but she didn’t get as much screen time as I had hoped. Maybe if I get drunk enough some day, I’ll ask the barber to give me the JuJu haircut and see what happens. Anywho, Iko is great and I thought his fight scenes were mostly quite good. In the end, I’m glad he did this and I hope it leads to more opportunities.
  6. It’s true, Annabelle Creation is much more interesting. I thought The Nun was pretty decent too,
  7. I also want to point out that this is directed by Star Trek alumni Roxann Dawson. She’s directed a lot of television and is very talented. I hope this opens up more opportunities for her to do more movies. I haven’t seen it yet, but I certainly plan to. Oh yeah, I forgot Luke Cage was in this. Nice.
  8. massa_yoda

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yup. Hate to have to subscribe to CBS All Access to watch new Star Trek content, but Picard looks like it going in a good direction. I really hope they don’t screw it up....
  9. Not a classic by any means, but I’ll admit I like this film. I love Sammo’s, as you say, cigar chomping veteran character. I also liked the team vs team set up it had going for a while. Bad guys were well cast, you almost want to root for them if not for Sammo. The only real bummer for this movie is some bad editing choices and those unnecessary b/w cutaways. Also, in regard to Sammo’s fight with Heo Jun-Ho; yeah there’s some quick cuts and darkly lit shots but it’s still a really good fight overall. Pretty fun way to spend 110 minutes IMO.
  10. Why did so many Shaw actresses commit suicide during this period? I feel like this has been discussed before, but I don’t remember what was discovered.
  11. This film rocks my face off. The action is excellent and it’s pretty much non-stop. The two hour runtime just flies by. The early fight involving Roger Yuan and Tiger Chen set the bar so high I didn’t know how the movie would sustain it for two hours. But then Halle Berry and her dogs show up in an amazing second act and have another incredible action scene with Reeves. The final act is when Mr. Dacascos and Mad Dog get involved. The Mad dog (plus another dude I can’t recall) fight with Wick isn’t as strong as I’d hoped, but by then I might have been so exhausted myself that I could be misjudging it. I just wanted his fight to have more a different style to it. Dacascos gets in some great moves in his fight with Wick and it was nice to see him in a big movie like this. In short, this film is amazing. Everyone involved should be proud of the amount of work that went into this. Just wow.
  12. massa_yoda

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    dddhouse had a good deal on this so I couldn’t resist. Currently have the old R1 DVD (with Chan’s enjoyable audio commentary), so this uncut BD will be a great upgrade.
  13. massa_yoda

    Chor Yuen / Gu Long movies

    I’m glad this thread has come back. I’m very interested in watching all these films in the recommended order by panku now.
  14. massa_yoda

    Martial Law on DVD from Visual Entertainment Inc.

    Season 2 has good episodes and the new line up grows on you. Just takes a little time. I still think it’s a miracle that we got 44 episodes of Sammo on network television. I love this series for him alone.