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  1. Thank you. Yes! 😁
  2. @Tex Killer it's enormous! Imagine a telephone book about the size of a car hood, with pages made of sheet metal! LOL Kidding aside, it's a very nice booklet- 44 pages. 88 Films has given me the OK to reveal the 2nd Jackie Chan cover art I did for them, for their upcoming Blu-ray release of THE PROTECTOR. I've included a few W.I.P. shots too. Because this one had to be done fast I drew it smaller than I usually work- 18x24". For instance, the Jackie hanging off the helicopter is only 5/8 of an inch from bottom of foot to outstretched hand. 😋 This release is loaded with special features, including both the US and HK cuts of the film (as I'm sure you're already aware if you've been reading this thread), audio commentaries by @Mike Leeder, Arnie Venema and George Clark, and more! Available for pre-order now: https://88-films.myshopify.com/…/pre…/products/the-protector #jackiechan #theprotector #kungfubobsart #jamesglickenhaus #hongkongcinema #demandyourkeys #benefactorbutcherb

    The NightDragon: (#3) Simian & (#4) O Mortifero

    I love being Author Scott Blasingame's go-to artist for his book covers. His two latest martial arts-fantasy-action-adventure novels are now available. He & his missus made up some swag as giveaways for a Book Expo he did recently, & generously sent me pins, magnets, bookmarks, keychains, copies of the new books, & a custom T-shirt featuring my art! Pretty wild to see my work like that. If you want a good, exciting read, you've got to pick up his books! Get 'em at Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/s?k=scott+blasingame&i=stripbooks&crid=2N6YPT4KS85EB&sprefix=SCOTT+BLASING%2Caps%2C185&ref=nb_sb_ss_fb_1_13

    Ip Man and the Four Kings (2019)

    As I said above, I totally get why you feel that way, and I don't blame you one bit. I personally just don't feel that way about this particular subject. To each his own, and we'll all be more or less tolerant in this regard depending on the subject matter. For instance, I am so over giant period war epics and over-blown CGI fantasy films from HK and China, and have been now for a very long time.

    Ip Man and the Four Kings (2019)

    Oh. Okay, thanks. I'm guessing you mean of a Chinese streaming service?
  6. I've always been more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy (though I really dig Batman), and have found the DC films to be a very mixed bag. I thought SUICIDE SQUAD was okay. Entertaining enough, but nothing memorable. I also find it strange that they somehow managed to make an actress as beautiful as Margot Robbie look so unappealing in what's supposed to be a sexy (and crazy) role. But I love seeing ladies kick ass, so I'm hoping this will be good. Based on @ShaOW!linDude's comment I guess I'm lucky that I'm not more familiar with the characters, as this will make it easier for me to digest than for those well-read on them.

    Ip Man and the Four Kings (2019)

    I understand why you feel that way @DiP, but I don't. Just like I never tire of films about Wong Fei-Hung. I just want more kung fu from Hong Kong cinema. 😃 Me too @rdenn. I'm ready! Wish we had more information though. Is this going straight to cable? Or is it coming out in theaters, home video? Anybody have any more details about it?

    RIP Chui Bo Chu and Ricky Chan

    Oh damn, very sad news. And cancer... ugh... again. What a horrible way to go.
  9. Thanks for posting this @Karlos. I can't understand why they would've removed this sequence (from any region). It sounds solid. And I've just spoken to a gentleman that's doing work on my house and he said
  10. Good point about the "horror film vibe". Yes, and that makes sense that you saw him as almost more of a crazed killer than a sick veteran when he goes where he goes (and in the way he goes about it). I hope you're right, and that a longer cut of the film is released. I'd like to see the flash flood scene you mentioned. Yes, true. But I think his ego- the need to not look older- pushed him way too far with these surgeries. When I was a kid I drew Stallone many times- as Rocky, Rambo, his NIGHTHAWKS character (Deke DaSilva) and more, and I really have his face burned into my memory. So when I see him now, he looks like a completely different guy, to the point that it's disturbing. Hope I don't sound insensitive about it. On the other hand, I am totally impressed with his weight training and commitment to physical fitness. I was surprised that at no point in the film do we see Rambo in at least a sleeveless T-shirt to show off Sly's physique. Agreed. It was good that they showed him go into one particularly dangerous situation, and then not be able to simply breeze on through it like it was nothing. By making him a vulnerable human being they upped the ante in terms of the danger he was in throughout the rest of the film. No, he wasn't specifically a tunnel rat (soldiers trained to infiltrate enemy soldiers' underground tunnels). He started out as a member of a SOG brigade- a Studies & Observation Group that was "a highly classified, multi-service United States special operations unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War." After that he "became part of a Special Forces Long-range reconnaissance patrol unit", and it's likely that this would've included tunnel recon and infiltration. Aw man, sorry you didn't enjoy it more. It did feel very short! I just looked it up- it's only 1:29. I found this on IMDB: " After initial filming was done and first cut of the movie was put together, it was test screened in spring of 2019, and following additional photography and re-shoots, different cuts were edited and test screened throughout next few months, and movie was still being edited just weeks before theatrical release and before final cut was done. However, at last minute movie was cut down even further to be shorter and faster paced, which is why final theatrical cut is barely 90 minutes long and why all the trailers for the film show some deleted scenes and dialogue." Yes, definitely holding out hope for a longer cut on BD.
  11. Holy smokes guys, thanks! 😁 Ah, I can see how you might mix them up. But I enjoy CRIME STORY much more than THE SHINJUKU INCIDENT. It's good seeing a more dramatic cop role for Jackie, sans comedy, and the action is superb. Good point about supporting the boutique labels @Tex Killer. Hahaha... good point. Well, it's not easy to try to whittle down an entire movie to one piece of art and still represent it accurately. I've never thought the bits with the police psychologist were handled well. She's sort of condescending, and dressed like she's going out dancing, and JC's character is ridiculously aggressive towards her. The idea of him as a police officer suffering a bit of PTSD makes sense and could've been a strong subplot, but instead it's handled in a very ham-fisted manner. In the deleted scenes we can see that this relationship was meant to blossom into a romance, and I'm so glad that this unnecessary fat was trimmed from the story. So... I wasn't feeling that she was important for the art, and the prostitute that is with Kent Cheng's character didn't really add much to the plot either. The only actress that almost made the cover was Au-Yeung Pui-San, But I decided to drop her from it, because it looked much too busy. I've got something coming up that I'll be able to draw some of Hong Kong's great actresses for, and I'm looking forward to it. How high have I raised the bar brother @Mike Leeder? Can we limbo under that sucker yet? 😄 Yeah, it's so cool working with people that really care and do their best to release a killer presentation. I've been quite lucky- the majority of companies I've worked for have gone the extra mile on their products, and have been super cool to collaborate with.

    Al Leong "King of the henchmen"

    HENCHMAN: THE AL LEONG STORY- I'm so happy this documentary exists! If you grew up in the '80s and '90s, or are a fan of action films from that time period, then you've definitely seen Mr. Leong get killed by Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brandon Lee, Van Damme and many more iconic cinematic heroes. He's the most memorable looking guy whose name you probably never knew, and has been in everything from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA to BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (playing Genghis Khan). He looks like a comicbook version of a killer, but in real life he's seriously just the sweetest guy! His book THE EIGHT LIVES OF AL "KA-BONG" LEONG is cool too, and filled with fantastic photos from his colorful career and life. In my opinion, his on-screen martial arts battle with Brandon Lee in RAPID FIRE is the best fight scene the gone-too-soon Lee ever appeared in. The doc is a little shaky from a technical standpoint, with less than ideal sound recordings, and obviously shot for little to no budget, but it doesn't really need all those bells and whistles. I mean... it has Al Leong! An interesting array of industry people show up to talk about Al, as does the man himself. There were are few little gaps that I think should've been filled in as far as some of Al's biographical details, but you get a whole lot of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories that are well worth the $12 you'll pay for this at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Henchman-Al-Leong-Story-Unrated/dp/B07TMRS26B/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1ARHIC0FTTXTV&keywords=henchman+the+al+leong+story&qid=1569181684&s=movies-tv&sprefix=henchman%3A+the+al+leong%2Caps%2C146&sr=1-1 We love you Al!
  13. Okay, I've been watching the life of John Rambo unfold on the silver screen since 1982 (Read the novel back then too- very different ending. Great read!), and the character and his adventures feel close to my heart. Stallone plays the character as closed off (and with good cause) from others, but at some point he always opens up and lets loose in each film, (especially the first) and there is a lump-in-your-throat moment when Rambo's raw soul is exposed. But here, I wasn't feeling any of the emotional beats. The horrible things that the villain's did certainly made me want them to pay, but I didn't get caught up in any of the "tearful" bits, and felt that the story-line was only there to get us to "the revenge". This kind of shocked me because Sly usually delivers in that department. I almost felt like he was playing a different character, and not the same John Rambo that we've come to know. That is, until he goes to war. The preparing to fight / ambush/ booby-trap montage is so over-the-top, and so long that it comes dangerously close to becoming a parody of itself, but then it keeps going until it feels serious again! I hate to admit it, but throughout this sequence I felt like a 12 year old kid inside, practically giddy with excitement for what was to come. "Make them pay Rambo!" And the film does not disappoint in that regard, becoming an incredibly visceral explosion of sheer carnage and extreme mayhem. Wow! I just watched the South Korean film THE OUTLAWS, and it featured a bit where the main character abuses someone's collarbone in a cringe-inducing manner. Low and behold, several days later and Rambo tops the collarbone abuse... big time! "Ya ya ya yaouchh!" Just a heads up: I wouldn't say it's "an action film" for the most part though, because it is mainly a dark drama / thriller for acts one and two. So don't go into this one expecting the exciting sequences every 15 minutes- it's not that kind of movie. But in Act III when he finally unleashes his wrath... it's balls-to-the-wall! I like that Rambo uses a lot of his tactical training and fights smart instead of just hard. There are so many jaw-dropping bits throughout the siege that I can't wait to see again when I purchase the Blu-ray. But I'm glad I went to the theater to see this. Quite a ride. One small complaint that I'll hide to avoid a minor spoiler... I feel bad saying this, but all of Stallone's plastic surgeries are extremely distracting, especially in close-ups that fill the screen from his bottom lip to his incredibly unnatural-looking hairline. I truly wish the guy had just aged naturally and we could see his real face. And I do wonder if the surgeries/Botox and all have limited his facial movements so much that that's why I didn't feel his performance as much? On the other hand, knowing that he's 73 years old and still doing this kind of action, and in such incredible physical shape... pretty much mind-blowing.
  14. You too, bro! Cool. 😊