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  1. Jesse Smooth

    What's with 'The Association' (1975)?

    Google Byong Yu. If you watch it, it's a complete remake of the 2nd HANZO THE RAZOR movie.
  2. Shatner was a student of Tom Bleecker (Ed Parker black belt). He did have a heck of a drop kick.
  3. Jesse Smooth

    Who are your favorite youtubers?

    Add Sam Chui to the list.
  4. Jesse Smooth

    Who are your favorite youtubers?

    Mikey Chen Mark Wiens Daym Drops CupofTJ (TJ Lee) Miss Mina (Mina Oh) Trevor James Fung Bros ChonnyDay (John and Dalena) GrrrrrlTraveler That's all I can think of right now.
  5. Jesse Smooth

    Wu Tang Collection App

  6. Jesse Smooth

    Wu Tang Collection App

    I guess I'm a sucker for 'traditional' Chinese as its still used in Overseas communities. IMO, the calligraphy is beautiful (its the artist in me). I have no problem with Wade-Giles as its used in Taiwan and the old films. Trivial stuff I suppose. Tan is a fascinating, yet despicable character. When it comes to Bruce Lee, he's brilliant as he knows quite a bit. However, he stunk up the genre on the domestic home video front.
  7. Jesse Smooth

    Wu Tang Collection App

    George Tan is a FAILURE. I was told he wrote a Bruce bio script, but Bruce Lee isn't an exploitable product as it was in the '80s. Matthew Polly wrote the book Tan should have but he (Tan) is a disorganized crook. He tried to make a Conan movie using public domain material, but again, stifled by copyright issues.
  8. Jesse Smooth

    Wu Tang Collection App

    Yep. That's him. I'm not sure if he's returned to the States, but he was living in Thailand for a while.
  9. Jesse Smooth

    Wu Tang Collection App

    George Tan knows he's irrelevant in the 21st century. That's why he put his collection on YouTube and Amazon Prime. We are in the age in where there's plenty of quality stuff being released and remastered. Hopefully Michael Worth will get the support for all his hard work. George Tan and his 10th generation Ocean Shores bootlegs can kick rocks!
  10. Jesse Smooth

    Show me the RARES!

    I’m sorry to jump in this late, but although there are rares that are Grade A Doo Doo, there are too many out there that are good. Too many people over the decades had a over condescending attitude towards this genre.
  11. Not sure if my dad still has the tape or not. Hopefully he didn't throw it away, as we know tapes deteriorate and my parents moved a couple times. I'm just not keen on these new jack dubs. The voices sound flat and lifeless.
  12. I would just like to have FIST OF LEGEND with the original old school 90s dub with the original credits. I'm picky with stuff like this.
  13. I know it’s a stretch, but is there a Dragon Lord in the possible future?
  14. Jesse Smooth

    Michael Worth (Appreciation Thread)

    I think that’s Don Wong Tao in the pic with Lee Tso Nam.
  15. Look what I came across here... https://www.facebook.com/TV20MAT/