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  1. True. And THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was a western take on SEVEN SAMURAI of course. There are many examples. A lesser known one is that the film SHANE (1953) was the primary influence for the Shaw Brothers film THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN (1977).

    The "A Chinese Ghost Story" trilogy

    Well said @DrNgor. It's been decades since I last saw them, but I have been wanting to revisit them. Originally I saw them in the theater back when I first got into Hong Kong cinema and I hadn't ever seen anything like them before. Unforgettable cinema experience! Soon after I got them on VHS and would watch them frequently. I hope so. I'd like to see them "in style". I just read reviews for them by @moviemisfit on Instagram and it made me want to revisit them all.
  3. A lot of my Asian friends and acquaintances are big fans of American and Italian westerns. I believe that Jackie Chan wrote in his autobiography about dressing up like a cowboy when he was a kid. I think that people from other countries are often fascinated with things that are uniquely not of their own country. Like I find castles so interesting (Pennsylvania is not a big "castle state" ), people in Europe see the Great Plains, colorful canyons, and rocky mountains as something special, and they're drawn to the "cowboy culture". The biggest western fan I know is my friend Butcher-B from Switzerland. He's never ridden a horse or held a real gun, but he has always loved the genre and spent a great deal of his childhood playing "Cowboys and Indians". I played Red Dead Redemption 2 on-line with him, and he was having a hell of a good time- as close to living his childhood dream as he'd ever come! πŸ˜„
  4. Thanks @reason108. When I first drew my EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER art way back in 2009 I was not satisfied with how it came out. It didn't look as good as I had imagined it in my head. Everybody else seemed to dig it, but still... 😝 I had always wanted to go back and fix it, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I redid both of the faces (and some other details) of the Gordon Liu figures. I was going to include new versions of the background characters as well, but they were so small that it looked messy shrunk down to Blu-ray cover size. It worked much better with a stark background that focuses on Yang 5 being surrounded by and rising from the darkness. Anyway, thanks @Silver and Gold Dragon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Harrison_(writer) Exactly! Who knows what these guys have up their sleeve, but it is certainly possible. There is great love for Jackie Chan's films there. I know I'd love to see releases of all of these. Yes, yes, yes! I know I'd get them all. πŸ€“ SHAOLIN WOODEN MEN is very "old school" style, with multiple teacher's instructing JC's character on various kung fu styles, an interesting story, atypical character in the lead, and impressive action choreography. FEARLESS HYENA is JC's directorial debut, and feels more along the lines of YOUNG MASTER. There's a bit too much mugging and comedy at times, but the titular style is very entertaining. And Jackie really takes the opportunity of helming the film to show what he was capable of with astounding physical feats in the training and fighting scenes. There's a bit with two weapon-wielding villains attacking him simutaneously that is simply breath-taking in it's speed and intricacy. DRAGON LORD is one of JC's most thoroughly enjoyable films from start to finish. He and (long-time collaborator, stuntman/actor) Mars play best buddies (and they're very funny together) who enjoy playing insane martial arts infused sports competitions and wind up uncovering some villains that they have to deal with. There's tremendously impressive stunts and kung fu fighting here, and I still get caught up in the excitement every time I watch it, even after seeing it at least 15 times. ISLAND OF FIRE is definitely more of an ensemble film than a "Jackie Chan movie", but I enjoy it for what it is. There are some great action scenes in it, and I enjoy seeing the killer cast doing their thing. Yeah, right?! 😳 Hahaha... I can think of worse problems to have than too many great Hong Kong Blu-ray releases though. 😁

    Happy Lunar New Year

    Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! It started like any other year for me... just after midnight I had a snack, then went for a walk in the rain... Lights flickering? Ah, it's probably just a few of my buddies having a laugh. So, perfect movie to start off "The Year of the Rat"? Bwahahaha! #gremlinshavemorefun #chinesenewyear #yearoftherat #haveacokeandawickedsmile #happynewyear

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Yes, it is. 😁 88 Films moves the release date of the EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER release UP, to March 2nd, 2020, and it will include [Limited Edition A3 Foldout Poster of the new artwork by Kung Fu Bob O-Brien] . Pre-order here: https://88-films.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders/products/the-eight-diagram-pole-fighter-88-asia-25 All of those would be terrific to have on Blu-ray. Yeah, them providing the multiple cuts is something most fans have always wanted, but it seemed like just a pipedream. ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND (1981, aka. Spooky Encounters / Ghost Against Ghost / Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind). I'm a huge fan of these flicks. Funny, creepy, imaginative, and featuring action by Sammo Hung at his prime. You're right brother. First time I ever saw it was when my friend bought it as a gift for me. He found the VHS in San Francisco's Chinatown while he was on vacation. Man, I was so thrilled! Very strange that it hasn't been more widely available. Almost for me too. Definitely not a lacking sequel like we too often get. Good question. No idea.
  7. Well said @reason108... especially the part about my cover art. 🀣 Seriously though, thank you. Yes, this is definitely awesome for me, and I'm loving it. Hmmm... are they releasing EIGHT DIAGRAM? πŸ™„ I hadn't even noticed... πŸ˜‡ heh heh heh... https://88-films.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders/products/the-eight-diagram-pole-fighter-88-asia-25?variant=31275292819498

    Guess the movie?

    Ahh.. WARLORD! I knew I had seen that image somewhere before. I don't think I would ever have ever remembered it was from that though. πŸ˜‹ Though I don't post in this thread often, I am playing along. I just rarely know the film from the clue. πŸ™„
  9. @kevenzz don't look a gift horse in the mouth my friend! LOL A lot of fans want to see the version they are most familiar with, and that's going to range from fan to fan. Same with multiple audio choices. Although I'm going to go for the original audio and subtitles 95% of the time, on certain films I have a love for the English dub, so I'm always happy when this is included. (EIGHT DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER, I'm looking at you!) I admire that 88 Films are trying to release the definitive, all inclusive releases of these films. What a very special compliment @DragonClaws. Thank you! I'll keep striving to do better and better work. Geez guys, too kind! Thanks @Drunksnake. My inner kung fu fan is flipping and cheering like a montage of "best of scenes" from the BRING IT ON movies as I excitedly await these releases. 😁

    Guess the movie?


    What's Your Favorite Park Chan-wook Movie?

    Nope. 20 years later, and still a no go on that one. πŸ™„ She doesn't mind subtitles at all, she just isn't drawn to films about the military or war. I told her it is a deep, human drama, not really a "military film", but she always opts for something else over J.S.A.. She's a fan of Park's other films, so of course I thought I could interest her in it by repeatedly mentioning that... but, no. πŸ˜‹ I'm not complaining though- she's watched more Asian films with me than the average person has watched films in general. And she was the one that said "Did you see the ads for PARASITE? It looks great; we've got to go see it." Not weird at all, for all the reasons you mentioned. Sometimes this one is my favorite too, which is why I can't choose one for this poll. Have any of you picked up the Arrow release of OLD BOY, which basically became a "VENGEANCE TRILOGY box set? Originally it was an OLD BOY only release, but then they had problems with some rights holder over some of the extras they had advertised, so they decided to include SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE and LADY VENGEANCE basically as extras to make up for not being able to include the previously promised features. My son ordered one for each of us. But then soon afterward they released a different version where they changed a few things including the packaging to a "THE VENGEANCE TRILOGY" set.

    Netflix's The Witcher

    Whoops, sorry for my presumption. Thank you for the info! I'm looking forward to trying this game out. However, I've been so busy recently that I haven't had a chance to get involved in a new game/follow a new story-line. So if I want to play a game for a few minutes before bed or during a lunch-break, I just hop on my old, familiar horse in RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 (I already completed the story-line) and take a little ride. Hopefully in the next couple months I'll have a little more time and can start swinging a Witcher's sword and hunting evil creatures.

    1917-SAM MENDES

    Ditto to what @sym8 said. We saw this in IMAX on Thursday night, and it's a fantastic film which takes you right along on the journey. The director filmed it in a bunch of very long takes (I was told that the entire last twenty minutes are one continuous take, which is mind-boggling) and blended them together seamlessly. This makes the experience seem so real instead of "put together with editing". And not once did I see anything that seemed like CGI or any sort of special effect either, it all seemed perfectly real. The cast play their roles with the utmost authenticity, always seeming to be living in World War 1 era times, and never feeling too modern (which I find to be a common distracting flaw in many period films). If I'd have first seen this on TV (even my nice, big 4K TV) I'd have been so upset that I'd missed it in the theaters (my son went with a few friends to see it a second time the very next day). I highly recommend seeing it on the biggest screen possible, not only for the picture, but for the full effect of the immersive sound design. 9/10 "I have spoken."- Kuiil 😁
  14. @Drunken Monk I'm so sorry to hear that you went through all that horror and trauma. Rape is arguably the most insidious form of violation that humans can enact upon one another, and I know it leaves deep scars on a person's soul. It's truly wonderful to hear that you've survived this, come out the other side, and found love and sobriety. Congratulations on surviving and thriving. Yes, here's to coping. So @Rodolphe Dux, you have also suffered at the hands of some of our species sickest individuals. My deepest sympathies to you. Fascinating and illuminating to hear that these films also helped you rise above such adversity. It's good that you didn't get caught up in addiction and that you have a musical outlet. But please don't say you "will never have friends or be married". I think you CAN have these things, though they might be somewhat different than the relationships a non-ADS person has, it is still possible. I've seen people struggling with many different kinds of diversity still manage to form relationships, both with friends and romantically, everything from interracial, physically and mentally handicapped, the loss of mobility, brain damage... Please keep your mind open to the possibilities. You have friends in us. Having them outside of the internet is the same but with some adjustments. Strive towards what you may be able to do if you try, and not on what you think you can't do that you haven't tried. Interacting with people can be like trying to find the right key on the piano that goes with the previous and the next that you touch. It's another form of music for you to play. As for film... yes, big difference. My son went to see THE HATEFUL EIGHT in 70mm and couldn't stop talking about the difference. I'm lucky I got to grow up when I did, and that my parents took me to see so many films throughout my life. You mentioned Woo- I've been fortunate to see HARD BOILED, A BETTER TOMORROW, HEROES SHED NO TEARS, THE KILLER (twice), A BULLET IN THE HEAD, BROKEN ARROW, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II, FACE-OFF and HARD TARGET in 35mm. Amazing experiences! I did see RED CLIFF too, at a film festival, but sadly not Part 2. I'm not 100% this last one was a 35mm print though- it may have been a digital projection. Oh, I'm surprised you aren't a fan of the Ip Man films. For me they hold up even after repeated viewings (sans that damn tabletop fight 😣). You won't be let down by Adkins in IP MAN 4- he's a beast! Agree completely about Mike Moeller. He'd have ruled the scene as a top gweilo fighter in the '80s. Fingers crossed he gets a shot in something good shot in HK soon. I've had a little interaction with Mike, and found him to be just as nice as he is talented at martial arts. A good dude.