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  1. I've always thought Deadly Duo is actually nowhere near focused enough. It's never been one of my faves. Unable to choose just one favourite. Anytime I try to pick one, my brain shuts down and reboots. But New One-Armed Swordsman, Empress Dowager, Have Sword, Will Travel, The Duel, Vengeance, Heroic Ones and Anonymous Heroes always pop up among the hottest candidates...
  2. Cesare


    Awesome stuff, guys! All of it!
  3. Cesare

    A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989) - Underrated?

    Not a bad one, but the overdoneness of the finale spoilt it for me. Plus, ABT to me has always been mainly about Ho and Kit - it's not the same without those two.
  4. Cesare

    The Four (2012)

    The Four is nowhere near as good as Butcher/Chef/Swordsman. Y'know... Bhavacakra, samsara, trivisa and all that... It's funky, occasionally silly and pretty straightforward, but it's waaay more intelligent and considerably richer in substance than The Four - which really is nothing but a badly written adaptation of a source material that has potential for so much more...:-) (Still looking forward to the sequel, though...:-))
  5. Cesare

    Who were the B listers of shaw bros?

    The trouble with Chor Yuen is he IMHO didn't get Gu Long *at all*. Only that can explain how in the nine hells he could cast Ti Lung as Li Xun Huan...:-) (Not that I dislike Ti Lung in that role, but he's nowhere near the character from the novel.) Or Fu Sheng as Jin Wuming. Uh. Chor Yuen generally just took a novel and transferred as much of the plot into the film as mortally possible, creating highly entertaining but rather confusing, overcrowded movies. Sure Gu Long's stories are pretty crowded as well and they tend to get convoluted quite a bit, but moments of silence, reflection, contemplation and moodiness are essential to their overall appeal. Chor Yuen usually just kills all that. Anyway - agree that DC would be better in some of the roles, but I think the best choice for the more sophisticated, worldly (and/or mischievous) heroes would be someone like Lau Wing (who actually did play Lu Xiao Feng in one or a couple of movies, as far as I know...).
  6. Cesare

    The Four (2012)

    The Four like Wu Qing, Tie Shou, Zhui Ming and Leng Xue, obviously...:-))
  7. Cesare

    Your favorite video game ending(s)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRidpOpQfPk. Beats *everything*. No matter whether you play a ruthless bastard or a lawful good goody-two-shoes, karma catches up with you. The best possible ending sends you straight to hell. (Well... Blood War, Lower Planes, to be more precise.) Less desirable ending means you simply cease to exist (and your arch-nemesis with you). You gotta love a game that is so very much about accepting consequences of your own actions.
  8. Cesare

    The Water Margi or The Heroic Ones. Your favorite.

    Well, what I like about Heroic Ones is the pessimistic (even slightly ironic) outlook and the contrast between the heroic facade and all the unheroic, vicious stuff that is going on. I just like films that depress...
  9. Cesare

    [2012] The Expendables 2

    Gang of old ladies!
  10. Cesare

    Which training scenes from INVINCIBLE SHAOLIN did you like best?...

    Yeah. I imagine he could have simply approached the Northern masters and get rid of them permanently just by farting in their direction.
  11. Cesare

    What video games have you been playing

    Drunken Whaler (a variation on The Drunken Sailor, of course...:-)).
  12. Cesare

    The Four (2012)

    Thanks for the links. Well, well, well... Surprise, surprise... Not half as bad as I thought it would be. It still IS pretty bad, but also bloody entertaining and I think I am looking forward to the sequel. I guess I could do without the constables' specific powers and strengths so grossly blown out of proportions (poor Leng Xue), but on the other hand - it adds to the movie's comic-bookish charm. Still consider female Wu Qing a lame idea and Liu Yifei a boring actress. And the whole Wu Qing&Leng Xue chemistry would be a lot more interesting if they kept things strictly ... homosocial. I'd still prefer a more down-to-Earth, *better written* and perhaps slightly more old-school movie adaptation - but this was entertaining enough. And Wu Xiubo was awesome. :-]
  13. Cesare

    What video games have you been playing

    So... Who else is looking forward to this? X7khCk0bdnE&NR=1
  14. Cesare

    Which training scenes from INVINCIBLE SHAOLIN did you like best?...

    I'm biased I guess but for me it's a tie between Lo and Wei.
  15. Cesare

    Gordon Liu update...

    Cool idea. Count me in. Forwarding this further...