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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_


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  1. Poelie


    Happy New Year to all!
  2. Poelie

    New Shaw Brothers Book: Ask for the Moon

    Thank you and will do
  3. Just a heads-up for those interested: there’s a new book “Ask for the Moon, Innovation at Shaw Brothers Studios” by Meredith Lewis. ‘In the 1960s Shaw Brothers Studios revolutionised martial arts filmmaking. Movie mogul Sir Run Run Shaw developed a way to churn out lavish blockbusters quickly and cheaply. An assembly line approach kept his filmmakers busy but access to an extraordinary pool of resources meant they could “ask for the moon”. This book is a case study exploring how a brilliant, driven entrepreneur and his audaciously creative filmmakers conducted a bold experiment in business and movie-making innovation.’ I just ordered this at askforthemoon.com.au and am looking forward to reading this!
  4. Poelie

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    Pfff, glad we're back. Missed this. Thanks for all the hard work.
  5. I was at their wharehouse in Hong Kong last october. Bey and his son were there and were very helpful in my search for lobbycards. And prices were in my opinion very reasonable. I posted some pics in another thread about my visit to Hong Kong.
  6. Poelie

    The Empress Dowager.

    So far no mention of him. By the way, if you have an ereader or tablet I could send you an epub version of the book. If so PM me with your emailaddress
  7. Poelie

    The Empress Dowager.

    GD YY: If you're really interested in the Empress Dowager you should check out the latest (non-fiction) book by Jung Chang: Empress Dowager Cixi. I haven't finished it yet, but so far it' s a really great read! I just finished the chapters on the Boxer Rebellion. What a mess that was...
  8. Poelie

    What happened to Bey Logan?

    I spoke to Bey in Hong Kong this october. His movie should come out next summer, or even before that. He said, and I quote: "You'll be surprised"
  9. Sorry, but I seem to have lost a message. Someone sent me their email address for the books. Please send me a private message again.
  10. Thanks M., The Golden Harvest book has some nice pics, but the Wong Fei-hung book just has some small black and white pics. I don 't know if it's worth your money if you can have the English text in pdf. Let me know to which email address I should send them. Regards Poelie
  11. For those who missed my "Back from holiday in Hong Kong" in General Discussions: At the Hong Kong Film Archive I bought "Mastering Virtue: The Cinematic legend of a Martial Artist" HKFA 2012 (basically about Wong Fei-hong in movies and tv) and "Golden Harvest: Leading Change in Changing Times" HKFA 2013. I just finished reading them. Both books are in Chinese, but also include the text (so NO pictures) in English as PDF-files. They consist of lots of essays and I found most of it very interesting. If anyone is interested in getting the PDF-files of the books let me know. I find it quite frustrating that most of those Kwan Tak-hing movies aren't available, so if anyone can do me the favor of telling me where to get his Wong Fei-hung movies I'd be much obliged. Especially (from reading the Wong Fei-hung book) I'd love to the tv series he did in 1976. Regards Poelie
  12. Poelie

    (Misc) Lobbys and stills

    Great! Thanks! And yes, especially for the Shaw Brothers stuff.
  13. Poelie

    Back from holiday in Hong Kong

    Books At the Hong Kong Film Archive I bought 3 books, of which 2 could be interesting for you people: 1. Golden Harvest: Leading Change in Changing Times (HKFA 2013) 2. Mastering Virtue: The Cinematic Legend of a Martial Artist (HKFA 2012) (This is basically about the way Wong Fei Hung is portrayed in the movies, from Kwan Tak Hing to Jet Li.) Both are in Chinese but had a cdrom with the respective books as PDF's. If anyone is interested I'm willing to send them the PDF's. Just let me know. If anyone has a copy of "To kill a mastermind", "The tea house" and Big Brother Cheng" in return this would be much appreciated. If not, I'm still willing to send a copy or copies of the books through email or WeTransfer. I hope this is allowed on this forum. If not, let me know moderators. That's it for now, CU Poelie
  14. Poelie

    Back from holiday in Hong Kong

    Reel East/Bey Logan I decided to try and find mister Bey Logan's base of operations in Cheung Sha Wan. I found the factory building (a bit shabby...) but had a hard time finding the actual place. Thanks to some friendly Hong Kong-people I did find it. I know Bey Logan only from his dvd-commentaries, interviews and blog, and he turned out to be a very friendly guy. As I walked in he introduced himself and he told me they were shooting a movie there. I felt a bit embarressed for barging in but Bey invited me to stay. A German director was shooting a low budget movie of which Bey was the producer for the Hong Kong segment (the movie will be called "The Eight Continent"). (By the way, at the same time Transformers 4 was shooting in Hong Kong so both the most expensive and the "cheapest" movie were being shot at the same time.) I also wanted to buy some lobby cards and his son helped finding the stuff. I ended up buying sets from Chinese Ghost Story I and III, Shanghai Express, Dragons Forever and Swordsman at a very reasonable price. Bey invited me to join them for dinner, which I did of course. So I had dinner with the two lead actresses, Bey, the director and 2 production people. Bey is a high energy guy, which fits Hong Kong, and was very friendly. He also signed his novel for me and let me take some pics. I'm sure I could have talked with him for a looong time, but considering they had to shoot some other scenes I can't complain, since I got to watch the shooting. For me, as a regalar guy, all this was an exciting episode, and hats of to mister Bey Logan for taking the time to speak to me and making me feel welcome.
  15. Poelie

    Back from holiday in Hong Kong

    Special ID Saw this in the cinema (again: what a joy to see a Chinese movie in a cinema). As far as I'm concerned: I didn't find the story very strong, did not like the female lead much (some mainland actrice if I'm correct whose name I forgot), but the fights are quit brutal. Liked those. It entertained me enough to buy it when it comes out.