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  1. Speaking of Bruce, if you were lucky enough to have seen the film at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles, you were in for an unexpected treat. The Vista began with a short of the classic Bruce Lee interview from 1965. Not knowing otherwise, I thought it was a prologue of the actual film! Here is a YouTube link to the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2BKNDc48N4
  2. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Awesome April schedule is right, Ken. Looking forward to your review of Soul Brothers / Image of Bruce! 😉
  3. Amazon has listed the US release date of May 14, 2019 for Blu-Ray and DVD. Available now for pre-orders. Special features include interview with the cast & trailers.
  4. Great news! I'll be heading to Hollywood's Arena Cinelounge.
  5. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Yeah, I'll pass on these, as I've also seen them on home video. Soul Brothers and Tattoo Connection have been screened before and both are slightly worn & English dubbed prints. Among the more memorable highlights of Image of Bruce are Bolo Yeung and the lovely Dana (perhaps best known for the erotic comedy, Girl With the Long Hair). Glad to see HK flicks more consistently at the New Bev though!
  6. Shaolin Patriot

    R.I.P. Yueh Hua

    RIP to one of the more versatile actors of SB cinema!
  7. For all LA fans, SB films are back on the big screen! June 28 - 30 at the Egyptian Theater, Hollywood, as part of their World of Shaw Brothers theme. All films are in Mandarin with English subtitles. Thursday, June 28: Five Deadly Venoms / 36th Chamber of Shaolin Friday, June 29: Black Magic 2 / Human Lanterns / Boxer's Omen Saturday, June 30: Crippled Avengers / Masked Avengers http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/calendar_egyptian/2018-06
  8. Shaolin Patriot

    Lu Feng want to make films in the USA

    Great pictures! Would also love to see at least a cameo of Philip Kwok in the film!
  9. Shaolin Patriot

    SB Screenings at Egyptian Theater, Hollywood (June 28 - 30)

    Sorry I missed Lu Feng at Dragonfest and Jeanne Lau at the Egyptian. Glad you had Lu Feng sign your DVD. Nice seeing you as well!
  10. Shaolin Patriot

    SB Screenings at Egyptian Theater, Hollywood (June 28 - 30)

    Some of the big highlights: we had a surprise guest appearance on Thursday night by one of Lau Gar Leung's daughters! Wackiechan, please post photos! Crippled Avengers was great (I believe a first time screening in LA). Enthusiastic audience, with some first time Shaw viewers! Even better - Lu Feng may be coming to the Egyptian next month. The theater is also trying to obtain prints of his two favorite Venoms films - Magnificent Ruffians & Two Champions of Shaolin. Check out the site for more details, as I'm sure they will be posted soon.
  11. Shaolin Patriot

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Purchased Japanese crime-drama and Euro-crime selections: HANA-BI (aka Fireworks), with Beat Takeshi and HEROIN BUSTERS with Fabio Testi.
  12. Shaolin Patriot

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    REALLY? I must have missed you by a few hours, Ken! Sold a bunch of miscellaneous titles for cash (including my second copy of Fistfull of Talons).
  13. Shaolin Patriot

    Merry Christmas To All

  14. Shaolin Patriot

    R.I.P. Ching Li (1945 - 2017)

    Sorry to hear. Enjoyed her collaborations with Ling Yun best.
  15. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    The November 2017 schedule brings us a Ringo Lam/Tony Leung double-feature on November 28. PRISON ON FIRE (1987) VICTIM (1999) http://thenewbev.com/program/november-28-prison-on-fire-the-victim/
  16. The UCLA Film & Television Archive is screening the above at the Billy Wilder Theater in West Los Angeles on November 19. See the link below for pricing information and other details. Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (Taiwan, 1968) San feng zhen wu lin The late-1960s and early-1970s saw a resurgence of swordplay films across Taiwan and Hong Kong, with the most spectacular ones coming from the Shaw Brothers studio in Hong Kong. At the same time, the much lower budget Taiwanese dialect films were tapping into the booming market of Southeast Asia. With its balletic choreography, expressive cinematography and kinetic editing, Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters rivals the best Shaw Brothers swordplay films of the era. This tale of generational revenge features three of the Taiwanese dialect cinema’s biggest names: opera superstars Yang Li-hua and Liu Ching as the eldest and second sisters, and the goddess of melodrama Chin Mei as the third sister. DCP, b/w, in Taiwanese with English subtitles, 88 min. Director: Chen Hung-min. Producer: Yu Lu, Chan Hsi-fan. Screenwriter: Chu Ge. Cinematographer: Huang Jui-chang. Editor: Nan Fang Jen. Cast: Yang Li-hua, Liu Ching, Chin Mei. Moon Fascinating, Bird Sweet (Taiwan, 1978) Yue meng long niao meng long By the 1970s the prolific romance novelist Chiung Yao had become a one-woman cultural industry, with her works spanning books, magazines, music, film and television. The biggest movie star to emerge from the Chiung Yao films was the dreamy ingénue Brigitte Lin. She appeared in dozens of melodramas during that decade and helped to brand Taiwanese cinema across East and Southeast Asia. In this film from Chiung Yao’s aptly named Super Star production company registered in Hong Kong, Brigitte Lin plays a headstrong young kindergarten teacher whose next door neighbors are a naughty little girl and her brooding single father, played by another Chiung Yao regular, Charlie Chin. DCP, color, in Mandarin with English subtitles, 94 min. Director: Chen Yao-chi. Producer: Tung Chin-shu. Screenwriter: Chiao Yeh. Cinematographer: Lin Wen-chin. Editor: Chen Hung-min. Cast: Brigitte Lin, Charlie Chin, Hsieh Ling-ling, Wan Shan, Ma Yung-lin, Chang Lu. https://www.cinema.ucla.edu/events/2017/11/19/vengeance-phoenix-sisters-moon-fascinating
  17. KenHashibe, how was Jackie and his triple feature on Friday? I hope you enjoyed it!
  18. Shaolin Patriot

    Venom Mob Selfie

    Man on the left is Wan Seung-Lam. Here's an earlier picture of him from Flag of Iron.
  19. Shaolin Patriot

    R.I.P. George A. Romero

    Met him in person. Great guy. RIP!
  20. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Still at work as I send this reply. Not going tonight, but my lucky friends will be there. Not surprised that it is sold out, as many films have been lately.
  21. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    The April 2017 calendar is now available. Highlights include Escape From New York / Big Trouble In Little China on April 4 and Reservoir Dogs / City On Fire on April 11. There is also a midnight screening of Fists of the North Star on April 8 (English dub version only).
  22. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Yes, Brian is back after hiatus with just as much enthusiasm as before. Looking forward to seeing the OAS double-feature at the end of this month and Heroes Shed No Tears / Eastern Condors the end of next month.
  23. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Glad to see the return of kung fu Tuesdays at the New Bev. Looking forward to going on one of those days.
  24. Shaolin Patriot

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    I might try to catch the Richard Harris films - Man In the Wilderness & Man Called Horse on the 10th.
  25. Shaolin Patriot

    The Blood Brothers (1973)

    Here's some added information regarding the CKT seminar, as posted on the CKT international fan club page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Official-Chan-Koon-Tai-陳觀泰-International-Fan-Club-417601011615421/?fref=photo Bonus: It very possible that Hsiao Hou ("Mad Monkey Kung Fu") will be coming too! We're still working on getting him to join Chen and Chow, so that's extra incentive for you to go! That would be AMAZING if it happens!