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  1. ive never seen good copies of either of these,comedy grates abit in both but some good action
  2. Anthony is the guy from the untold story,ebola syndrome and loads more doesnt often use martial arts in films
  3. thehangman

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    bit disappointed by this really why tinker with the film? https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=222845
  4. thehangman

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    would love to see Dragon lord both cuts, the young master and both spooky encounters films
  5. kid from kwantung one of his best performances
  6. thehangman

    Most annoying character or actor in Kung Fu

    Dean was so over the top ruined ending of warriors two. And by Hook or by crook
  7. yes was awful i had 2 watch it over about 3 sittings as couldnt get all the way through in one go,fight scenes poorly shot,crap cgi
  8. his hoping pantyhose hero will be on next then
  9. effects look so cheap so far will stick with it tho
  10. thehangman

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    like to see Dragon Lord and The young master released
  11. Saying that a good copy of Enter the fat dragon is avaliable and that features lee hoi san 'Blacked up'
  12. any signs of Pantyhose hero?
  13. hope pantyhose hero turns up
  14. wire work spoiled it abit for me rather have more grounded action