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    Cinemart magazine

    #125 May 1980* Buddhist Fist (B&W) Unknown; see below (B&W) Leg Fighters (1 page colour) Sword (B&W) #123 Mar 1980* Revenger (colour) MISSING 1 page Northern Kicks, Southern Fists (colour) Devil Design (B&W) #138 Jun 1981* Great Cheat (B&W) Prodigal Son (B&W) Dragon Lord (B&W) "War After Truce" (colour) Gambler's Duel (colour) The Imp (colour) #146 Feb 1982* Duel To The Death (B&W) Champions (B&W) Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (colour) Carry On Pickpocket #147 Mar 1982* Miracle Fighters (B&W) Postman Fights Back (B&W) Four Encounters (B&W) Mad Rose (B&W) Lily Under The Muzzle (B&W) Can't Stop The War (colour) #158 Feb 1983* Dead and the Deadly (B&W) Zu (B&W) Shaolin Drunkard (B&W) Attack Of The Joyful Goddess (colour) Fantasy Mission Force (colour) Shaolin Drunkard (colour) Project A (colour) #171 Mar 1984* Heroes Shed No Tears (B&W) Profile In Anger (B&W) Death Ring (B&W) Death Ring (colour) #173 May 1984* 5 Fighters From Shaolin (B&W) Wheels On Meals (B&W) #178 Oct 1984 Death Ring (B&W)
  2. falkor

    Cinemart magazine

    Updated: #18 Jun 1971* Comet Strikes (B&W poster) 14 Amazons (B&W poster) Magnificent Chivalry (4 pages B&W) Hurricane (B&W) "In The Nick Of Time" (B&W) starring Kao Yuan (detective based possibly without Kung Fu) Bus Stop (B&W) not really Kung Fu Brave & The Evil (4 pages B&W) Unsung Heroes Of The Wilderness (B&W) 14 Amazons (B&W) behind the scenes Amunition Hunters (B&W) The Story Of Ti Ying (B&W) drama? Mad Killer (colour poster) Missing back cover #23 Nov 1971* Big Boss (B&W poster) Desperate Chase/Blood Of The Dragon (B&W) Beach Of The War Gods (B&W) Adventure / Iron Fist Adventures (B&W) "Jin Wen Dam" (B&W) possible has Kung Fu action #31 Jul 1972 Devil and Angel (colour poster) Cannibals (1 page B&W) Fist Of Unicorn (1 page B&W) Blind Boxer (B&W) Filial Son (B&W) Cannibals (B&W) Wang Yu King Of Boxers (B&W) Ma Su Chen (B&W) Devil and Angel (B&W) Ghostly Face (B&W) Back Street (B&W) A Kiss To Remember (B&W) starring Wang Yu but unlikely to contain Kung Fu Western film directed by Lee Hang, starring Au Wei and Chui Fook-Sang (B&W) Boxer From Shantung (B&W) behind the scenes Autumn Execution (4 pages B&W) probably no Kung Fu Way Of The Dragon (B&W) Ghostly Face (1 page colour) Blind Boxer (colour) Unknown basher (1 page colour) #37 Jan 1973 Devil and Angel (colour poster) Roaring Lion (B&W poster) Fingers That Kill? (B&W) Chinese (B&W) Policewoman (B&W) Knight Errant (B&W) Gathering Of Heroes (B&W) Awaken Punch (B&W) Private Eye (B&W) Two Cavaliers (B&W) Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (B&W) Black List (B&W) Stranger From Canton (1 page colour) Assassin/Bodyguard starring Larry Lee (colour) Tiger (colour) #54 Jun 1974 Kidnap in Rome (B&W) Valiant Ones (B&W) The Witch (1 page colour) doubt it contains any Kung Fu. Badge 369 (B&W) Na Cha The Great (B&W)
  3. Updated with 2 new magazines: 1972 *February Notorious Ones (B&W) One-Armed Boxer (B&W) Hurricane (B&W poster) Water Margin (B&W) Ingrid Hu (B&W) *July On The Waterfront (1 page colour) On The Waterfront (B&W) Brutal Boxer (B&W) Hapkido (B&W) Ma Su Chen (B&W) Blind Boxer (B&W)
  4. I only started this topic to find out about you. You really surprise me, as I feel you are the single worst member of this forum. I don't know why you are the way you are, but it's beyond my understanding. You appear to be a fan of Kung Fu films, yet are always so against them. I would have a better chance of finding out the theory of everything than trying to understand you. There's no need for this topic to continue... my theory has been proven wrong. Even real fans can end up putting down the genre. You've bothered watching all those films, but don't even like Born Invincible!? That's really pissed me off... I'm done with this forum. Good-bye!
  5. Hey KFS, I'm willing to bet money that you haven't seen all 10 of those films. BTW, Super Ninjas is on there.
  6. I am not responding to anyone unless they've passed the test, otherwise you are too low level to be taking up any of my time: http://www.kungfucinema.com/forums/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=10759
  7. Has Jackie Chan seen Massacre Survivor yet?
  8. Address: The Old Classic Cinema, 211 Clapham Road, SW9 OQH - opposite Stockwell Tube Station. Doors open 6pm till Midnight showing Fists, The Kicks and the Evils + Massacre Survivor so bring your horns cause it's going to be a road block. Pass on the good news!.
  9. I feel my shapes level is quite high, though I'm below people like rdenn and DESCENDENT to name a few; those guys have really studied shapes more than anyone I know.
  10. falkor

    Question about Massacre Survivor print

    As the reels were playing back, there was obviously a physical problem with that part of the film and hardware used to play it back. The whole process from start to finish was entirely documented in the Massacre Survivor topic, including scans from the 35mm, and the other topic about how it was restored.. It was transferred and restored in a very short space of time. It went from reels straight to 2 DVDs in about 4 separate recordings. This was then edited together and colour corrected, etc.
  11. I'm noticing something very peculiar about this forum. Whenever I talk about how good Classic Kung Fu Movies are, I get a lot of negative replies by certain posters being condescending and even putting down movies like Born Invincible, which are considered classics by the real fans. Something isn't right, yet I've experienced a similar problem in music forums; people who seemingly have no passion about the subject will come along to chat about off-topic issues or use the forum as a general trolling ground. I know Kung Fu Movies are a very specialised form of entertainment, and that this is the best place to discuss them, but how many members who visit this forum are genuine Kung Fu fans? Perhaps you mainly watch modern films, but pop in here to have a vent? I know a way to find out... if all you've seen is a handful of Kung Fu films then there's certainly no valid reason to spend your time here. However, if you've made it your business to seek out at least the classics of the genre then you deserve to be here. This doesn't include members who sign up and make but a single post for a film ID then disappear. Have you watched ALL 10 of these classic movies? Yes or no? 1) Born Invincible 2) Super Ninjas 3) Enter The Dragon 4) 7 Grandmasters 5) Invincible Armour 6) Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 7) Way Of The Dragon 8) The Last Fist Of Fury / Real Bruce Lee 9) The Secret Rivals 10) Shaolin Vs. Lama
  12. Mark, you cannot understand why Born Invincible is such a high level movie in spite of the undercranking and framecuts. For that reason, I would place you on a lower level to shapes and silver hermit, etc. I feel that you would fall somewhere between the range of 30-40.
  13. I might not have tested Massacre Survivor out on a 100 people, but when a lot of complex and unusual routines are being observed at very high speed, is it really so absurd to think this might demand a certain level/kind of intelligence coupled with some additional knowledge in order to understand and appreciate? What is so controversial about this? There is certainly nothing past the mid-80s that could be described as complicated/nutty, unless a person is so thick that it might push them to the next level (level 2) where a shapes appreciator is on level 50. What shapes level are you at do you think?
  14. Guys, I've simply put forward my hypothesis about Kung, and yet everyone is acting inferior. It's got nothing to do with me being better/worse than you or vice versa; it's about finding out the truth behind the understanding of shapes. This is exactly what happened to galileo. He came out with a sound theory, but instead of trying to disprove it or look more at what he was saying, they simply took it out on the man himself. I'm not on a pedestal or trying to be superior. What I am saying is proven... I've already tested Massacre on first time observers, and they do not understand. I wish they did! Again, this has nothing whatsoever to do with me vs. you (and who is better out of us). Why can't we have a civilised discussion? Here's my last response; I would encourage everyone to continue the discussion, but leave out personal attacks against me if that's not too much to ask?
  15. Kung Fu Movies are some of the most high speed and complex visuals you are ever likely to come across... it ain't for simple minds! I am willing to go further and say that the more simple a fight scene is, the more popular the movie probably is. The shapes period of the late 70s was the peak of Kung Fu Movies, yet ones of the early 70s and mid-80s were more popular because they are easier to follow. I bet if I showed Massacre Survivor to an autistic bloke, he would love it first time!