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  1. rdenn

    Ip Man: Kung Fu Master

    lots of members in the axe gang in this one, some of the fighting in this is not to bad
  2. wonder who the main villain is in this movie
  3. they never did undercranking before, so why now ?
  4. rdenn

    Has Ku Feng Passed Away?

    think that was a troll on facebook that made that post about ku feng passing
  5. saw this at the screening last night, decent action scenes and laughable dialogue from the american actors, wu yue was really good as the tai chi master and donnie was decent as usual plus really good acting from him here, and scott was enjoying his role as the villian a good watch but not the best in the series.
  6. i am under pressure watching those shapes, amazing
  7. UK screening on December 23rd https://www.picturehouses.com/movie-details/010/HO00010390/ip-man-4-the-finale-plus-q-a?fbclid=IwAR1pM93Jf2OM5xFbalnRvKhEZumIj6thI7iiq-MhTfaswLsX9lfq4SDo6G4
  8. rdenn

    RIP Chen Sing

    R.I.P that claw will be missed.
  9. i post a lot of clips on the forums on Facebook that is about it
  10. good to see Kane Kosugi back on screen
  11. rdenn

    FU subs

    that print is actually from the Chinese streaming site Youku it has the logo on the top right
  12. rick has cancelled tomorrow, next cafe will be in november
  13. my rdenn4 channel on youtube has been shutdown again, i am officially done with youtube now
  14. crazy being at the hk filmart last march and to see all the promotion for this movie and it still has not been released.