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  1. venoms5

    Update on To Kill A Mastermind

    Yes, I mentioned that in my post about this particular movie. I don't know who he was subbed out with. It only mentioned that he suffered an injury shooting KILLER CONSTABLE. Chang Cheh mentions this accident in his memoir talking about Kuei Chi Hung regarding Wai, but doesn't state the name of the movie. Lee Chung Wah was the spear guy and Kwan Young Moon was the helmet-kicker guy.
  2. I have both issues. The one from 1978 and the one from 1979. When Jing translated for me, she noticed the English blurb was confused from the Chinese text she pointed out to me. She said the dates were correct, just that it didn't make understandable that both incidents were a year apart, but same month with two day difference between them. I don't have time right now as I am preparing to head out for the night. I should still have the article on the computer. I seriously doubt my Chinese friend would not read the characters right considering Chinese is her primary language so not sure why there is doubt here.
  3. venoms5

    Update on To Kill A Mastermind

    The lead suffered a back injury on KILLER CONSTABLE according to a magazine article which shut this other movie down. I assume whatever scenes he did for the Kuei picture were scrapped and, or shot with someone else.
  4. Wunderbar:wink: I appreciate that especially after your initial message, before you changed it, wherein you stated I was wrong. I didn't need to refer to your article when I had my own to translate as I was trying to find out if there was some other accident the actor had been involved in regardless of its severity. Some things are different from what you have which is why I asked my friend more than once. She even pointed the dates/the characters out to me. Again...When someone who reads, writes Chinese tells me those are the dates, THOSE ARE THE DATES. When they point out the characters to me as to what they represent, THOSE ARE THE DATES. I have no other choice but to take this person at their word, especially when the dates match up with English text.
  5. Sigh, I knew this would happen. I wrote what I was told, asked her twice for verification and I'm not changing it. The blurb I posted in ENGLISH states this as well, it only leaves out the fact that the two accidents were a year apart. What it meant to say was "Two days after the first accident the following year". First accident was on September 17th--I never said it was on the 19th. You apparently didn't read closely enough. That was the second accident which happened the following year also in September. You want me to change it to what your source said. Mine said different and mine is staying as it is.
  6. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I had two articles translated--the accidents and his death. First accident was on September 17th, 1978, second accident was on September 19th, 1979 the following year. The English blurb confused the time frame. There was nothing in there regarding a coma. The second accident was said to be worse since he lost nearly half a year from his broken leg which had to be operated on twice. Is this what you are referring to?
  7. I appreciate that Terrence, really. If it hadn't been for our discussion yesterday/day before regarding the injury discrepancy, I likely wouldn't have went out of my way to get that stuff translated. I'm surprised they translated as much as they did considering how notoriously uninterested Asians are in cinema of this vintage. For the most part, anyway. And thank you Ching Li for checking it out as well.
  8. PART 1 http://www.coolasscinema.com/2010/10/shaw-brothers-cinema-life-death-of.html PART 2 http://www.coolasscinema.com/2010/10/shaw-brothers-cinema-life-death-of_21.html PART 3--this one contains info about his death http://www.coolasscinema.com/2010/10/shaw-brothers-cinema-life-death-of_22.html
  9. This is confirmed in the translated SS article, too.
  10. Sort of, but mostly things that happened between the accident and when he died. Also, it seems he lived longer than three hours, or ever how long it was said he held on. A lot of peculiar spooky stuff, too.
  11. venoms5

    Update on To Kill A Mastermind

    One had already been written. There's a new one here... http://www.coolasscinema.com/2010/10/to-kill-mastermind-1979-review.html
  12. Some of this is pretty shocking stuff. Also, it would be beneficial to find out if there was any legal action after the car wreck. I have five or six issues from 1984. Not sure if there's anything more in there regarding Fu's death after the fact. There is an article in one of those regarding Chan Shen's death.
  13. I just got back from my Malay friends restaurant and my friends wife spent 70 minutes translating two articles in November 1979 and August 1983 of Southern Screen. According to her translation, the first accident, him falling backwards into an urn wasn't as severe as first thought and that the right leg shattering was worse. She didn't mention anything about a coma. I assume because another operation was called to remove some bone that wasn't set right. The English blurb confuses the time frame. According to the Chinese text, which she pointed out to me, the first accident occurred on September 17th of 1978. Two days later the FOLLOWING YEAR on September 19th, 1979 he broke his right leg while shooting HEROES SHED NO TEARS. What she translated for Fu Sheng's death was really interesting and kind of spooky. I wrote a ton of notes. I think Teako has already posted somewhere here, but it seems Fu's third brother Chang Zheng Sheng was the driver of the car. The day of the funeral was kind of a tense situation. Lots of stuff here, just gotta compile it all. One other thing, there was no mention of him buying Bruce Lee's house, so either this was just a rumor, or seemingly wasn't newsworthy enough at the time.
  14. I'm not thinking it when it's printed right there on the page. I am simply trying to figure out what it is since there's two incidents known--one a bumped head and the other a broken leg. Yes, publications in America generally have their stuff a couple months in advance. But taking into consideration they don't/didn't make movies in HK the way they do in America.... Since they were multitasking on those movies back then--filming on multiple sets, editing in the same day, you'd think a release date could be corrected in a magazine before printing so as not to hurt potential box office. It's not that big of a deal, just difficult to nail a lot of these things down as there were so many movies being made at once back then as you well know. Yes, it mentions the house being a mile or so away from Movietown. I could ask some of my Malay friends about it. The moderator at wuxiasociety might know, too, since he grew up during that time. He said his mother was a great fan of Fu Sheng so most likely the answer could be found there....hopefully.
  15. Betty, if I send you a scan of the issue that mentions this "narrow escape" incident, can you get it translated? I will try and coerce some of my Chinese friends to do likewise in the interim. Also, in the May '80 issue of SS, it mentions Fu's leg break Sept. '79 and also mentions that right after this, they moved into a 3 story Spanish style villa which Fu bought for 3.1 million. Is this the alleged former residence of Bruce Lee?