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  1. Barsader

    Linn Haynes In Memory Of

    Absolutely stunned..not the way i wanted to come back to the forum. At a loss of words here. Condolences for Family and friends . You WILL be sorely missed.
  2. Barsader

    Passing Away...

    Condolences VOHL.Hang tough and feel free to talk to us.
  3. Barsader

    The Imperial Swordsman

    This just got the ol'bumb up the wants list. Sounds good guys.
  4. Barsader

    Buddha`s Palm

    I agree Tosh and Alex. A light hearted re-make of this(and others) updated with todays CGI would be nice. That is why i loved Kung Fu hustle so much.A light hearted affair that reminded me of the comic book movies(buddhas palm,HSDS)executed with well done CGI.more of these...
  5. Barsader

    Favorite actors/directors

    I must have been tired to not include the great Lo lieh. New M.A. actors list- Ku Feng Lo Lieh Ti Lung Yueh Hua David Chiang
  6. Barsader

    Kung Faux

    The simon Yuen movie i have in my collection,and i remember watching it, but the title escapes me at the moment.I can look it up. I will check out iron fist pillage...Thanks.
  7. Barsader

    Kung Faux

    I was browsing www.youtube for M.A. tv series clips and came across-Kung Faux It is clips of M.A. movies with new dialogue and story via overdubbing.Also, added special effects and some Batman "Pows"and "blams".Some hip-hop plays in the background. Now im not really into Hip-hop or KF comedy,but some of these clips i laughed out loud more than once. The production values,effects,dubbing,and overall appeal are quite high.Alot of people worked on these and it shows. There are quite a few clips(around 30-40)each about 7 mins long. I have not watched all of them but i liked very much: Illmaster Pimpstick Illmaster has the elder Yuen(woo ping's dad,forgot his name)in the movie(escapes me) where he is blinded and smokes alot of pipes...use your imignation where they go with this one. Check it out, and post your thoughts.
  8. Barsader

    Good Region Free DVD Player?

    I picked up a Coby 224 at Walgreens for $30.Super easy hack. I strongly suggest anyone interested in acquiring a DVD player to hack to also check out www.nerd-out.com. It lists all the hacks for about every one ever made.
  9. www.yesasia.com Golden swallow in stock, ships 1-2 days BUT VCD only.
  10. Barsader

    Favorite actors/directors

    Actors: Robert De niro Harrison Ford Tim robbins Jack nicholson Dustin Hoffman Ben Kingsley Philip Seymour hoffman Ryan Phillipe Leonardo Di Caprio Billy bob Thornton(mostly for Slingblade) Kevin Spacey Actresses: Jennifer Connelly Kate hudson Susan Sarandon Laura Dern Charlize Theron Directors-don't really have any non-MA faves Martial arts(Keep it to 5 each) Actors: Ku Feng Ti lung Yueh yua Fan mei Sheng David Chiang Actresses: Shih Szu Chang pei pei Ching Li Wen-su erh Hui ying hung directors: Chang Cheh Chu Yuan Sun Chung Ho- meng Hua Tang Chia(w/ only 3 great movies to boot!)
  11. Barsader

    Faviroute Shaw moments!

    The one scene that immediately comes to my mind every time this or,a similiar topic is brought up is in Crippled Avengers- When (name eludes me)the "strongman" hears of people giving Tu Tin To trouble he offers up his help,goes to the inn and meets Sun chein and Chiang Sheng. Chiang sheng"He's got iron feet" Strongman"iron feet, iron fist, these nicknames usually dont mean a thing.I will let you give me 3 blows" Sun Chien proceeds to cave his chest in with his iron feet. Strongman"your feet, they really are IRON!! Chiang sheng laughing away........
  12. Barsader

    A Few Dvds For Sale

    venom10463-Try yesasia.com for possible OOP titles. Make sure you use the search engine, just type in the title you are looking for.I bought 35 Titles in the last month that i assumed may turn out OOP. Only 1 did-Golden sword. Here are the titles i picked up: Shaolin martial arts Duel of fists The invincible fist 7 man army The flag of iron Masked avengers The shaolin avengers Pursuit of Vengeance The secret of the dirk The devil's mirror The dragon creek Vengeance of a snow girl Oath of death Swift sword Lady assassin Lady of The law The young avenger Return of the sentimental swordsman Perils of the sentimental swordsman Heaaven sword and Dragon sabre 1 and 2 Hidden power of dragon sabre The proud youth The convict killer The black lizard Full moon scimitar Bastard swordsman box set Shaolin intruders The crimson charm A deadly secret The golden seal The thunderbolt fist May have missed a few,hope this helps
  13. Around 30 to 40 titles. Dajizzarizza-I bought Lady of Steel about 2 weeks ago from Yesasia.com. if you cannot locate it.Funny thing about their website is when you check the Shaw brothers catalog, they only list some of their available titles.Sure enoug i used the search engine to enter titles and got any movie i wanted except 1-The golden sword.Duel of fists was one of the Earliest released titles i bought.
  14. nice pics Teako170!! Snake shadow lama mist is O.K. The top 5's listed are all better IMO
  15. Barsader

    Looking for UNCUT shaws!!!

    Achiever, there is (was?) an uncut version of Human Lanterns, Legit release out there.Check some online retailers' search engines possibly. I am about to watch Delightful Forest so i hope it is uncut,but it sounds very good regardless.