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    Chen Singh

    rage of wind, kung fu the invisible fist, gold snatchers, tiger force, ninja blacklist and brutal boxer are some cool bashers that come to mind. whoever corrected the spelling along with the sarcastic remark that he's not indian, thanks I didnt think I was gonna be able to sleep tonite. This is why I keep my posting to a minimum.
  2. This is a solid basher about a young boy who wittnesses the murder of his parents and grows up to take revenge. If I remember correctly there are some kind of family ties to all involved. descent fights very 70s style. Yu Tien Lung is some pissed off in this one. You can find a widescreen version on ebay.
  3. cabanin

    vhs in New York

    Thanks for replying to the post I appreciate the help.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows of any stores around Manhatten thats still selling kung fu on vhs. Found one place on 37th and 6th that has a lot of ocean shores boots and other stuff. anyone know of any others? thanks
  5. cabanin

    How many people here smoke?

    Yi Long thinks Barak Obama is the smartest president our country has ever had. Now thats what I call DOPEY!
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I did try ripping it with no luck . I found it on ez takes burnable downloads for 8.00. Good reminder about making backups.
  7. My widescreen copy of kung fu the invisible fist will no longer play. The original crash release is impossible to find. Anyone know if the version in crashes big box of kung fu is the same widescreen version, Or where I can find the original ? Thanks guys.
  8. I have the crash version with the complete ending. It ends with the teacher and the thai boxers standing at Larry Lees grave and the doctor telling them he paid for the operation.
  9. anyone know whats up with this release? supposed to be out on 1/22 havent been able to find it in stores.
  10. Eric Cartman is a genius compared to this guy
  11. I went to see Five Fingers of Death the first week it opened.proceded to see every KungFu movie that came in it's wake. Back then the films were all rated R, being 12, I worked a deal with the theater usher at the local grind house in New Haven, Connecticut. He would let me in the back door of the theater for two bucks every Saturday. Most of the movies that played were bashers, I still love basher flicks to this day. In 1988, I stumbled onto a wall of Ocean Shores videos at the local shop, and there was "Karado the Hong Kong Cat" I was back in heaven and have been collecting ever since.This is the best community on the web for Kung Fu movies. Keep up the good work.
  12. I also spent every weekend at the college st cinemas as a kid, frequented pak chans store and scavenged new york for kung fu movies. look me up in your yellow pages under airzone custom airbrush If the wife or kids answer just tell em its johnnydragon
  13. anyone know where i can find crashes widescreen release of this classic?