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  1. This is different from normal Top 10 lists and more strict than the Top 50, as it really makes you think about your favourite Shaw Brothers movies. Please think hard and make a decision about your Top 10. You must be able to judge whether one film is better than another, otherwise you will only spoil my topic with random listings that have no real thought behind them. This topic is to statistically find out the best of the best! 1) Super Ninjas 2) Crippled Avengers 3) Avenging Eagle 4) Clan Of The White Lotus 5) Shaolin Intruders 6) Magnificent Ruffians 7) Heroes Of The East 8) 8 Diagram Pole Fighter 9) Invincible Shaolin 10) 36th Chamber Of Shaolin Please post yours!
  2. I'm noticing something very peculiar about this forum. Whenever I talk about how good Classic Kung Fu Movies are, I get a lot of negative replies by certain posters being condescending and even putting down movies like Born Invincible, which are considered classics by the real fans. Something isn't right, yet I've experienced a similar problem in music forums; people who seemingly have no passion about the subject will come along to chat about off-topic issues or use the forum as a general trolling ground. I know Kung Fu Movies are a very specialised form of entertainment, and that this is the best place to discuss them, but how many members who visit this forum are genuine Kung Fu fans? Perhaps you mainly watch modern films, but pop in here to have a vent? I know a way to find out... if all you've seen is a handful of Kung Fu films then there's certainly no valid reason to spend your time here. However, if you've made it your business to seek out at least the classics of the genre then you deserve to be here. This doesn't include members who sign up and make but a single post for a film ID then disappear. Have you watched ALL 10 of these classic movies? Yes or no? 1) Born Invincible 2) Super Ninjas 3) Enter The Dragon 4) 7 Grandmasters 5) Invincible Armour 6) Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 7) Way Of The Dragon 8) The Last Fist Of Fury / Real Bruce Lee 9) The Secret Rivals 10) Shaolin Vs. Lama
  3. No point holding back when I can share the lust with you guys, right?
  4. Kung Fu Came First in Korea! I was checking a documentary and it seems there were bashers being produced in Korea from about 1968, which is one year before HK. And I just checked out Showdown At The Golden Gate (1971), and this actually features hand-to-hand Kung! I thought it was purely a Swordplay... what do I know! And I'm not getting confused with gangster/street fighting like in that Shaw Brothers film called Duel Of The Iron Fist, which I refuse to class as Kung Fu. Showdown At The Golden Gate has proper traditional kung fights taking place in the forest...
  5. falkor

    Men From The Monastery

    What are your opinions of this movie? Quite weak? I don't think it featured any animal (or proper kung fu) styles? Heroes Two question: apart from Tiger and Crane, were any of the other Hung styles--seen in the short introduction film--used in the movie? I seem to recall Snake and Leopard/Panther/Jaguar + others.
  6. I want to try and establish whether people generally consider this a 5 star classic or just a good watch. However, some people will criticise any Kung Fu film that most die hard fans consider classics/cult favourites, so I need you all to please answer 3 questions: 1) Do you rate Shaolin Invincible Sticks 5/5, 4/5 or less? 2) Would you consider Shaolin Invincible Sticks, even though it's mainly weapons-based, to be roughly on the same level as Traitorous, Secret Rivals, and Mystery Of Chess Boxing? 3) Are each of the following films better or worse than Shaolin Invincible Sticks: Death Duel Of Kung Fu Hot, The Cool & The Vicious Along Come The Tiger Killer From Above Blazing Temple Raiders Of The Shaolin Temple Ninja In The Dragon's Den Shaolin Master & The Kid Prodigal Son Daggers 8 Thundering Mantis Odd Couple Incredible Kung Fu Mission Fists, The Kicks & The Evils Woman Avenger Cantonen Iron Kung Fu Shaolin Iron Eagle Shaolin Red Master Shaolin Ex-Monk Killer From Above ?
  7. Did this ever get a DVD release? If so, under which title?
  8. 1) Disciples Of Shaolin How would you compare the choreography to: Challenge Of The Masters Boxer Rebellion Savage Five Heroes Two Shaolin Martial Arts ? Would you say the fight scenes in Disciples' is above any of those? 2) Delightful Forest What did you think of this film overall? 3) Magnificent Wanderes Would you say its really that bad? Did you get through it alright? How would you rate the choreography in isolation; are the fight scenes comparable to other Venoms efforts? 4) Master Of Kung Fu How would you rank this among the early 70s Shaw Brothers bashers? Would you say its a classic or damn right terrible film, or somewhere in-between? Please share your opinions on any of the above you have watched.
  9. Some folks doubt that the super jumps and Kung Fu styles (pigtail, iron palm and head) is enough to warrant this being classified as a Kung Fu film at all, let alone the first modern day Kung Fu movie shot in colour. This was released a few months before Chinese Boxer (previously considered and still considered by some to be the first), followed by Vengeance and Bruce Lee's Big Boss a year later, which is what really got the Kung Fu genre started. If there was any doubt about From The Highway then just take a look at this... Here are quotes from Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals - A Historic Survey: "Although it was understandably limited, there was a civilian job market for martial artists as well. Among civilian employers, private security companies were the most common way for martial artists of the Qing era to make a living." "Towards that end, bodyguards of the Qing era used a two-pronged approach. First they developed within themselves two major sets of skills. The primary one, of course, was skill in a martial art. Beyond these fistic skills, however, they also developed people skills, much the way modern police officers do." "Another source of employment for Qing-era martial artists were the different Chinese opera troupes." "Martial artists who found none of those employment opportunities to their liking tended to drift downward on the social scale. Many became either street entertainers or criminals. Like today's buskers, the street entertainers would show off their skill in a public place and then pass the hat around. A common sideline included selling patent medicines and tonics. They often appeared at temple celebrations or performed near markets--anyplace a crowd might gather and village leaders would not object to. The performers included feats of strength, choreographed forms, and breaking bricks. The feats of strength usually involved such things as drawing back heavy blows, bending iron bars in their hands or around their bodies, or simply lifting large objects."
  10. If you're intelligent enough to keep up with the undercranking then you'll notice the shapes in this film are very complex. When I first watched it I rated it 5/5, so I re-watched it a couple of weeks ago thinking "was I mad to be rating this 5/5?", but there's no mistake: I was right first time round--this is an underated classic--possibly one of the last classics of kung fu cinema! With practitioners as skillful as Lo Rei, I think the genre went out with a bang. FLK audio dubbed the French print in the early days, and I must say, they did an exceptional job--even back then.
  11. It's been a long wait since it was originally announced, but now the time has finally come... http://www.rarekungfumovies.com/MassacreSurvivor.html Toby Russell has offered to put out Massacre Survivor for £2000 if we can raise the money! List of contributors Edit: see later pages for a list of users, including anonymous ones, who contributed. Obviously, as I'm the biggest fan I might have to pay out all that money just to get a copy for myself, but then you can bet at that price I wouldn't want to give it to anyone else. Also, I doubt many people would contribute to that sum unless their part was really cheap, like $20-50 or something. We would never get to £2000. Therefore, if anyone wants to come in with me then you need to put up £250 (PayPal) and I will give you a copy even if I have to pay £1750 and its just me and you. If two of you guys can put up £250 each then that's even better! I would only have to pay £1500, and us three would have this pretty much exclusive, unless one of you guys decided to part with it in the future. At £250 I doubt anyone would want to flood the market, as they would have a hard time even getting back £100 on a kung title. Again, I'm not going to waste my time trying to raise £2000 with just petty contributions of less than £100, so only serious collectors should consider this!
  12. If not then I've recently acquired a GLASS print in widescreen with JAP subs--1 hour 47 minutes--could easily be fan subbed into English.
  13. I'm currently hunting down martial arts films at the Korean Film Archive in the hope of identifying some unfound films like Golden-Headed Eagle and The Invasion, though usually if Markgway, yongpal or myself haven't found it then its probably not in the KOFA. Nevertheless, I will list any obscure titles that lack visual evidence; if you recognise any titles/synopsis as films previously identified then do post (or if you have found any posters or stills). http://www.kmdb.or.kr/eng/md_basic.asp?nation=K&p_dataid=02373
  14. What ones have been produced in the last 12 years? Please list as many as you can...
  15. falkor

    Cinemart magazine

    Ahead of Teako's up and coming project, I've decided to list what I've managed to find out about Cinemart magazine and its martial arts content. Cinemart started out during the Swordplay boom and could be considered the Kung Fu fan's Bible, as it features a very mixed selection of indepedents + Shaw Brothers. And its the only HK publication I know of to feature rare Taiwanese lensed films like Massacre Survivor, which are seldom mentioned in academic sources. This is very much work in progress, and I could certainly do with some assistance regarding additions (issues with "+ more" or "+ maybe some SB films" or "?"), any corrections, film IDs (several Judy Lee films), as well as image contributions. #1 ? #2 ? #3 ? #4 ? #5 May 1970 ? #6 Jun 1970 ? #7 Jul 1970 ? #8 Aug 1970* 13 Worms (B&W) The Story of Ti-Ying (4 page B&W) The Ghost's Sword (B&W) The Ghost's Sword (B&W poster) #9 Sep 1970 ? #10 Oct 1970 ? #11 Nov 1970 Ghost Hill (B&W) A Touch Of Zen (4 pages B&W) Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W) #12 Dec 1970 ? #13 Jan 1971 ? #14 Feb 1971 Secret Messengers (colour poster) Zatoichi and the One Armed Swordsman (B&W) Cruelty Goddess (1/3 page B&W) Desperate Chase--not the Wang Yu film (B&W) Tsu Hong Wu Kan Lu - The Boy Minister Zatoichi and the One Armed Swordsman (B&W poster) #15 Mar 1971 Fearless Fighters Bravest Revenge + more #16 Apr 1971 ? #17 May 1971 ? #18 Jun 1971* Comet Strikes (B&W poster) 14 Amazons (B&W poster) Magnificent Chivalry (4 pages B&W) Hurricane (B&W) "In The Nick Of Time" (B&W) starring Kao Yuan (detective based possibly without Kung Fu) Bus Stop (B&W) not really Kung Fu Brave & The Evil (4 pages B&W) Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W) 14 Amazons (B&W) behind the scenes Amunition Hunters (B&W) The Story Of Ti Ying (B&W) drama? Mad Killer (colour poster) Missing back cover #19 Jul 1971 ? #20 Aug 1971 Invincible Iron Palm (B&W) You Can't Tell Him (B&W) Sword (B&W) Blood Of The Dragon (1 page B&W) Blood Of The Dragon (B&W) The Chase (B&W) Thunderbolt (B&W poster) Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W) #21 Sep 1971 ? #22 Oct 1971 Invincible Iron Palm (B&W) Invincible Sword (B&W) Matchless Conqueror (1 page colour) Widow Takes Revenger (B&W) + more? #23 Nov 1971* Big Boss (B&W poster) Desperate Chase/Blood Of The Dragon (B&W) Beach Of The War Gods (B&W) Adventure / Iron Fist Adventures (B&W) "Jin Wen Dam" (B&W) possible has Kung Fu action #24 Dec 1971 ?
  16. falkor

    Cinemart magazine

    #125 May 1980* Buddhist Fist (B&W) Unknown; see below (B&W) Leg Fighters (1 page colour) Sword (B&W) #123 Mar 1980* Revenger (colour) MISSING 1 page Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (colour) Devil Design (B&W) #138 Jun 1981* Great Cheat (B&W) Prodigal Son (B&W) Dragon Lord (B&W) "War After Truce" (colour) Gambler's Duel (colour) The Imp (colour) #146 Feb 1982* Duel To The Death (B&W) Champions (B&W) Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (colour) Carry On Pickpocket #147 Mar 1982* Miracle Fighters (B&W) Postman Fights Back (B&W) Four Encounters (B&W) Mad Rose (B&W) Lily Under The Muzzle (B&W) Can't Stop The War (colour) #158 Feb 1983* Dead and the Deadly (B&W) Zu (B&W) Shaolin Drunkard (B&W) Attack Of The Joyful Goddess (colour) Fantasy Mission Force (colour) Shaolin Drunkard (colour) Project A (colour) #171 Mar 1984* Heroes Shed No Tears (B&W) Profile In Anger (B&W) Death Ring (B&W) Death Ring (colour) #173 May 1984* 5 Fighters From Shaolin (B&W) Wheels On Meals (B&W) #178 Oct 1984 Death Ring (B&W)
  17. falkor

    Cinemart magazine

    Updated: #18 Jun 1971* Comet Strikes (B&W poster) 14 Amazons (B&W poster) Magnificent Chivalry (4 pages B&W) Hurricane (B&W) "In The Nick Of Time" (B&W) starring Kao Yuan (detective based possibly without Kung Fu) Bus Stop (B&W) not really Kung Fu Brave & The Evil (4 pages B&W) Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W) 14 Amazons (B&W) behind the scenes Amunition Hunters (B&W) The Story Of Ti Ying (B&W) drama? Mad Killer (colour poster) Missing back cover #23 Nov 1971* Big Boss (B&W poster) Desperate Chase/Blood Of The Dragon (B&W) Beach Of The War Gods (B&W) Adventure / Iron Fist Adventures (B&W) "Jin Wen Dam" (B&W) possible has Kung Fu action #31 Jul 1972 Devil and Angel (colour poster) Cannibals (1 page B&W) Fist Of Unicorn (1 page B&W) Blind Boxer (B&W) Filial Son (B&W) Cannibals (B&W) Wang Yu King Of Boxers (B&W) Ma Su Chen (B&W) Devil and Angel (B&W) Ghostly Face (B&W) Back Street (B&W) A Kiss To Remember (B&W) starring Wang Yu but unlikely to contain Kung Fu Western film directed by Lee Hang, starring Au Wei and Chui Fook-Sang (B&W) Boxer From Shantung (B&W) behind the scenes Autumn Execution (4 pages B&W) probably no Kung Fu Way Of The Dragon (B&W) Ghostly Face (1 page colour) Blind Boxer (colour) Unknown basher (1 page colour) #37 Jan 1973 Devil and Angel (colour poster) Roaring Lion (B&W poster) Fingers That Kill? (B&W) Chinese (B&W) Policewoman (B&W) Knight Errant (B&W) Gathering Of Heroes (B&W) Awaken Punch (B&W) Private Eye (B&W) Two Cavaliers (B&W) Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (B&W) Black List (B&W) Stranger From Canton (1 page colour) Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (colour) Tiger (colour) #54 Jun 1974 Kidnap in Rome (B&W) Valiant Ones (B&W) The Witch (1 page colour) doubt it contains any Kung Fu. Badge 369 (B&W) Na Cha The Great (B&W)
  18. Updated with 2 new magazines: 1972 *February Notorious Ones (B&W) One-Armed Boxer (B&W) Hurricane (B&W poster) Water Margin (B&W) Ingrid Hu (B&W) *July On The Waterfront (1 page colour) On The Waterfront (B&W) Brutal Boxer (B&W) Hapkido (B&W) Ma Su Chen (B&W) Blind Boxer (B&W)
  19. I'll be posting a big Cinemart topic later tonight, so thought it worthwhile to update the list of International Screens issues containing Martial Arts content. The main changes since last year is the addition of the second half of 1967, as well as bashers from 1972-73 after the Cathay organisation closed. Here's a introduction article: INTERNATIONAL SCREEN 1962 January Revenge of a Swordswoman New Magic Cup 1964 July No Martial Arts!!! 1966 August Wandering Knight Gunfight at Lo Ma Lake "Ironfinger" (Cathay/Toho prod.) Golden Bat/series 1967 January Operation Macao (3 pages + 1 color) Magic Fan (1 page poster ad. b/w) Black Bull and White Snake February March No Martial Arts!!! April *May No Martial Arts!!! *June No Martial Arts!!! *July First Sword Unknown Japanese style swordplay (probably non-Cathay) August First Sword First Sword (competition) *September Travel With A Sword (4 pages) First Sword “Rebellion” starring Toshiro Mifune (Toho pro.) *October Travel With A Sword (1 page) First Sword *November First Sword Travel With A Sword (4 pages) First Sword (B&W) *December Travel With A Sword (4 pages) First Sword (4 pages) Vagabond Swordsman Duel at Supreme Gate (4 pages) 1968 *January Smiling Swordsman (4 pages) Travel With A Sword Travel With A Sword (poster) Duel at Supreme Gate Vagabond Swordsman *February – March Desperate 7 (4 pages) Magnificent Gunfighters (4 pages) Smiling Swordsman (4 pages) Vagabond Swordsman Duel at Supreme Gate *April Invisible Sabre (4 pages) Magnificent Gunfighter (4 pages) Desperate Seven (4 pages) Smiling Swordsman (3 pages) *May Invisible Sabre (4 pages) Desperate Seven Smiling Swordsman Magnificent Gunfighter (4 pages) Stranger *June Desperate Seven (colour) Desperate Seven (b&w) To Kill A Rover (4 pages) Invisible Sabre (4 pages) *July Magnificent Gunfighter (colour) Smiling Swordsman (colour) Jade Dragon - 4 pages To Kill A Rover - 4 pages Magnificent Gunfighter (b&w) Invisible Sabre Desperate Seven *August Invisible Sabre (colour poster) Invisible Sabre (1 page colour) To Kill A Rover (1 page colour) Iron Bones (4 pages) Jade Dragon (4 pages) To Kill A Rover Invisible Sabre *September Jade Dragon (color) Jade Dragon (b&w) Iron Bones Violet Mansion Royal Seal To Kill A Rover *October Desperate Seven (poster) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (colour) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (b&w) Violet Mansion Black Panther Royal Seal Jade Dragon Iron Bones *November Eight For the Border Black Panther Escorts Over Tiger Hills Royal Seal Violet Mansion *December Ingrid Hu x 4 Escorts Over Tiger Hills Violet Mansion (poster) Violet Mansion (colour) Eight For the Border (4 pages) Pearl In Command Black Panther Royal Seal Lotus Camp Iron Bones (poster) 1969 *January Magnificent Gunfighters (poster) Royal Seal (colour) Royal Seal (b&w) Pearl in Command Spirits Escorts Over Tiger Hills Violet Mansion (poster) Eight For the Border Black Panther Mallow Forest From The Highway (behind the scenes) Unknown Swordplay “Dragon slayer/students” *February Unconquered Spirits Eight For the Border Escorts Over Tiger Hills From The Highway Lotus Camp Pearl in Command Unconquered Mallow Forest *March Royal Seal Spirits Escorts Over Tiger Hills From The Highway Unconquered Mallow Forest Black Panther (poster) *April Ingrid Hu x 2 From The Highway - 4 pages Escorts Over Tiger Hills (colour) Mad, Mad, Mad Sword - 4 pages Eagle's Claw Spirits Mallow Forest Unconquered Pearl in Command (poster) *May Ingrid Hu x 2 Fabulous Protectress Rivals King’s Sword Challenge Eagle’s Claw Mad, Mad, Mad Sword Spirits Mallow Forest Eight For The Border (poster) *June Ingrid Hu x 2 Forbidden Killing Rivals King’s Sword From The Highway Mad, Mad, Mad Sword Eagle’s Claw Unconquered Mallow Forest (poster) *July Ingrid Hu - From The Highway (1 page colour, 1 page B&W) Ingrid Hu (2 page B&W) Challenge (B&W) From The Highway (B&W) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (B&W) Eagle's Claw (B&W) *August Ingrid Hu (colour) Ingrid Hu (2 page B&W) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (B&W poster) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (8 pages B&W) From The Highway (B&W) King's Sword (B&W) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (colour poster) *September Ingrid Hu x 2 Singapore Film Festival (Ingrid Hu) Devil’s Skin Eagle’s Claw Rivals Escorts Over Tiger Hills From The Highway Mad, Mad, Mad Sword (poster) To Skin A Tiger *October Ingrid Hu (colour) Missing pages Escorts Over Tiger Hills (colour spread + 8 pages b&w) Forbidden Killing (b&w) King’s Sword (b&w) Escorts Over Tiger Hills (colour poster) *November Ingrid Hu x 2 Escorts Over Tiger Hills charity show Escorts Over Tiger Hills photograph contest From The Highway Devil’s Skin Unconquered The Challenge Forbidden Killing King’s Sword *December From The Highway (colour) From The Highway (Ingrid Hu) From The Highway (Peter Yang) From The Highway (b&w) Lark Ingrid Hu x 2 Devil’s Skin Rivals Eagle’s Claw Forbidden Killing King’s Sword x 2 (including poster) Challenge 1970 *January Ingrid Hu x 2 From The Highway Forbidden Killing *February Ingrid Hu (b&w) From The Highway (colour poster) Unknown Swordsman King’s Sword Living Sword Fabulous Protectress Devil’s Skin Forbidden Killing(?) *March Ingrid Hu (b&w) Fabulous Protectress Unknown Swordsman Devil’s Skin King’s Sword Forbidden Killing April May *June Ingrid Hu x 3 Mission To Die (b&w) Great Highwayman (b&w) Living Sword (b&w) Fabulous Protectress (b&w) *July Ingrid Hu x 2 Her Vengeance – 4 pages Mission To Die Great Highwayman Unknown Swordsman Living Sword Fabulous Protectress – article + colour poster Devil’s Skin *August Ingrid Hu x 2 Mission To Die Pursued Great Plot Great Highwayman Unknown Swordsman Captive Her Vengeance Forbidden Killing Cold Blade *September Ingrid Hu x 3 Cold Blade – 4 pages Pursued Great Plot Captive Mission To Die Great Highwayman Her Vengeance King Cobra October *November Cold Blade – colour Cold Blade – B&W Mission To Die – info only Ingrid Hu x 2 Devil’s Skin Pursued Living Sword *December Great Plot Pursued Ingrid Hu x 3 Her Vengeance 1971 *January Great Highwayman Pursued Living Sword Captive King Cobra 36 Killers Cold Blade poster *February Ingrid Hu (front page + b&w 2 page) Inn Of Mercy (6 pages) To Skin A Tiger (1 b&w) March April May *June Ingrid Hu Blade Spares None Comet Strikes Joseph Kuo/Chang Ching Ching Sorrowful To A Ghost Angry River July August September Pursued Blood of the Dragon Unknown Swordplay “Tiger Killing Mount” Unknown Swordplay (umbrellas) Invincible Sword Great Chinese Boxer Unsung Heroes of the Wilderness Sword October November December 1972 January *February Notorious Ones (B&W) One-Armed Boxer (B&W) Hurricane (B&W poster) Water Margin (B&W) Ingrid Hu (B&W) March April May (#193) Blind Boxer Crush + more June *July On The Waterfront (1 page colour) On The Waterfront (B&W) Brutal Boxer (B&W) Hapkido (B&W) Ma Su Chen (B&W) Blind Boxer (B&W) August September (#196) Devil and Angel (1 page colour) Heroine Susan (B&W) On The Waterfront (B&W) Roaring Lion (B&W) Smugglers (B&W) Ingrid Hu (2 pages colour) Ingrid Hu (3 pages B&W) October December 1973 January February (#201) Black Belt (B&W) Private Eye (B&W) Smugglers (B&W poster) Stranger From Canton (colour) Stranger From Canton (1 page B&W) March (#202) Black Belt (B&W) Concrete Jungle (1 page colour) Concrete Jungle (B&W) Kung Fu Mama (B&W) Stranger From Canton (B&W) Thunderkick (B&W) Ingrid Hu (2 page colour) April (#203) Action Taekwondo (colour) Action Taekwondo (B&W) Black Belt (1 page colour) Bravest One (B&W) Girl Named Iron Phoenix (B&W) “Iron Boxer” starring Barry Chan (B&W) Man Beyond The Horizon (B&W) Win Them All (B&W) Ingrid Hu (1 page colour) May (#204) Action Taekwondo (colour) Action Taekwondo (B&W) Bravest One (B&W) Man Of No Nerve (B&W) Rikisha Kuri (3 pages B&W) Stranger From Canton (colour poster) “The Last Moment” starring Chen Chen (B&W) Ingrid Hu (1 page colour) June (#205) Action Taekwondo (B&W) Stranger From Canton (B&W) Angry Dragon (B&W) “The Last Moment” starring Chen Chen (B&W) The Flying Tiger (B&W) July (#206) Action Taekwondo (colour poster) Black Belt (B&W) Cantonese (B&W) Martial Hero (B&W) One By One (B&W) Tongfather (B&W) August (#207) 2 Dragons Fight Against Tiger (B&W) Black Dragon (B&W) Death On The Docks (B&W) Fingers That Kill (colour) Fingers That Kill (B&W) Unknown (B&W) September (#208) Black Dragon Fingers That Kill (B&W) Fingers That Kill (1 page colour) Furious Dragon (B&W) Bloody Street (B&W) Hot Pursuit (B&W) Rats (B&W) White Butterfly Killer (B&W) Honeymoon Killer (B&W) October (#209) End Of The Wicked Tiger (B&W) Fierce Among Strong (B&W) Fingers That Kill (B&W) Kung Fu Brothers In The Wild West (B&W) Win Them All (B&W) November (#210) Chinese Tiger w/ Chang Yi (B&W) Fingers That Kill (B&W) Hot Pursuit (B&W) Kung Fu Brothers In The Wild West (B&W) Kung Fu Brothers In The Wild West (1 page colour) Kung Fu King (B&W) December UNKNOWNS 203 204 207 208
  20. I'm trying to figure out what happened between 1982-1985 to kill the Classic Kung Fu genre. The Classic Kung Fu genre reached it's peak around the shapes period of 1978-1979, and those type of movies could loosely be described as containing combinations of the following: *Movies about martial arts and with training scenes *Movies with animal styles or other esoteric weapons/styles *Movies set in a traditional environment *Movies that are more serious than comedy Anything that meets the above requirements in full could be considered a "pure" example of the Kung Fu genre, whereas some films--even during the shapes period--could quite easily deviate from that formula yet still retain enough criteria to be considered a shapes film. Everytime a famous director or star changed one or more of the above elements, he/she was essentially trying to attract viewers from other genres and possibly appeal more to the mainstream. BTW, I don't think Kung Fu films were ever really mainstream (only during the Bruce Lee craze), except possibly in 78-79 when quite a few were featured in the top 20 HK box-office hits. Anyway, everytime celebrities featured basic martial arts of no particular style, set in modern day, with a slapstick comedy element, they were taking a dangerous stab at the genre and would eventually kill it--for profit. It could be argued, however, that tastes changed and the audience wanted something different. I don't buy that. Martial arts films of the mid-80s are inferior to martial arts films of the late 70s. The difference is: mid-80s appealed more to the generation of the time, with modern elements of comedy and more famliarity through their experience with other movie genres and lack of exposure to pure Kung. Also, people are like sheep and will follow whatever the latest fashion is as dictated by famous celebrities. So who or what killed the genre? I believe that 2 famous actors/directors of the shapes period were the same ones responsible for bringing it down: Jackie Chan and Samo Hung. 2 Drunk Monkey In The Tiger's 05/10/78- 03/11/78 30 $6,763,793.40 10 Warrior's Two 28/12/78- 11/01/79 15 $2,863,467.80 2 Fearless Hyena, The, 17/02/79- 07/03/79 19 $5,445,535.50 6 Magnificent Butcher, The, 19/12/79- 02/01/80 15 $3,945,341.40 3 Big Brawl, The 16/10/80- 29/10/80 14 $5,776,530.00 6 Encounter of the Spooky 24/12/80- 08/01/81 16 $5,675,626.00 2 Dragon Lord 21/01/82- 13/02/82 24 $17,936,344.00 1 Project 'A' 22/12/83- 11/01/84 21 $19,323,824.00 1 My Lucky Stars 10/02/85- 08/03/85 27 $30,748,643.00 2 Twinkle Twinkle Little 15/08/85- 10/09/85 27 $28,911,851.00 Star 3 Police Story 14/12/85- 10/01/86 28 $26,626,760.00
  21. What is it about Kung Fu Movies--particularly those of the late 70s/early 80s shapes period--that makes them so fun, enjoyable, exciting, interesting and entertaining? What exactly happens when we watch a Kung Fu film? Can the experience be explained and what makes it so good? Is there anything that is similar to watching a Kung Fu film? How would you explain to somebody who has never seen a Kung Fu film why you find them so good? This is not an easy question and demands a deep answer. I was even maybe thinking of starting a competition to see who could come up with the best answer.