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  1. danthemandmv

    RIP Dr.John

    Dr. John's friend & sometimes collaborator, Leon Redbone, passed away last week; so sad to have to lose two legends so close together...
  2. danthemandmv

    My Father...

    My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to you, Shaolivevil; truly sorry you've had to endure such a painful loss.
  3. danthemandmv


    A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year to everyone-may 2019 ROCK!
  4. danthemandmv

    R.I.P. Masashi Ishibashi

    One of the best villainous character actors I've ever seen, & needless to say the real deal as a martial artist. I always saw a passing resemblance between him & Whang In Sik. Rest In Peace, Ishibashi-san.
  5. danthemandmv

    Ringo Lam R.I.P

    Another iconic innovator taken way, way too soon. Rest In Peace, Ringo Lam.
  6. danthemandmv

    Christmas 2018

    To all my brethren & sistren in The Martial World, let me wish you a Very Merry, Warm & Joyous Christmas!
  7. Always liked Ken's portrayal of Victor in ''BLOODSPORT''( heck, he nearly stole the film from Van Damme, Donald Gibb & Bolo.) Rest In Peace, Ken; you were taken way, way too soon...
  8. danthemandmv

    California on fire

    To all our martial brothers & sisters in the area-stay safe!
  9. @KUNG FU BOB-You've done it again, my friend-this cover art ROCKS!!!
  10. danthemandmv

    New to forum.

    Welcome, gus!
  11. danthemandmv

    R.I.P. Raymond Chow Man Wai

    He had as great an impact on martial arts/action cinema as his former boss, Sir Run Run Shaw. Rest In Peace, Raymond Chow.
  12. danthemandmv

    chat gone?

    I'm a bit late but welcome back, nectarsis!
  13. danthemandmv


    Welcome back, GD Y-Y!
  14. The leading ladies of two of the biggest blockbuster films lost to us in a little over a year-and-a-half: Carrie Fisher passing in 2016, & now Margot Kidder. Rest In Peace, Margot: you're terribly missed already...
  15. danthemandmv


    Happy Birthday,@ShawAngela & @AgriWuxia !