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  1. shukocarl

    The Silent Flute Script

    Thanks for that! :-)
  2. shukocarl

    The Silent Flute Script

    Does anyone know how much the film differed from the original Lee/Coburn/Silliphant script/story? Thanks in advance ;-)
  3. shukocarl

    Wild weapons of kung fu movies.

    Was David Chiang's 3 Section Steel Nunchaku Thing in BLOOD BROTHERS a real (historic) or fake weapon?
  4. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee plays ping pong?

    No it's. not
  5. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    Yeah, Kato was a big hit with the kids but the producers wanted the show to appeal to adults and they just weren't buying it...unlike Batman which was a parody of it's source material.
  6. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    It wasn't racism that killed Green Hornet...it was ratings (or lack of). The pic is from 1968 but don't know who the kids are.
  7. Yesterday I watched my dvd of When Taekwondo Strikes for the last time. Considering the fighting talent on show it's a bore. Angela's great as usual but the rest of the cast..meh The late Jhoon Rhee may have been a great man/teacher but he couldn't act at all - He has a constipated look on his face throughout. Same goes for Ann Winton, Andre Morgan and Carter Wong. It's essentially a remake of the MUCH better Hapkido. At the end I thought: that's 90 mins of my life I won't get back! With that in mind I'm gonna select certain titles and see if they have re-watchability. Does anyone alse go through this process?
  8. shukocarl

    Little Dragon: Movie Scripted By Shannon/Linda Lee

    I would personally like to see a drama/documentary on the evolution of his martial art. Something akin to things you see on the History Channel. Starting with his start in HK and the time in Seattle then onto meeting James and his time in Oakland...obviously focussing his developments after the WJM fight then onwards to LA with Dan. It would be fascinating and (hopefully) not mired in bullshit.
  9. Here's one for you: When our favourite Fu films started to be exported to the west...who did the dubbing? It's obvious the English versions were done in-house but what about the German, Italian, Spanish etc? Were they dubbed in the country they were destined for? I can't think that local HK/Taiwan companies could pull off such foreign dubs.
  10. shukocarl

    Foreign Dubbing

    Some nice links there but not really relevant to the overseas dubbing, I wondered how difficult the European (non-English) dubbers translated and dubbed the films.
  11. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee Stuff

    Who the f""k is that supposed to be?
  12. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee Stuff

    Totally licenced crap.
  13. Keeping my fingers crossed for One Armed Boxer, Beach of the War Gods, Lady Whirlwind and Hapkido....
  14. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee: The Man & The Legend (Documentary)

    I had that mag...same title but nothing to do with the documentary.
  15. I thought it was titled MEIN LETZER KAMPF (My Last Fight?) in Germany.
  16. Were they made for export only? They could have played once or twice in overseas Chinatowns which would mean that English dubbed prints survived yet the mandarin dubs are now lost.
  17. Looks like Jimmy's giving a 2-Finger salute...f**k off! LOL
  18. Shaw's bridge set in the background...
  19. I knew that...Lol :-)
  20. None of GOD 2 makes any sense at all. I've heard about "making it up-as you go along" but this just insults the viewer. Billy's visit to Bobby is just there to introduce that character for later (padded with monks having a bout of staff fighting), and the scenes with the monk/ Bobby's room. So Chin Ku dies...we never see that or told how he died...barking mad scenes of helicopter snatching coffin and Billy's death...really, who would dangle from the skids from a helicopter? Bobby watches a film of Chin Ku & Lewis training and notices the valet has one arm...that somehow makes him no.1 suspect in Lewis' murder? Bobby catches up with the valet who proves to have two arms...wtf? Then get's into the so-called Tower of Death where guys in 1960's Toho sci-fi gear prowl around guarding a Willy Wonka-esque strawberry lake. Next we have a guy in a Leopard Skin outfit as a guard..is it fancy dress day at the Tower of Death? When Bobby overcomes him he's face with a monk in orange robes...another guard next to Chin Ku's coffin in a scifi/bond style chamber. None of this is explained, probably because no one could. Christ, the last episode of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner is more coherent. Thank god there's some decent fight scenes! :-)
  21. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee photos - 1940 - 1973

    Fans? if I'm not mistaken that's Raymond Chow with his back to the camera and the King Boxer himself, Lo Lieh...
  22. shukocarl

    Kung Fu Elliot (2014)

    Anyone see this? What did you make of It?
  23. I've heard of Hero Tattooed with 9 Dragons but not a "Part 2"