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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!


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  1. shukocarl

    Enter the Dragon II

  2. Which I did and made my own "Game of Death 2.5"....includes sequences from both GH films & Enter the Game of Death...and actually works! Lol
  3. shukocarl

    Enter the Dragon II

  4. shukocarl

    Re-reading Bruce Lee Books

    That must be rare...never seen it before.
  5. My problem with those sorts of events - they were billed as JKD but what everyone got was Kali, Silat and what ever stuff Inosanto was into at the time. He left the Original JKD behind sometime after 1976 (even then it was minimal) while all this other stuff was pushed out as JKD Concepts. Sure, Bruce could have gone that way but he wasn't around to argue. I have been training in the original Oakland version for 9 yrs now and none of what you see on those videos was Bruce's JKD.
  6. Spoiler

    Didn't get your email KM. Try shukocarl79@aol.com


  7. shukocarl

    Bruce Lee the Man the Myth Cast

    The Maori is called Mark Matinga and lived in HK during the 70's. The fella who Bruce was selling his script to was (I think) one of the editors of "Inside kung fu" magazine...name escapes me right now. The tall thin guy with the gun was an Italian actor who went under the name of 'Gordon Mitchell'-he certainly looks like him.
  8. shukocarl

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    Don't forget they use what source that they have. If they only have access to pre cut tape from the 1980's they're hardly likely to spend money looking for a better =uncut print). Even the German dvd is assembled from different sources (mainly very crappy sources).